Breaking Dawn-I liked it

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Twilightaddict »

I enjoyed breaking dawn alot...buti do have to say i didn't like jacob imprinting on bella...and i didn't like it how it was all in jacobs perspective when she was giving birth but soo good i loved how reesmee came into action
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Twilight_girl15 »

I loved BD! i think it ended really well and that SM tied up a lot of lose ends but there were a lot of younger readers ( i am a younger reader but i understand a lot of things that some adults dont i am jus a :ugeek: ) that probably didnt relate to Bella after the wedding. and they said that it was a badly written fanfiction but i think i i was writtrn well. i got a little apprehensive when I got to Jacobs part because I didnt want Bellas part to end hehe :) or when Alice left i almost started to cry because she is one of my favorite charaters. I love Renesmee the name is cool. i know i am a :geek:
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by shape-shifter »

I liked it because there were so many surprises. Especially Bella having a baby, that was the most unexpected. But who doesn't love Nessie?? hehe
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by TeamNessie »

Ok i'll admit when i first started reading it, it was a little weird cause it didn't sound the same as the other books like Bella had changed in a way or something idk. But the more i read it the more i grew to like it, i wasn't to happy bout bella wanting to keep the baby at the beggining cause ok wierd as i am i thought it was gonna be like a demon child or something lol but at the same time i thought it was awesome that she got pregnant by a vampire, u dont see that very often so that was really unique. And then we had to hear bout the whole pregnancy thru Jacob eyes, i liked that in a way that u got to know what he was thinking bout the whole situation and he also blessed us with his sarcasm and jokes troughout the whole thing (especially the blond jokes lol sorry to whoever is blond no offense). It was also sad to hear it from him because of how sad and heartbroken he was.
And the Renesme was born and the whole book changed and Bella became a vampire like she always wanted. i LOVED that she didnt become one of those bloodthirsty new vamps and she kept her humanity and her love for her family. And how renesme was so smart from the beggining, how she's able to comunicate thru touch. And finally i didn't mind at all that Jacob imprinted on Nessie i knew something strange like that was gonna happen to be able to keep him attached some how to Bella, when he looked upon her face and said his universe stoped i actually screamed out OMFG HE JUST IMPRINTED ON RENESME THIS....IS....AWESOME!!!!!!! :shock: lol my family looked at me like i was insane lol.
But yea the whole book, all the new characters AWESOME!!
Thats it i'm done i shut up know lol :D
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by juliall005 »

I think Breaking Dawn was the best book out of the whole saga!! It was amazing and people are complaining that its not what they pictured happening in Stephanie Meyers world but Stephanie's world is all about surprise and twists and it was definatly a surprising book full of twists and turns and i LOVED it!! :D
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by deven »

i think breaking dawn was my favorite of the series(kinda tied with twilight) it was just so good! i loved it. at the beginningthe wedding was PERFECT! and then the it was so crazy. i thought the whole edward pillow biting thng was HALARIOUS!!!! and then in the acob part...i really started to like jacob a lot better...and i hate dbella for putting edward trough all that. and then renesmee was born and all was great! my favorite part was the last two pages when she lets edward read her was perfect!

on a side note. i thought the way she did the sex scenes were perfect! it would have been kinda weird to read a descriptive sex scene beween them. lol
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by midnight_fix »

I have to say when I first finished the book, I was a little frustrated cause I knew that I didn't hate it...I didn't know if I liked it or if I was indifferent...I know that sounds weird but I just couldn't figure it out. So I reread it and discovered that when you took away the shock value that many parts of the book had for me I could see how the whole series came together and how everyone had evolved and it was all just perfect. I love it! I have a feeling I'll love it more more as I reread it.
nearly everything is resolved for me, I say nearly because I would like to know how the Jake/ Renesmee relationship evolves and also Leah story and Seth's story. I was surprised at how I felt about Seth because I didn't really give him a second thought even in eclipse when he had a small part at the end, but after breaking dawn I really like Seth's character he is just so unjaded and pure in his thoughts and intentions, I love him.
I think Stephenie is brilliant and she created an amazing love story with an amazing ending.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by Conzoni al vento »

I really loved Breaking Dawn.
Alot of my friends that read it said they were disappointed- okay, ALL of them said that.
I seriously don't understand how this book was a disappointment.
MAaybe because i waited for three years to read it so i already had so m uch time to come up with almost everything that could happen (except Nessie!!!!). I really don't think that teh book could have been any better than the perfection that it was.
I agree with Stephenie Meyer, it was the only way it could have ended.
to me it was a magnificent ending to the beginning of their story.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by AlkalineGabi »

I liked it alot. It seem like a natural progression to me.Althoughi did want a bit more of Volturi messings. Nessie is a cool charcter to have created and surely gives Meyer the freedom to explore more later if she feels so inclined.
But in no way am i ever going to like Jacob Black. It's Edward all the way.(Unless i can have a Jasper please?lol)
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I liked it

Post by clariissaa »

Always took me by surprise.