Breaking Dawn-I liked it

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by LinkinParkMcCullen »

I LOVED BD!!!! It's all hunky dory! In the end everyone is happy and has thier true love with them! Sure Bella getting pregnate was wierd but to be honest a part of me expected it (Bella wasn't a vampire etc. etc.). I loved that Jake FINALLY imprinted! Even if it was a newborn baby...Bella's no doubt.But Hey! It was a great book and I've re-read it 4 times and counting (yes I know there's no need state my obsesiveness). :D
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by MindReader »

I LOVED BREAKING DAWN....but im depressed now...there's no more books :cry:
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Nicolaaa »

I adore Breaking Dawn, I wasn't to sure at first but after I had read it I was sure that I loved it and I'm so glad that everyone got a happy ending.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by eternitys_charm »

I was extremely weary about reading breaking dawn due to the mutiple posts I had seen all over the internet about it being horrible and "epic fail" and other words I cannot say. But once I read it i thought "why was there so MUCH complaning?!?!" I loved the book. It was a great way to end the series :] I'm glad everyone had their happy ending in the book, that made it only more amazing, but we all know stephenie meyer is a sucker for happy endings.
I was shocked at first when Bella was pregnant, because all this time I was fighting with fanfic writers about them not being able to have babies and it kinda ticked me off because i thought it went against anything stephenie had said. But just like all the characters I grew into loving cute Renesmee :) I find her adorable and Edward is such a great dad ;)
I absolutely loved this book, though I terribly sad the series is over.
With that said All Hail Stephenie Meyer :mrgreen:
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by TS07 »

While I was reading BD and reached book II, I was like "NO I want to know what happens to Bella and Edward!" I was a fustrated that I was reading Jacob's POV but it was really interesting to see his side of things and what he was going through with the vampires and werewolves. The more I read it the more I liked it because everyone had a role in the book and you could finally see a truce being formed between Jacob and Edward. I loved the fact that Jacob imprinted on Nessie and I saw this coming too! HAHA! I loved that Bella finally turned into a vampire but I felt like everything was cramped into book III that maybe it could have been stretched into one more book; focusing more on Bella new life as a vampire and on Edward and Nessie and see how they evolve into being a great family even though I know they are a perfect family at last.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by midnightwalker »

I would like to personally add that I too really like this story on many levels and for many reasons. The major one however is the mature develop of the characters. They are finally growing up and taking on more mature roles, including the love between Bella and Edward. I liked the idea that Edward had to accept that Bella was choosing what was right for her when she choose to continue the pregnancy, and I like the somewhat development of a friendship between Rosalie and Bella. I really enjoyed the revelation at the end about what the Volturi were really like; how it was shown that they do not like an even match and how they cheat to get what they want. It was even better that there were witnesses the true nature of the Volturi and their guard being revealed.

I personally did not miss the physical fight. I liked this battle of wits and skills more; besides, Eclipse gave us the physical fight, so I didn't feel there was a need for another one.

One of my favorite parts was when Renesme was told she could not bite humans, but Edward assured her she could still bite Jake. I have the feeling that Edward took pleasure in the idea that Renesme was biting him.

On another note, I have to add the male perspective of Breaking Dawn. I'm working as the librarian of the school I teach at and my reserve list for Breaking Dawn was about nine students - we only have male students. So far, four have finished the books and two are in the process of reading it, all of them love the book. None of them have come to me and said it was disappointing or a let down. They have all enjoyed the book, and most don't even mind that there was no knock down fight at the end. I had to share that, as per their request, because they are not allowed internet access.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by GottaLoveCullenx3 »


okay, so half of the book was unexpected, supposedly impossible, and completely insane.
it did what books are supposed to do: it made you think.
I pesronally thought the excitement of the unpredictable story line made reading it even more amazing.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by fireice99 »

I liked Breaking Dawn. It wasn't my favorite out of the series, not by a longshot, but I still like the book.

This long review of the book is my feelings of it. I am not a rabid, blind fan who would love anything SM writes. I have reasons for what I say. I respect those who think Breaking Dawn was terrible; they have their reasons, which I have read. All I ask is that those people out there read this, and my explanation. My goal is to get people to respond to this who disliked BD, but understand my side of the story, no pun intended. So far, many discussions are very rabid, from both sides. I have not seen one person from one "side" comment kindly towards someone on the other "side" that they propose a very good argument, and they understand where they are coming from. Hopefully, this post will work towards that. *deep breath* Here goes...

I kind of fell in love with the idea of Bella being the fravile human and Edward being the strong vampire who had to protect her, so BD took a while to get used to, since Bella is transforming into a horny, vampire mother through the book, who also has quite a temper. She may seem like she is not Bella anymore at times, but this is simply because she has overgone so many changes. She is a vampire now, on the same par as Edward, finally. Some people don't like the fact that she is a vampire, with which I strongly disagree. It had to happen. I just reread twilight, and I don't know how I would have been able to stand it if Breaking Dawn was completely about Edward having to be careful around Bella all the time! It was nice to see him let loose, and not be so frustratingly restraining. He was finally able to not worry all the time around Bella. He can just love her.

The whole birthing scene was radical, but again, had to happen. How else could a vamp/human baby be brought into the world, but very dramatic?? The Jacob imprinting issue is not as bizarre as I first thought, since technically Edward is a lot older than Bella; Jacob and Nessie's situation isn't much different - Jacob just gets to see her as a baby, while Edward didn't. It is a little creepy that Jacob seemed to fall in love with Bella, and then imprint on her daughter in a seemingly "I guess you'll do" fashion. However, and I'd really like to ask Stephenie this, Did he ever really fall in love with Bella? Was he always just attached to her because it was her destiny to marry Edward and have Nessie? The first time Jacob sees Bella in Twilight and she flirts with him to get info about Edward, Bella has already become involved with Edward. So maybe since she met him, she is now destined to have Nessie, which makes her appealing to Jacob, perhaps? Just a theory that could help the controversy of the whole thing being "sick and wrong," as some have stated.

The fight scene at the end, or lackthereof, was expected, for me. There have been so many fights in the past books, does Steph really need to end the series in another instance where Bella is rendered helpless, since she does not know how to physically fight yet? It would have been pointless to have a fight instead of the mental battle that took place, because Bella wouldn't have been able to have finally been the heroine for the people she loved, instead of the burden she felt she was as a human. Bella's game is mental, so to end the series, Meyer had no choice but to take advantage of Bella's new "vampirism" and end it with what we all thought we'd never see: Bella protecting Edward. I thought the scenes at the end were ingenious of Steph. Way to go!

And finally, the last 2 pages, Meyer's favorite of the entire series. Another thing we thought we'd never see: Edward finally understanding how much Bella loved/loves him. That's priceless.

For those who thought this book was out of character for SM, I disagree completely. Bella had to grow up, and quickly if she wanted to live some human experiences before she turned. She got married and pregnant at 18 because Meyer had to fit in Nessie before vampirism, and after they were married so it would be pure for them both. This is a special case, not like the real world where getting married and knocked up at 18 is frowned upon. This is about vampires who cannot age, as girl who doesn't want to ever get any older because her loved one is forever 17, and a biological clock that is about to be smashed to the ground through the weapon of vamp venom. Give SM a break... she couldn't have Bella wait any longer to have a baby. There was no time . Bella wanted to become a vampire.

I'll admit, the book was a shocker for me when I read it, and several times my jaw dropped to the floor and my head shook back in forth at what had happened. I couldn't believe it as I read it, but now that I think about it, it was actually predictable. Think about it - marriage, baby, Jacob's happily ever after, vampirism, mental power saving everyone from the most feared and powerful vampire coven. It's not that out there. In fact, both of my adult parents read the book, and guessed many of the events that occurred and were not surprised at all at the ending! This goes to show that yes, maybe the book should have been rated as a book for adults, instead of young adult fiction, but not for the reason everyone thinks. It's not because it's too gruesome and deals with topics teens can't handle; it's because not all teen readers are mature enough to absorb the outcome well enough, not be outraged at it, and forget the ending you WANT and think clearly about what will probably BE the outcome. It's the only possible ending for the series, in my eyes. Thanks for a great series, Stephenie Meyer.

I don't mean to try and "convert" anyone to my "side". I just had to get this out there, for the lovers and haters alike. And partly for myself. what can I say, i'm a little outspoken. :D

Kaleb Nation is awesome! Check out his site for insightful comments as he reads New Moon.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by jenny_devil »

i loved breaking dawn! at first i was abit unsure because it didnt seem like the previous stories SM had written. i was sort of disappointed. i found it hard to believe that bella could have a baby but then again she is married to a vampire. i was saddened that there were hardly any emmett and jasper moments. i eventually got into it and i couldn't stop reading. i totally freaked out when alice left, i thought she wasn't coming back :( but luckily she didnt stay away. i thought it was soo sad when they thought they were going to die and they were saying goodbye to one another. it was sooo sweet when edward said goodbye to jacob. im glad everything turned out the way it did. all in all it was a very good book:D
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Lisa_bryony »

Hi, I'm new to the forum; I absolutely adore the Twilight series and decided that I needed a place to chat with fellow fanatics, especially now I don't have a new book to look forward to.

I live in the UK, so I'll admit, I did have a look online to see what Breaking Dawn was about before I actually read it, I mean it was literally impossible to wait those extra two days knowing that all the information I wanted was out there on the World Wide Web! When I read that Bella would get pregnant and Jacob would imprint on her baby I was shocked and not in a good way. I couldn't believe it, being a firm member of Team Jacob, I was desperate for Bella and Jacob to have a happy ending and the idea of him imprinting on her child made me feel slightly nauseous.

So, it was with a heavy heart that I picked up my copy of Breaking Dawn; however, I absolutely loved it. I imagined the book to be an absolute freak show but the way it was written was so intimate, romantic and exciting I couldn't help but love Jacob even more and I developed a larger soft spot for Edward too. I liked that Bella finally developed a back bone, I often felt frustrated in the past that Bella never gave Edward a hard time for the countless times he lied to her, manipulated her and prevented her from doing what she wanted, mainly, seeing Jacob. However, for all Edward's mistakes and deviousness, it was obvious in Breaking Dawn that he loved Bella fully and it was literally heart warming. The only problem I had was that although I could definitely see the benefits of Bella and Edward being equal, the helpless girl inside me really liked the fact that Edward looked after Bella and could protect her from anything (even a falling plane). It just wasn't the same once Bella's strength and agility matched Edward's. I think the best thing about the book was the fact that Jacob got a voice of his own, I enjoyed having the opportunity to further explore his thoughts and it was interesting seeing the dynamic between Bella and Edward from a different point of view, in some ways it makes you like them as a couple more as their love seems so real, more real than when you read only Bella's thoughts as her long, boring declarations of true sometimes seemed so pretentious and melodramatic. I also loved the chapter titles in book 2; they were genius and so Jacob-like! I literally thought I would hate the book and finish reading it feeling angry, upset and like the Twilight story from beginning to end had been ruined but it turns out, I was happy for Jacob, he got his closure and it was a viable explanation for why he always felt so drawn towards Bella, although the ending wasn't what I had wished for, I would have been more upset if it had ended sadly, with Jacob being alone and bitter. I really enjoyed seeing more of him and the way in which his pack communicated with each other, I live in the hope that Stephenie Meyer brings out another book that revolves mainly around Jacob, Nessie and the other werewolves.

To be honest, the wider storyline, i.e. the potential Volturi battle, didn’t interest me as much as the intimate storylines between the main characters did, although I still found it compelling. I was also really looking forward to seeing how Bella’s gift would evolve when she changed and I wasn’t disappointed.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the book, can't wait to start reading it again and think that it was a lovely way for the story to finish. In reality, Jacob would never get Bella and Bella would never be able to remain human - so Stephenie Meyer's ending was the next best thing.