Breaking Dawn-I liked it

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by vamps4evr »

I did like this book, I think there was a LOT crunched in, more details in several parts would have been nice...but as an ending to it all, I was impressed!! Im glad SM completed B&E with a child

im torn on jacob imprinting, although I did like him, that is just a bit odd! I adored his POV section and it does keep him in their lives, which is a must!

Alice leaving...WOW I was really shocked but when you find out why, I was like OF COURSE!! she knew what she was doing! the fight, I do think that was a bit of a let down, but suspenceful none the less!! that would have been a LOT more if they would have fought...

the Happily ever after...FABULOUS - sometimes there just needs to be one!!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by LavendarRain »

I truly loved heart is breaking because I have finished it though...I wish there was more...I crave more much more :oops:
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by pennybug84 »

I LOVED Breaking Dawn.

The first book was awsome w/the wedding and everything else. I was glad it got right into the wedding. But Bella getting pregnant definitely threw me. But after the shock I thought it was awesome. (Plus it's something else Edward can't feel guilty about taking away from Bella.) At first I wasn't so sure about the second book being from Jacob's point of view. But after reading it I liked it. It was nice to get inside Jacob's head a little. (I wasn't so sure if I liked him before.) But it was fun and I liked it. And I thought it was awesome that Edward "had" to change Bella if he didn't want her to die. I loved reading about Bella's first day as a vampire. But having Jacob imprint on Renesmee definitely was another surprise. But I'm happy about it because now Jacob is happy. At first I was kind of mad that Alice left, she's my favorite character besides Bella and Edward. And then of course I was going to be upset if somehow the Volturi was going to do something and if anyone was going to be killed off. But then to have Alice come back and we have a happy ending with no one dying was great. I thought it was a great end to this fun, awesome, love story. BD is tied w/Eclise for my second favorite in the series. (Twilight is my favorite of course.) I'm sorry if I'm rambling but I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was a great ending to this story.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by kpeery1 »

I LOVED Breaking Dawn. It even got better when I read it for the second time. I can't believe how much I missed the first time through. I haven't talked to one person who hasn't like this book. It is kinda funny because I keep hearing how sooo many people didn't like this book and to be honest I don't really believe thats true. Sure your going to get some who are going to be upset but I really believe that most people really liked it - they just don't go on forums and express their thoughts. I have over 100 friends who Loved Loved Loved this book and not one of them have ever been on a twilight forum. Just something to think about!
Anyway, I thought this book was her best written book. It was so fun to read and I stayed up all night to finish it just like all her other books. I really loved Edward and Bellas relationship in this book. Sure it was different but it can't always be first love! It was better. I loved how their relationship became so strong and how they were finally equals. The ending was by far the best. Like Stephanie said - it was worth the 2000 plus pages. I was so excited for Edward to finally get to hear Bellas thought! Couldn't pick a better ending!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by dazzle_me-xx »

After finishing the whole book, I can say that I loved it. Who could have thought of such a perfect way to end the series?
But I will admit halfway through the book I really hated it and got all depressed, seeing Bella, Edward and Jake suffering.
But it all worked out in the end.

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by ShadowNIN »

Okay, don't get me wrong, I LOVED BD(see my 1st post above), but did anybody notice that something was missing in book 3, sometime after Bella became a vampire? I mean, it didn't really seem like Bella anymore. I am about halfway through the 3rd book again, and I just started to notice it. Edward's and Bella's love it different almost. Or maybe it is just because Edward doesn't have to be so protective. I know they have a lot to deal with, but it just feels like something in missing. Anyone else notice this?
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by FutureCullen108 »

I absolutely ADORED Breaking Dawn. As soon as I finished it I started crying because it was over and because it was so good. Actually reading the book was a struggle for me though. I am a diehard team Edward member, and after finishing book two I temporarily switched to being a Jacob supporter. It took me about a day to decide to start book three. I couldn't believe that Edward could sit there and watch Bella die even if he knew his family would try to stop him. I was with Jacob all the way. I wanted the "fetus" to be destroyed and Jacob to take out Edward, but as the plot continued it got easier to understand what Edward and Bella were thinking and I fell in love with Renesmee by the ned of book three.

I also loved it because Edward and Bella's relationship finally seemed concrete. Nothing could break them apart because their souls were so bonded. Even when facing the Volturi, Bella didn't think about the pain it would cause her if Edward was killed because she knew she would soon follow. There's also a real sense of family between the Cullens and the Denali clan and even some of the other vampires, and the bonds seem so much deeper than those of any human family. I loved the entire book so much, and I'm really sad the series is over, but I think Breaking Dawn was a perfect ending.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Precious »


nvm answered my own question.

moderator please delete this post.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Lacuna Scion »

I liked Breaking Dawn. I feel like it kind of came out of left field; maybe because it wasn't what I expected to happen. But it suits the series great. And if you think: this is Steph's series so, what she says goes. I loved all the new interesting things. The book just revealed so much more about the world. I finally think I've got a decent understanding of Edward. I was really confused about his ideas and thought-processes and BD really helped with that.

This made me really sad though. It's the last one. I had this same problem with HP and DH. Although it was my HP friends that turned me onto Twilight (eternal thanks).

So, I've reached my own impasse. I'm so glad Bella and Edward ended up together, because I'm a "happily ever after" kind of person. But knowing that they're all happy makes it a little easier, I guess.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by RussetRose♥ »

I really liked it. It was different because all the chaos starts in the first 10 chapters, and everything evolved from there. But, in the end I one people that liked it.

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