Breaking Dawn-I liked it

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Edward'sbride »

Yea, breaking dawn lovers!!!
i'm tired of all the breaking dawn controversy and the whole rob effect stuff.
BREAKING DAWN WAS AWESOME! Just like the rest of the twilight series. if you really think about it, it's kind of like a blend of the other's: it's got the action like twilight, the sad moments of depaarture like new moon, and the loving moments, like in eclipse. IT'S GOT THE WHOLE PACKAGE!
Breaking D awn had me laughing, crying, and screaming. i love how we got an inside look into the life of jacob, i always did like him....just not for bella. i love how he an renessme turned out-...speaking of reneesme! was i the only one was shocked out of their socks when they found out bella was pregnant. reneesme was genius!
bella was a terrific mom, and vampire.
emmet was hilarious as always, lots of innuendo.*wink wink*
and edward....must i say more.
and Charlie...HE KNOWS?!?!?!?!?..... I kind of figured he'd find out...he's the chief for crying out loud...he's got to know what's going on in his on town. i didn't like the way Jacob handled it though...not cool. and the volturi scene!...ugh! genius!
but all in all like i said before...BREAKING DAWN WAS AWESOME!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by VampyreChica »

i absolutley loved breaking dawn,
it was a really amazing book no lie.
i can't belive some people didn't like it.
i was one of those dorks waiting in Books-a-million for FOUR HOURS for that book.
i absolutly ADORE Bella and Edward and their brillaint little baby girl!
i was a little creeped out about the imprinting, but hey.. jacob deserves his happy ending right?
whether it be some stranger walking down La Push or the amazing half vampire half human.
what i did not like was the Volturi inturupting EVERYTHING and making it horrible.. i mean Alice & Jasper leaving?! i just couldn't belive they would abbandon their family like that.. but of course Stephenie Meyer wouldn't do that to all her faithful twilight fans..
in the end everyone is in their some what happy place..
which is good
i would like to thank Stephenie Meyer for being such a genius and creating Twilight.
can't wait for the movie!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by koella »

I LOVED Breaking Dawn. And here are my reasons (most are pretty pro bella/Edward cuz I’m so freakin biased xD)

1. Bella becomes a vamp.

I predicted this already, and had a bet going with myself (which I won! Woo!). I understand how some people are upset that she becomes a vampire and I can see how this may be seen as opposition to the idea of the beauty of life despite all its flaws. I think that’s a beautiful message too (the preserving human life thing), but I don’t think that’s the message SM was going for. I think for SM, what makes life and existence as beautiful as they are is true love. Sure, Bella could’ve grown old with Edward still at her side, that would be beautiful, too, but that prospect of death and an eternal farewell will always be in their minds. I think SM wants a perfect, true love and happiness scenario. Yes, that seems pretty unrealistic to some, but then again this is a fantasy book isn’t it? A place where anyone who wants to can immerse themselves in a desire that maybe rarely attainable in real life: a perfect, happy ending.

2. Bella being a mother

I do have to say I felt a little off balance with this at first but then the concept of Bella as a mother really grew on me and I grew to like it. I wasn’t surprised by the pregnancy (cause my friend ruined it for me already) and yes this does feel like a silly fangirl fanfiction come true. However, I think the way SM brought about the motherly feelings in Bella was decent. I feel the same way Bella did regarding children. I don’t really like them and don’t care to have any. I’m no mom, but I could, for some reason, understand this new and weird motherly character. I believe some people, myself included, don’t really understand the miracles and beauty of children until we actually have one, until we have that little “nudger” inside us and grasp how beautiful the creation of life is. I think all this is what ignites Bella’s motherly affection. I also think in some ways Bella’s already a mother. It did say that the relationship between Bella and her mother were in reverse, that Bella was the mother and her mother was the child. From the beginning Bella already had that kind of patience and loving character that could take care of someone else, and also that strong sense of protecting her loved one. She had the character to go along with all her mother’s spontaneous, spur of the moment desires and her whole life style. So I don’t think Bella’s motherly-ness is too much out of character. In fact, I felt it was quite right. Edward’s fatherly character on the other hand… xD

3. The ending, with the whole mind reading thing

Yes I thought that was VERY sweet. (And a little unsuspected too. I have to give props to SM for this one since I was able to predict just about everything that happened in all 4 books xD. ) I think that was the perfect gift Bella could’ve given Edward, partially because he didn’t ask for it. Another reason is because I felt that little moment intensified the power of the Bella/Edward relationship. When she showed Edward her mind, Bella purposefully let down her guard, she exposed herself. She willingly brought down the walls that protected her all her life, that were impenetrable and so strong that she carried it into the next life. She exposed her vulnerability in a way, and trusted Edward with those secrets. *sniff* So Beautiful xD
Yeah I’m a sucker for happy endings sometimes. Not that I like them all. There are some that seem pretty stupid, and when I first started reading Twilight expecting to have that lovey dovey perfect happy ending, I was pretty skeptic. But for some reason I *do* like it. Maybe it’s because I’ve been wrought with so much angst over all the conflicts in the past 3 books that I was a little desperate for something a little absurd and expected.

4. All the Bella/Edward lovin’

Enough said. Lol. The sex thing didn’t bother me. It seemed pretty reasonable to me. They’ve gone through the other stages of their physical relationship from first enjoying each other’s presence, to kissing and touching, and then came the sex. I think the book presented it as a new, and more intimate stage of the physical relationship for them to explore. I didn’t think it was dirty (not as bad as emmett’s innuendos apparently xD) and like Carlisle said, physical love is important and meaningful too. These were their first few times being together that intimately, so yeah it was sort of a… “craving” as Bella put it. Lol This was how Emmett and Rosalie were too apparently. I don’t think it overshadowed the emotional connection between them, but rather amplified their passionate love for each other.

5. Alliance

I think I’m an even bigger sucker for alliances and shows of friendships and teamwork. Seriously, I got insanely excited when all the vampires and wolves got together xD Just the idea of creatures abandoning their difference and fighting for a cause. I can see how people may be a little dubious at the ease of the alliance, especially between the wolves and the vampires, but then again they fought along each other’s side in book three right? Shouldn’t this conflict make it even easier for them to fight together, now that there was more than a bond of allies, but a bond of friendship? They aren’t just connected by the same desire to protect their homes, but they’re connected internally (by the whole Jacob and imprinting thing. That might be the only part of the story I didn’t care for).

Ah man I'm so pumped. I'm gonna go read it again :D
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by t_feva »

i liked it. at first i expected more of a fight, but i was glad there wasnt. i like how everyone got their happy ending. edward & bella finally get to be together forever. luved the end, with the mind thing between edward and bella.

Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by 37yearoldfan »

1. Bella becomes a vamp.
I could not agree with you more. I loved that she finally became a vamp. The whole series she was talking/dreaming and wishing she would become a vamp and if she had not. Well, that would have been a huge let down. Plus, since I wanted it to happen so bad when it finally did I was ecstatic.

2. Bella being a mother
I read some of the people who posted under BD I did not like it and thought it was a strange turn. I thought it only fit with the story

3. The ending, with the whole mind reading thing
I agree with you totally. I really liked that it was Bella and her "gift" that repelled the Volturi and then was able to let Edward in. What an ending

4. All the Bella/Edward lovin’
Again people that posted in the I don't like it said they were not crazy about all the sex. They just got married and were on their honeymoon. What did they expect? Then when she was a vamp well, that was even better because, Bella was not breakable anymore and the love they felt for each other... :mrgreen:

h man I'm so pumped. I'm gonna go read it again :D

I just started reading the saga again. I just finished New Moon and even though I knew how that book turned out, I still felt empty when Edward left. I kind of thought Jacob was in the way. But, I am glad that things with Jacob turned out the way they did.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by lee7 »

i can understand why people didnt like bd. but honestly I LOVED IT. Alot of people dont like the fact that they couldnt relate to bella anymore when she turned into a vampire, i will say yes thats true, but i was still exstatic cuz that was how it had to be it was impossible for her to stay human, i mean first of all the voutiri(sp?) would eventually come make sure they changed her, and second off to be with edward forever, thats what she had to do, he could never grow old with her bc he would stay seventeen. no doubt about that. Also at first though i thought that reneseme was a monster cuz what she was doing to bella i soon grew to love her. she was adorable and loved bella and it wasnt her fault what she was doing thats just how she grew how she was. I also loved the part of the book from jakes pov it was so diff. from everything else! there was so much more i loved about the book...
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Esme echo »

I loved Breaking Dawn! All my favorite characters got everything they had worked so hard for and there was hope for a gloriously bright future together! I loved the fact that Bella had a child and she and Edward have the opportunity to be parents. Jacob totally cracked me up. I love Jacob! I love Bella's talent, and I'm so grateful she had phenominal control as a newborn. I loved it when Aro and Caius got their noses rubbed in the dirt--I wish they could have had their hands slapped, too! I hope Stephenie feels like visiting the Twilight universe again and giving us more vampire/werewolf stories!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by LionandLamb123 »

Ok, I REALLY liked Breaking Dawn! However, There were a few moments where you couldn't help think it was a little far fetched. Like when Jacob imprints on Renesmee. At first I started freaking out I was like WHAT!? Idk it just REALLY took me off guard :lol: But once you really think about it, I was glad that Jacob would finally have someone and fit in with Bella and the Cullens. :D But, I also think it ended a little to abrubtly. Who will Renesmee choose? (I'm pretty sure it would be Jacob though lol) What happens when the Volturi come back? What happens when Jacob goes one blonde joke to far with Rosalie? lol, maybe not the last one, but I'm still curious!
I'm sorry to say, when Emmet and Bella had their arm wrestling match, I was voting for Emmet :lol: His jokes were hysterical! :lol: Woo! But thats okay Bella still won :D
I loved how sweet Edward was in the last book. And I loved when Bella turns into a vampire, and you see what it's like being a vampire through Bella's eyes.
Jacob's chapter titles were hilarious! :lol: Although some parts with the wolf pack got a little boring, and just having Bella be sick all the time was sad :cry:
When Alice and Jasper left, I think they were really missed :cry: And so much of the book was about the puzzle Alice left :| But I REALLY did like Breaking Dawn! :D
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Mrs.EdwardCullen »

I loved Breaking Dawn!!! After you got past the what the heck, Jacob? Why? WHY would you do something like that? I don't want to say anything for people that haven't finished BD yet, so! But all in all, it was awesome!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by EvrThinEvrMinEvrRs »

It's so refreshing to see POSITIVE reviews of this book...I was beginning to feel like I was on my own, after skimming through some of the other reviews available. So many were negative, and while I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, some of the negativity was just way harsh.

I would almost go as far as to say this was my favourite of the series. Almost. I can't really pick a favourite, all of them are necessary to tell the complete story.

I never noticed a disconnection between Edward and Bella. If anything, I felt that they were closer than anything after she became a vampire. So much more was said with a simple glance, a soft touch, they didn't need to constantly declare themselves. It seemed so much more intimate. I loved that.

I laughed out loud more for this book than any book I've ever read (and I've read a lot). I cried so much, both happy and sad tears, I'm not sure it was good for me. And don't get me started on hyperventillation...I know I stopped breathing more than once.

I've already re-read the book once, and will probably read it again before Twilight is released in theatres...what can I say, my obsession is well beyond healthy at this point.