Breaking Dawn-I liked it

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by IFellUrEmotions »

Okay. The first time i read the book i knew that I liked it, just. There was so much to process that i kind of just sat there thinking for a while. It was really happy and nice in the very beggining, and then from there it started to get intense and by the end you were just like, OMG hurry up and tell me what happens. that and just, like so much happens that I didn't think possible like, you know, nessie and then jacob and nessie. then the Volturi. you know. Then i read it the second time, taking more time to really sit down a read and i fell in love with it. I love all the books and well, it was just a really great finish. Plus from there, it can either be a satisfied ending or if SM decides to write more it could be continued. In my opnion, it was a really great book. Plus it managed to give almost everyone a happy ending. Which I love. I'll probably read it many more times along with all the others as well. :D
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by inspired »

I loved Breaking Dawn. I don't think I could have handled it if there had not been a happy ending. The whole pregnancy thing threw me for a loop, but it grew on me and now I cannot imagine BD without it. Stephenie rocks!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by navarre »

Personally, I think this is the best book of the whole series. I love how SM took us down a different road with these characters. There was only one thing about it I DID NOT like - it should have been looonger!!! :D :lol:

I have had a hard time understanding why some folks have disliked how this book was written. First, it needed to be different for the sole purpose of the characters now out of high school and entering into adulthood with adult situations visa v. marriage, birthing, impending war, etc. I love how Bella came into her own - she matured and embraced her vampirism beautifully! She was meant for that world as she has noted and as did Aro.

I love how the Preface pointed to Bella's thoughts on Renesmee' and Bella' life in peril because of her child.
I loved Jacob's POV - perfectly written and with wicked humor. The Pack really underwent a transformation(no pun intended) in and of themselves with Jacob finally embracing his Alpha status, Leah finally coming to terms with Sam & Emily and all of that bitter mess and I especially loved good ole Seth - God love that kid. He's great!

I wished Alice & Jasper could have played a bigger role, but oh well, that's life.
I found the relationship between Bella & Rosalie a bit confusing at first, only because it was hard to tell if Rosalie really came to terms with Bella once and for all, but I realized that she did.

It was sad to close this book after page 768, but, you always start again.

Overall, the best of the saga and I am still not tired of reading it - going on my 7th, yes 7th time on just this book alone - I need therapy! Haa! Haa! :lol:

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by CullenCrazed »

Loved it, loved it, loved it. It was very different than what I thought it would be..but I still Loved it!!! Just wish there was more:(

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by ilovetwilight »

i really like breaking dawn, and i dont get why other people didn't. i found that most of the problems with other people is the fact that bella turned into a vampire, and that jacob imprinted on renesmee, ok so lets take a look out how the book would go if bella didn't turn into a vampire and jacob didnt imprint on renesmee:

ok, so bella just gave birth to renesmee, only now she really is dying 'cause she chose not to become a vampire. so bella is dead, edward is in agony, and jacob leaves because he doesnt want to see bella dead. so he's still mad @ renesmee cause she really DID kill bella now. only jacob imprinting on renesmee is not going to save her. so he goes down and attacks, he catches rosalie off guard and throws her across the room, he kills renesmee, then rosalie is furious so she goes to attack, but jacob wins and kills rosalie to.
*just so were keeping score thats 3 people already dead*
emmett gets back finds the love of his life dead and jacob (as a werewolf) standing over her corpse. emmett kills jacob in vengeance. now emmett and edward are both left without there loves, so they both fly to italy to provoke the volturi and die.
*now there's 6 people dead*
so that starts a war between the wolf pack and the rest of the cullens (carlisle & esme, alice & jasper).
the war breaks out and in the end the only survivers are: carlisle and sam, (the first one of the cullens, and the first to enter the pack).
*now there are around 24 people dead, not to mention that half of those are main characters*

if you ask me, that is one great story. lol, my point is, to all you breaking dawn haters, stephenie meyer did a great job, and the way she worked things out was perfect. unless ofcourse you like my little story above=)

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Precious »

I absolutely loved the book. I felt that Stephanie gave everyone their own happy ending including Jacob whom I was very worried about. I didn't feel at all weird when he imprinted on her daughter, by the time Nessie grows up, they will be the same age. Jacob stated the quil will always see claire as a little sister, then friend, then well, you know. It states that all Jacob was feeling towards Nessie was big brother just like Jacob said because Edward can read his mind and if he read ANYTHING remotely to the other, you can imagine Jacob being thrown all the way back to La Push. I laughed out loud when she realized what Jacob had done and was going on and on about "MY BABY?!" "HOW DARE YOU!!" I can just imagine Edward chuckling to himself. I'd LOVE to know what he was thinking during all that.

I hate love triangles, they hardly hardly end happily. Someone always gets hurts... I had a best friend that was a guy that fell for me, but.. I didn't fall for him. I had to let him off easy. In the long run, he had to leave me alone because seeing me with the one I did love hurt him to much, in turn it hurt me because I wanted my best friend back. But.. that is life. This is a book fantasy, I'm really really really happy that Jacob and Bella got it all worked out in the end. Jacob accepted that she turned vamp on him, she accepted that he imprinted on her daughter. Both sacrifices if you really think about it. They still had each other though... Just warms my heart thinking about it.

I enjoyed reading about the new family. I felt that as much craziness that was going on, Stephanie did a heck of a job telling about it. Bella spent time with Edward, spent time with Nessie, all three spent time together. Most of the time when Bella was holding Nessie, Edward was at her side. I have no doubts about any of them what so ever. It was a shock yes, but a shock they all got over quickly. I really got butterflies in my stomach when Nessie said "daddy" of course she'd say mommy first. And who's to say she didn't say daddy in her head everytime she touched Edward? We can't forget that Nessie talked with her mind. She KNEW who he was, of ourse she did. Again, I'd love to know Edward's POV.

All in all, I can go on and onnn about the story. I found nothing wrong, nothing I didn't like. Nothing that made me feel gross. Nothing. I do not have a child of my own yet, but I hope that when I do, I'll see the eyes that I imagined in Edward in my own husband because my husband is my Edward. I just can't wait! *SWOONS*

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by AshleeTwilight8 »

I absolutely ADORED breaking dawn. I cried several times during it. The wedding was amazing, and Reneesme is one of the bright spots in that book. I hope to see more on Jacob and Nessie in the future. I think SM could make a series out of their story.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by ShadowNIN »

I LOVED BD!! I thought it was great that everything worked out in the end. I don't think I could have handled it if anything bad had happened to any of the characters I cared about. I would have been so upset! Besides, what's so wrong with happy endings??!?! I thought it wasn't going to be a happy ending during the whole Volturi thing and I was trying so hard to read through my tears. How sad would it have been if after all Bella and Edward had struggled through, right at the end when they finally had each other, they lost? UGH! That would have SUCKED! I couldn't have handle that at all!!!! I would have been like Bella. Septemeber. October. Novemeber....

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by MagicWings »

I liked Breaking Dawn, but it definitely wasn't my favorite of the series (I think Twilight itself is my favorite). I feel like we didn't see enough of Bella as a vampire... I almost feel like there should have been another book, just to show more of Bella and Edward (as vampires) enjoying time together like they did in the other books.

That aside, it was a good book. Everyone got their happy ending (more or less, Leah is still off somewhere) and that was nice. But I honestly think a fifth book would have been appropriate. Maybe about 5 years in the future so that we could see Bella facing the difficult questions. They couldn't stay in Forks forever unless they planned to never leave the house, she'd HAVE to leave Charlie, eventually Edward WOULD force Bella off to college, Jacob and Renesmee would have to go to HS as well... and eventually, the Volturi would come back. It's foreshadowed all throughout the ending chapters that they would return... but unless it's continued from another characters POV, it just seems like a lot of things were left dangling.

Liked it overall, but feel it wasn't filled out enough around the middle.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by I'Anne. »

I didn't like the first book. It was precipitated and out of character.

I loved the second book. It was amazing. I loved the insight onto Jacob's charcter. I love his way of thinking, and how he acts. I also love how he's just so bold about everything, he is so different to Edward and Bella. And I also noticed that he acts differently around different people. I think Jacob has a very straightforward way of thinking, which comes across very well. I found this part of the book really easy to read, because I can identify with his character more. I also thought it was incredibly funny in some parts.

The third book was better and worse than the third in some ways. It was better in the way that it was happier (which I usually like in books) and I liked all the new experiences Bella had when she was a vampire. I also like how it's all fitting together. I appreciate that SM didn't kill off any important characters because it would have given a different edge to the end. I though it was good there was no fight, although it means the Volturi WILL come back. It was worse in the way that Bella had lost all hope. It was worse, because I was SURE Bella nd Edward were going to die, but find themselves in their own "heaven", and I wasn't sure that really was what I wanted, because I thought it was good they had a family and stuff. And I would've missed Jacob. But I love the end. It was so... appropriate. Amazing.

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