Breaking Dawn-I liked it

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by secsec1 »

I'm now almost done with it for the 3rd time, and I love it more now than i did after the first. I think i really understand the book and the saga more and am very much of the fact that if i hadnt read it so fast the first time, i probably would have figured a lot more of the book out because SM left us a TON of clues. i think SM is a great storyteller and i cant wait to read more by her. She creates worlds you want to enter into and charactors you want to know and love.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by darkrider »

I absolutely loved BD-it was my favorite next to Twilight. I love the fact that it wasn't completely based on TEAM Jacob/Edward. I was worried about the "choice" that SM said Bella was to make would be Jacob or Edward related. I'm glad that it wasn't. I'm a sucker for happy endings. Bd was brilliant!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Edward(L)me_notyou »

i enjoyed breaking dawn to the extreme. i smiled all the way through it, well, definatly the last few chapters lol and the first few chapters haha i just love the way she tells stories. its all soo romantic lol and i love happy stories, with a bit of angst in it. if that makes sense lol
i really dont like it when people say they didnt like it... ok fair enough they can not like it, but not go around bitching about it. its horrible
i am currently upto chapter 16 again, rereading it again. i loooove it. i bought the first 3books again in hardbook llol and when i get them im going to re-read them all. even though ive read the first 3 twice already hahah i didnt even do that with the hp series. i read dh twice it think and ootp 3times, and hbp twice, but thats it. twilight saga i am definatly a hardcore fan lool
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by JennyLA »

I was surprised that I actually loved the booked. I read the spoilers a few days before the release because I couldn't help myself and I so dissgusted. I just could not believe the whole Bella being pregnate and naming her child nessie, so I didn't. I let it sink in a few days, and I began to realize that even if the spoilers were true, it would bother me so much. So then I started reading and found out the truth and I was happy with it. I'm not going to lie...I still confussed like mad at how it happened, but I liked the book. It was a good ending to a good series. And i can't tell you how happy I am for Jake! Now all I want to do is read about their story.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by twiheartx »

Well.. on the first part.. i liked it. Then it came to Jacob.. he spoiled it a little. I think that if it had a little less Jacob and a little more Bella and Edward then it would have been better. but i like the end.. and the happy ending. I also thought Bella was a little lost. As in.. personality.. to me.. it seemed as if she'd changed. Drastically. But.. over all i liked it. Nothing bothered me too much. after i had finished it, i let a friend borrow it.. and i wish i hadn't. because i want to re-read it.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by DazzIzzled »

Loved it! Loved it!

I tried asking a question in the "new kid" section.. as i am new here... lol BUT i was advised to ask my question here (i think here.. they said breaking dawn forum... i pray thats where i am.. lol) Anyway here is my BD question :)

Hey i am new here but i had a quick question... maybe it was asked before... maybe im a weirdo but here goes

In breaking dawn when bella wakes up as a newborn she describes all of the differet scents around her
I know Edward is the honey, Lilac and sun "flavor... but i wondered... who is who with all of this
"Cinnamon, hyacinth, pear, seawater, rising bread, pine, vanilla, leather, apple, moss, lavender, chocolate... "

or.. were these just random smells she couldnt pin point and no one in particular?

thanks :D

(SORRY! im editing.. this is still the wrong place... smh...)
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by mlola619 »

erin l wrote:I really liked it... for me it was completely satisfying. After reading Eclipse, I was heartbroken for Jacob; I couldn't see how it would end happily for him because I knew Bella and Edward should end up together. And WOW, who could have seen what was coming!?!? That's actually the main thing I love about Ms. Meyer's writing... she's never predictable. She always takes you where you could never imagine and it's always a better journey than you could ever expect it to be!

Agreed. Finally! lol i love talking to people who loved the last book....*sigh* it was just so awesome! I love how SM got everyone to their happy ending :mrgreen: pure genius...
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Alyson Jaye Cullen »

I got to read Breaking Dawn fairly late (try 3 weeks AFTER it came out) and within those three weeks, my friend Joy decided to tease me with subtle events in the story plot. At first I was out of my mind mad when she told me about Jacob and imprinting, but after I read Breaking Dawn I thought Stephenie did a great job. I finally understood Jacob and (like Edward) let go of my aversion of the werewolf. I really did not want it to end. Maybe Stephenie can write a "short" book on how Nessie is grown up ... HINT HINT. :D
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by cutesweetiezzz »

At first I wasn't so sure about Breaking Dawn. I didn't hate, but I didn't like it that much, so I was in between. However, I read some of Stephenie's interviews about Breaking Dawn and watched some of her videos. Now I really really like Breaking Dawn. I understand why she did want she had to do. Team Edward!!!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Love »

I like all of the books, and Breaking Dawn just as much as the other 3.

Breaking Dawn was better than the rest though, in my opinion.
It was nice reading Jakes point of view, and I really liked it.

I love Renesmee, I love Bella as a vampire, and I love it all. :D
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