Breaking Dawn-I liked it

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by sarah_cullen »

I enjoyed the book. I admit it was hard to wait til the end...must not speed read, must not speed read. Call me a sucker, but I like happy endings. Why can't true love win out? I'm rereading now- comparing Twilight and Breaking Dawn. I think one of the things I liked most was Bella's transformation. Now, I don't mean from human to vampire. We see her grow up. Yes I know she has always been a mature character, but you see her rounded out her and made complete. I have no children, but I think it is quite obvious how much becoming a mother changes a woman. Being slightly older :) than your average YA reader (maybe not so much now?), I enjoyed the older Bella. Cheers!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by babygirl242 »

I've seen some mixed reactions for breaking dawn but let me just say I for one LOVED IT!!!! the whole bella getting pregnant thing I didn't see coming but I freaked out when I read it in a good way and I was really scared thaty Bella was actually going to listen to edward and not have the baby. and I like how Rosalie saved her in a way, it was the baby that brought them that much closer together. I wasn't expecting the book to be split between Bella's Point of view and Jacob's but I loved the chapter title's when the book was in Jacob's point of view and the the Jacob Rosalie interaction was awesome! to be honest Jake's imprinting was kind of inevitable in the book I mean you knew it was going to happen bu I didn't think it'd be on little Renessmee(I agree with the book that name IS a mouthful!) I also thought it was cool when all the vampires came from around the world to help fight the Volturi(Personally the Romainians were my favorite I thought they were funny!) you also got to meet the infamous Peter and Charlotte the one's who helped convince Jasper there was a better way to live all in all I'd have to say it was my favorite out of the four books
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Sharenei »

Hmmm...I guess I might be the odd one out, here. Oh, I still liked it--it's one of my favorites of the series, actually. So what makes me weird?

I thought the pregnancy was a bit unrealistic (personal tastes--it's the Twilightverse, and Stephenie will do as she pleases within it.), as was the resulting imprinting--though I DID find it moderately amusing that the Alpha of a well-established shifter pack would mark as his own the blood of his enemy. That she's also the blood of his best friend turned his ancestral enemy is only moderately more amusing.

I thought that the whole situation with the Volturi could've been fleshed out more, and perhaps taken up its own book, with Bella really coming into her own as an established vampire rather than being thrust in as a newbie with Phenomenal Cosmic Powers (but not so itty bitty living space.) That said, I was fine with the threat of a Volturi presence--though I think it might've made more sense for them to stop by and make sure, not only of her transformation, but of her "loyalties". There isn't much setup for Carlisle to be the head of his own rebel faction, so it strikes me as a bit out of the blue for the conflict to end with such Carlisle vs. The Volturi

While the rest of the book certainly wouldn't have made much of a standalone, I still thought it was a really good book. Even if they'd just kept the conflict with Jacob and the Swans dealing with Bella's change (and some of the aftermath it would wreak in the local community--the trip to Dartmouth might be immediate, but people still talk), I believe it would be a very interesting read. Next to Twilight itself, this is my favorite; any complaints I have could more than likely have been addressed in their own, longer, and interrupted stories--if not separate books outright. The Volturi War itself could take up a couple of books in itself, if we fleshed out all the fighters--the Cullens, Jacob and the other Quileute shifters, the nomads--and then maybe a look at the Dark Side in the points of view of the Three and even some of their minions. (As little interested as I am in the continued existence of Jane and Alec, I'd still like to see more of their thoughts on the whole situation--I doubt they are what they appear on the surface: blindly, almost mindlessly loyal servants to a trio of ancient vampires. And what of the wives? Surely THEY have a role to play we know nothing of?)

But maybe some of that will be addressed in Midnight Sun. Or further books, should she choose to write them.

Regardless, I've strayed from the original, somewhat; for that, I apologize. Breaking Dawn definitely rates at the top of my personal list.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Nala »

dimber wrote:
Well, I guess that's all...hope it was not too long or boring :D

@ Nala: if you want to chat about this or if you have any questions, please, fell free to PM whenever you want ;)
Im glad that I encouraged you to write more... ;) it was not boring at all. Hej, I never chated before, this would be a goal. My problem is little time. But I really would like to, so... if you wont forget your offer, let me suprise you when I get the opportunity :)
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by CullenCrazed »

I am about half way through Breaking Dawn(she hasnt had the baby yet) and I am LOVING IT!!!!!!!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Artemis Cullen »

Okay. I'll keep this simple, I love 'Breaking Dawn', no exceptions, I don't wish anything was different, I love it the way it is ... I think it might be the best book in the whole 'Twilight Saga'. :D

Reason's Why I love Breaking Dawn;

1. Bella becomes a vampire and kicks butt.
2. Edward and Bella are happy and have a baby (Nessie).
3. Jacob gets his 'happily ever after'.
4. And The Volturi get 'served'. :lol:

Like I said, Love the book, Love it! Totally awesome! :mrgreen:

P.S. I totally agree with dimber and Nala. :geek:
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Lovebug_Cullen »

I really liked Breaking Dawn. Not my favorite in the series, but I did really enjoy it.

What I liked about Breaking Dawn:

THE WEDDING. Then again, I'm a sucker for weddings. I look at wedding dresses online often. I look at videos on Youtube. Yeah, I'm just like that. Oh, and I'm not even engaged yet. Yep. I'm that in love with weddings. But I really liked how the wedding turned out, with Jacob being incorporated in it. I felt that was really good for Bella.

Nessie. ;) That was such an interesting twist, and very intense as the pregnancy continued. It was kinda weird, not knowing what it was going to turn out to be...but I'm glad it turned out well. Really cool mix of mortal/immortal. Oh, and the whole Jacob-imprinting-on-Nessie thing...really creepy in a way, but I'm glad that Jacob gets to be involved in Bella's, immortality.

The Volturi conflict: I really enjoyed reading the part where the Volturi actually show up, and it's the two sides, well, three (werewolves combining with the vampires). Some cool twists, and just when you think it's over, and Bella is done for, the day is saved!

I like happy endings. I like things to play out well in the end. So I think Breaking Dawn was perfect for that.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by spookybell »

I loved ever single bit of it. I thought everything was perfect except the lack of a smidge more mention of sex. I get and appreciate why we didn't need it... but Bella did have all that GREAT kissing and it was a little weird that it was totally omitted. It didn't lessen the book one bit, that was just the only disjointed part. I loved the pregnancy, Jacob, the end, the transformation and the amazing novel. Now that I think of it... I'm not sure I totally got the stand off between the 2 covens... I will enjoy it when I get through reading it a second time. I am a late Twilight bloomer, but am in full bloom. Gosh - that sounds so goofy.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by eliselovesedwardx »

Ok, i know you aren't suppose to do this, but I started in the "I'm in the middle about it" thread, BUT I just read it again and now realise, after thinking about it in between reads and picking up on more, I actually really, really, really, really liked it
I actually loved it
I wouldn't say its the best in the series (for me that's Twilight) but i really liked how everything was written, and i realise I could'nt appreciate it till i read it again

So i'm here in this thread forever..Every single day of forever :D
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by strawberry »

I love Breaking Dawn! It´s my favourite book in the Twilight Saga. Why? Well...

-Bella finally becomes a vampire
-Bella, Edward and Jake get their happily ever after
-Nessie; it was really an intersting twist and she is just such a cute girl ;) :D
-we get to know a lot new vampires
-Charlie finally get´s a clue that the Cullens (and now also Bella) are not human

I was really not disappointed with Breaking Dawn.