Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by cidluen »

When I read Breaking Dawn my first reaction was shock, and when I got over it a sense of unfulfillment took place. It seemed to me that the book was like a good child ruined by a difficult enviroment: you may not know what the problems are but somehow that kid doesn't grow the way he or she should have. I agree with almost everything everyone posted specially with the choice message being distorted because Bella gets what she wants AND even more, so she actually wouldn't have to stick to her choice of trading her human life to be closer to Edward. The ending was nothing like the expectated in the story and it was poorly developed, except for Garret's speech (He's the man ;) ).

I did like Reneesme a lot (the little freak *sighs*)and her relationship with Jacob because it was lovely and pure and changed the Bella-Edward-Jacob dynamic... forever!!!

Karret, the new vampires, Alec, Leah, Seth, Carlisle, Jacob and Book Two were the best of BD for me.

Totally hated the volturis coward attitude, Alice's departure, Charlie's reactions, the happiness-joy-perfection-only-minor-things-happen ending...
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by teamswitzerland »

Breaking Dawn was okay. but im starting to like it better. i must say that it seems like it doesn't fit in with the series. like it's written by a different author or something. i was a little bothered by bella gettting pregnant, but whatever; if it's crucial to the plotline then okay. it seems like steph meyer got a lil lost with her characters. it seems like bella and edward kinda lost what was in the other three books. i like renesmee and the fact that jake imprinted on her seems only right but i miss the whole "edward-bella-jacob" relationship thingie. it also seems like rosalie took the place of alice, like there's a lot of rose but little alice. of course, alice didnt support bella keeping the baby and rose did, so it makes sense. also, i never once doubted alice when she was leaving cuz it was too obvious. so yah, those things were what made me iffy bout the book. i'm still okay with it. it's just my least favourite in hte series.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by sarah-belle »

I'm definitely in the middle with my opinion about Breaking Dawn. At first, I absolutely HATED it with a firey passion. I just couldn't grasp the whole concept of Bella getting pregnant; it just seemed utterly impossible and stupid to me. And it couldn't have happened at a worse time. I mean, Bella and Edward had what? Like 3 weeks to themselves, and then Nessie (HATE the name, by the way) came along, and then BOOM!complete chaos.
And then I was FURIOUS that Jacob imprinted. I have been against that forever. I was really rooting for him and Leah to get together. Plus, Rosalie really got under my skin.
But after I had some time to digest the whole plot, I kind of became okay with it. I absolutely LOVE Garrett to death. And as long as Jake's happy, I guess that's all that matters.
I don't know, I guess I just expected a whole lot more.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by Sarah-Lynn »

Oh dear. I have posted in other threads on here, but not much about BD. I read it so fast when I first got it... I was SO EAGER to find out what happened!! I was on a road trip with my hubby that day, and that was a last-minute decision to go see his grandmother for the weekend, after I had OBVIOUSLY cleared my schedule for the weekend to read the book without interruptions... now I wish I had! Read it without interruptions and by myself, that is. I read the other 3 just in the two weeks before BD came out... that's when I found them. I read those too fast, also... I totally missed the point in New Moon that Jane and Aro's powers didn't work on Bella... that is like, a MAJOR plot point!!! How could I have missed that? I'm through with my 3rd read on the first 3, and am finishing up the 2nd read on BD, and I'm catching things I missed on that first rushed-reading.

I like to read alone so I can concentrate, and I didn't have that time to myself while on that road trip I mentioned.... dang it, I should have waited to buy the book when we got back! I bought it on Saturday morning before we left, and it was like a big piece of cherry cheesecake sitting there looking at me... how could I turn it down when it was so tempting, knowing that I couldn't give it the proper attention it deserved??? lol... pardon the analogy.

I'll have to give props to Steph first and foremost... she's a first-time author, and I know that reading or hearing all the negative press can't be what she expected. I truly feel for her in that area. I am also on the fence about BD. I'm glad there is a place where we can voice our opinions in a healthy way. I'm not going to be all negative about the book, because there were some points that I definitely liked. I was letting my friend borrow the books after I read them. When I gave her BD, I said, "I just don't know what to think! It just doesn't fit with the other 3. I wasn't expecting this story-line." She began flipping through it, and I said, "NO, you do NOT want to do that!" She laughed. I gave her 3 things about the book: B&E get married, Jacob imprints, and Edward changes Bella." She asked if the Volturi showed up, and I said, "oh yeah, they make an appearance, and that's not what I expected, either."

*Sigh* I know that Steph said she had this story figured out before Twilight was even published, and that she knew the end. I understand that... but, I kind of feel like the publishers forced her into "filling in" with New Moon and Eclipse to keep Bella in HS a little while longer (which she said in an interview). I don't know, though... I loved NM and E, except for the part when Edward was gone... maybe NM and E could have been combined and condensed into one that led up more to the story of BD. Does that make sense?

I did feel like there was so much going on in BD. I hate to say this, but it felt like to me, that it was a bit self-indulgent... you know, I never understood why Simon said that to contestants on American Idol until I read BD. I loved the other books, but it felt like BD did end just a little bit too happy. Now I'll have to compare to HP... I wondered WHY JKR had said in an interview that she felt like mourning after finishing DH... when I read it, I was like, "I see why, now." Harry lost a LOT in DH- Moody, Hedwig, his wand, friends in the battle. And, DUH, I realize these are fantasy books we're talking about, but Steph made Edward so REAL in her descriptions in Twilight, and the reader felt like that world COULD exist! I got so caught up in their love!

As far as the "filling in" I mentioned... I really have only one problem with that... if Steph knew that E&B would end up together, and that Jake would imprint on Nessie, was it necessary to ALSO include the Jacob and Bella love, too??? Jake falls for her so hard, so fast in NM! I was totally shocked and a little freaked when Jake imprinted on Nessie! We were in the car on the way home from said road trip when I read that, and I gasped, shut the book when I finished that chapter, and looked out the window and cried... WHY BELLA'S DAUGHTER after Jake had professed his love for her in Eclipse???? I didn't like that AT ALL! My hubby looked at me and shook his head... he knows how caught-up I get in stuff like this... lol. I was glad that Jake imprinted, because I worried how she would give Jake an ending and not just leave him out there by himself... but Nessie??? I probably would have been less freaked if Bella and Jake had stayed best friends, but Bella falling for him in Eclipse just ruined it!! I did like the description of how it felt when Jake imprinted- very good imagery! I knew from Eclipse, also, that the imprinting on a baby wasn't a sexual concern, and I have rallied in some blogs for Steph on that front when people said she was condoning pedophilia... geeeeez, I hate writing that, and it burns me up when people compare Jake and Nessie's relationship like that!! I didn't see it from that viewpoint... it was just weird that he imprinted on Bella's daughter.

Here's what I thought BD was going to be about. I had seen the cover in the media, but didn't know what to think. I figured the white queen was Bella, but didn't know about the red pawn. I haven't read "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream" or "Merchant of Venice" so I didn't catch the comparisons she drew between the story and those books. I thought that the red pawn was Nessie, but "pawn" didn't seem to fit her.. anyway... I deduced from the titles of the other 3 that "dawn" was a time of day, or a particular time in someone's life, so I knew that the "dawn" would be Bella's new life as a vampire; I thought that Edward would change her on the honeymoon (it jsut seemed fitting, to me); I had thought that it would come down to a fight between Edward and Jacob over Edward's changing Bella; I thought there would be more about her "newborn" status... other than that, I didn't know what else I expected. Well, here's what I DIDN'T see coming... pregnancy; Edward trying to talk Jacob into letting him and Bella have kids together if a baby is what she really wanted; Jake imprinting on Nessie; strategic maneuver instead of battle; wolves banding with vampires.

The things I did like:
1. The wedding... it was so sweet. I do wish Bella could have had a little more emotion about getting married, though. I was glad Jake came back, too. I cried at the end of Eclipse when he phased and ran away because he was hurting.
2. The honeymoon. Alot has been said about sex in this book. Some have asked why she always wanted sex after she was changed. Well, if you consider the strongest human needs (eating to survive and physical gratification as a tie to your lover), it only makes sense that these things would be heightened after becoming immortal. Hmmm, I wish she had put a little more detail into it though... blushing, now... I about lost my breath in the two scenes in Eclipse!! The detail there was much more sensual... oh well.
3. Bella's transformation and first day as a newborn. I liked the descriptions in those chapters; how she could see everything more clearly. "New" is my favorite chapter. I cried alot during the birth of Nessie and Edward's performance at saving Bella. I had thought that her changing would be in an act of love instead an act of saving her life... but after she got pregnant and they figured the baby was killing her from the inside-out, I then realized that she would probably die in child-birth and have to be changed by an act of life-saving.
4. The training of Bella's power. I waited for this the entire series... what was her power going to be? I like how she became the most powerful one (hence the cover) and finally fit in somewhere.
5. Jacob's POV; leaving the pack and claiming his rightful spot as Alpha. This provided a much-needed respit from the horror and difficulty of the pregnancy. The blonde jokes were hilarious! I love the part when Rose bends the bowl to make it look like a dog dish, then he throws it at her and gets food in her hair! I laughed out loud at that part!
6. My absolute favorite part of the entire series is the last 2 pages. I can't tell you how my heart swelled at reading the moment when Bella showed Edward her thoughts... and I said outloud "FINALLY!" I don't think the series would have been complete without that part... it was really the only thing left unresolved since the beginning... Edward couldn't understand WHY Bella was in love with him, and now he finally knew. It was SO worth trudging through all the stuff I didn't like to get to that point. Honestly, I think that the last 2 pages is the biggest GIFT that Steph gave the readers!! It just made it all make sense!

Things I didn't like, and I see why people say that the book was just too "happy-ending:"
1. I don't think it was right that Bella TOTALLY skipped the "newborn" phase. Yes, I understand that she had 2 years to prepare for this decision, and that her mind was her power. However, it would have been okay to see that she had some difficulty with it.
2. Letting Charlie in on secrets- shame on you, Jacob! Whoever said this was right; Bella didn't have to sacrifice anything here- she got to see Charlie. I didn't know how Steph was going to resolve this issue after Bella's transformation. I liked reading the possiblities from Jacob's point of view.
3. All the camraderie between the wolves and vampires... it just seemed that there was too much of that; we already had that in Eclipse!
4. The friends of the Cullens. I know it was necessary to have them in there; it was just a bore to read; I pushed through that to get to the action.
5. The whole Volturi thing... and Irina... I was expecting some sort of battle. For Steph to say that she didn't want to give up her characters I think cheated us a bit. We all knew, well, I HOPE we all knew, that if it came to a fight with them, that some would die. We kept being prepared for it; the characters kept saying it; I was waiting for someone to die. Because she had made this world seem so real to us, that Edward really DID exist, it was kind of a let-down, because no one fights like that; there aren't casualties only on the enemies' side in war. I felt that as long as you're going to make it seem like a real world, then it should have a real outcome, not just negotiations. Again, compare to HP (sorry)... there were casualties on both sides of the final war. I've said it in another post that the only major characters who died in this saga were the "bad ones" James, Victoria, Laurent, Riley, Bree, Irina... common thread- they were ones who directly effected one of the Cullens. I totally understand that they defended the ones they loved. The only other "real" casualty was when Jacob was wounded in Eclipse- that felt real to me; sure, they are immortal and have super powers, but they could be hurt, too.
6. The first time I read it, there was a lot of sighing, a lot of "I can't believe that!", a lot of "what is going on here?" on my part. There were several times I had to put the book down and take a break because everything was such a surprise and shock! This second read-through hasn't changed my opinion all that much. I've just read alot of other's views about it and found that I agreed on a lot of things. I didn't want the book to be a total stress- and loss-fest, either... I just felt like there could have been a little more balance... it was a little too much like "everybody get along and play nice, now" for me. And I know, some people have asked, where was Bella's sacrifice in this one? She had prepared herself to be giving up a lot, Charlie, Renee, Jacob, her friends, possibly her desire for Edward... and really, the only thing she gave was her life... ok, so some might think "isn't that enough?? She died!" That was the price, and she knew it, and was prepared to pay it... but she got to keep all the other things, and gained a child in the process. We were all prepared for this, too. I just think it was an easy-out for Steph to make Bella's new life "easy" on her, nothing like what she expected or was prepared for... or... was that the point...that it doesn't matter WHAT you prepare for, that life will sometimes throw you a curve ball??? The phrase "some ducks have all the luck" comes to mind... however, it was hinted that in the future the Volturi would try to pick off the Cullens, maybe, if Steph comes back to the Cullen Universe, we'll get our gory ending there. ;)

I still love the series as a whole, and I'll still read it!!
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by coochariffic87 »


For me, this book had a lot of ups and downs. I finished it the Wednesday after it came out, and I'm still kind of torn about it. There were parts I liked, and parts I didn't like.


-I really liked the wedding and the honeymoon, up until the pregnancy part. I really thought that the way the wedding was described was very nice, and I actually almost cried during their vows. I do like that Jacob came back for the ceremony. It was a nice touch. After reading Eclipse, I really didn't think he would stay away.

-The Isle Esme scene was great. I loved the vampire sex, i have to admit it. I also liked how concerned Edward was about Bella, and hurting her. It did bug me a little bit that she didn't feel self conscious about him, but I got over that fairly quick. The descriptions made the place sound wonderful. I think this is an area where Stephenie Meyer excels in.

-I also liked how Edward and Jacob were able to somewhat make peace in the end. I kind of felt it coming on with Eclipse during the tent scene, and I'm glad that they aren't going to be enemies for the rest of their lives.

-Emmet made me laugh more than usual in this book. I loved his jokes, and when Bella beat him in the arm wrestling scene. I loved the line when he was watching the Florida Gators game. It made me laugh out loud. I also laughed when he was describing how Rosalie and he had ruined a few houses after they first got married. Ha!

-I liked the interaction between Rosalie and Jacob too. It made for some great entertainment. Jacob's jokes were pretty funny, and I loved to see how it frustrated and angered Rosalie. By the way, I do think that Rosalie is just misunderstood, and I like her, but I liked seeing her get mad. I think my favorite part was with the metal thing at her head. That was great!

-On the topic of Rosalie, I liked how she handled the baby and taking care of her when she was born. At times, I did question if she just cared about the baby, and not Bella, but I'm glad that they kept the baby away from Bella, and that Rosalie, who wanted a baby so badly, was able to help. It just seemed to kind of fit for me. It gave her something to do to some degree. In the other books, besides Eclipse, she didn't have as big of a role as some of the others did, and this kind of gave her a role in the book.

-I really liked the beginning of book 3, with Bella's transformation. It was cool to hear how she felt, and how the changing affected her. Again, wonderful descriptions.

-I also liked that they didn't completely abandon Charlie. His role I think in the books has been significant, and I like that Bella didn't have to completely leave him behind, like she kind of did her mother. That didn't bother me since Renee didn't play as big of a part as Charlie has. I also liked the part with Jacob and Charlie in the room after Jacob showed himself to Charlie. The feeling of horror in Charlie made me laugh more than once.


-Jacob's section of the book really wasn't my favorite. I didn't really care much for New Moon, with all the Jacob stuff, and so this section of the book bothered me a little bit. I don't really care much for him either. His thoughts of anger at first about Edward and Bella made me mad. I thought that if he really cared for her, he should just let her be happy, and deal with being the friend. It ended out working that way in the end, thank god.

- I also didn't like that Bella's pregnancy was in Jacob's part of the book. I wish I could have gotten her thoughts during that time. I was curious about how she felt about being so sick for the baby, and how she felt about her ribs cracking and all of that.

-Even though I loved Bella's transformation scenes in the beginning of book 3, i don't like how the whole change really took place. We were building up to this for three books, and she changes into a vampire after she dies giving birth? It just didn't seem right. I was waiting for Edward to bite her all throughout the honeymoon, and was disappointed when this revelation of her being pregnant came up, and we realized it wasn't really going to happen. I actually just kind of wished that it was done differently.

-I didn't really care for Jacob imprinting on Renesmee either. I wish he could have just been a friend, not a soulmate that will be part of their family. I was a bit in shock here, and then angry. URGG!

-The Volturi didnt' really end up the way I wanted it to either. I wish there would have been a little more bloodshed, to be honest. This was supposed to be a big scene, and there was going to possibly be a fight, and all of sudden, they just decided "okay, she's fine, let's go?" Seemed a bit like a cop-out to me. I was just expecting the Volturi to be grander, and i don't know....more action to happen there.

-Last thing I have to say that bothered me was how Bella just magically was okay after she was turned into a vampire. She had no problems being around humans, and she was just fine. Sure, I kind of buy the whole "she'd prepared herself for it thing," but the fact that she was just fine, no problems at all seemed a bit far fetched, especially after the big deal in New Moon with her paper cut.

Iffy things:

-Still iffy about the baby. It shocked the hell out of me, and it was something I wasn't really expecting. I remember having my nose up against the pages while I was reading in shock, and everyone around me (i was in a car on the way to Indiana with three guys at the time) being like "what is wrong with you!" I liked Renesmee more as she grew older, but I didn't like how attached Bella immediately became to her. I thought Bella didn't really want children and didn't really care about children? It didn't make much sense, I thought.

So as you can see, i had things i liked and things I didn't like.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by KeepMeWithYou »

cidluen wrote:When I read Breaking Dawn my first reaction was shock, and when I got over it a sense of unfulfillment took place. It seemed to me that the book was like a good child ruined by a difficult enviroment: you may not know what the problems are but somehow that kid doesn't grow the way he or she should have. I agree with almost everything everyone posted specially with the choice message being distorted because Bella gets what she wants AND even more, so she actually wouldn't have to stick to her choice of trading her human life to be closer to Edward. The ending was nothing like the expectated in the story and it was poorly developed, except for Garret's speech (He's the man ;) ).

I did like Reneesme a lot (the little freak *sighs*)and her relationship with Jacob because it was lovely and pure and changed the Bella-Edward-Jacob dynamic... forever!!!

Karret, the new vampires, Alec, Leah, Seth, Carlisle, Jacob and Book Two were the best of BD for me.

Totally hated the volturis coward attitude, Alice's departure, Charlie's reactions, the happiness-joy-perfection-only-minor-things-happen ending...
I gotta agree...but I'm thinking of re-reading it. After the shock's kinda worn off, I think I've begun to accept some parts of it and I suppose that, to really understand it all, I'll just have to re-read it. The first time I must've expected a little too much. :)
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by eliselovesedwardx »

I'm definitely in the middle between liking and disliking..i still love the entire series but i feel, personally, that this book was kinda off track from the previous books. All the others kinda followed in the same love-friendship-sexual tension-family pattern and this just went off on its own..
All the other books focused on how bella and edward love each other but it can't go further but then this one just jumped straight into it! In like the 3rd or 4th chapter they had already jumped in bed together then she fell pregnant! That caught me completely off guard.. it just happened so suddenly..

But i liked how she got changed into a vampire around the middle and we got to experience the story from a vampires perspective, it made it that much more dynamic.

I loved the wedding and Isle Esme - they both sounded soooo cute! I wanted to go there :(
I absolutely LOVED Emmett the entire book..he just puts a smile on my face and has me in stitches anytime he made an appearance!!

I did feel the end was quite anti-climatic.i was expecting a big fight like in Eclipse..But shes said she had the end planned since the start...but its steph meyer!..cmon i love anything she writes (but i havent read the Host yet..i mean to..sometime)

I am in the process of reading it again..I'll completely make up my mind once i finish it this time..but i'm leaning towards liking it more than dislike..
Anyway..I still enjoy it and will read it many more times to come..
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by ourlastmemory »

Breaking Dawn is one of those books...or really, the only book, that has had me starting off almost crying with excitement, spending my lunch break in the middle of reading it completely baffled/stunned/in disbelief/impressed, and finishing it unenthusiastically and lethargically.

the beginning; - ok, i LOVED all this. the engagement, wedding, and start of the honeymoon was all the good things i wanted from the book. it was a perfect wedding, admittedly the goodbyes to the family were very sad, but i was looking for some good heartbreak and sacrifice and all that. the honeymoon...since eclipse, i had wanted bella to get her way when it came to her "last human experience", and she did, and stephanie did it tastefully, thank god - no details, a before and an after rather than a during, which i was thankful for - i'd never really envisaged her writing any heavy human/undead sex scenes.

THEN came the pregnancy. oh my god, i was so entirely unprepared for this. it DID make sense to me how it happened - sperm could have stayed inside edward so in my mind it was possible, but really, the only thing i can say is...WTF? it was whacked out. but i DID get used to the idea. i thought it was an interesting plot twist, minus the whole "yes your mutant baby is going to eat its way out of your uterus". the way the pregnancy had to lead up to bella's transformation worked well as well. I'd always disliked the idea of bella becoming a vampire out of want rather than need, and the fact that the transformation was saving her rather than condemning her (although thats just how i see it) made it all seem alot happier.
jacob's part was wonderful, i've always loved jacob, despite how much of a dong he is sometimes, and the wolf pack in general, plus it was refreshing to get the story from a differently biased perspective.
THEN came the icky bit...jacob imprinted on renesemee (honestly, what an awful name!) and i was SPEECHLESS. i couldn't actually believe such a thing had been written. i HATED it.
the worst thing was, past all the ickyness, it just contributed towards this little "perfect life" that was being created for bella. it was like a disney ending. there was no violent climax to the story, it was a huge build up, then a bit of suspense, then...nothing. it took me 3 days to read the last 2-3 chapters because i wasn't bothered - it was so obvious how it was going to turn out. The point of the series had been forgotten - bella's struggle for the things she wanted and needed and loved - even if it wasn't just because she was human and in love with a vampire any more, the point of REALITY is that nothing is ever going to be perfect, and there's always sacrifices to be made. And i'll admit that nothing with vampires and werewolves is going to ever be reality, but there was something RELATEABLE about the twilight series, and i just feel got lost.

saying all this, it was a good read, it answered all my questions - i didn't come away feeling there were loose ends, and it was written excellently of course. i can't say i hate it - i just can't really say i loved it either.

sorry for making this so long, i waffled on a bit :/
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by awesomejen1 »

I think everyone touched on the points that I think made the book good, and not so good.
I fell in love with Twilight, and nothing will change that, but I hate happy hollywood endings...because life is not a movie, and I like when things are relatable. I hate that there was total lack of choice for Bella...she didn't have to give up anything...Edward was there, human experiences (having a child), Jacob, Charlie, her wolf friends....they were all there for her, which I felt went against the prior books. I also kind of hated how nothing was all talk, and then the Volturi was like, oh, she's just a half breed, and it looks like there is a few others who are ok, so whatever, peace out....Just didn't like it.

I loved Jacob's viewpoint, he is funny...and I loved the Romanians...they were just funny to me. I did love the wedding (I got married a month ago so that stuff is all shmoopy and lovely for me) the honeymoon was fun, what with pillow biting and headboard breaking. And I love that super over protective Edward got Bella a Gaurdian! In Forks!

On the fence, and I think I'll stay here for a while...until Steph gives me a reason to choose a side! :D
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by Forbidden_Freedom »

I'm definitely neutral about BD. I love the book, and the series ended perfectly, but it's not my favourite of all the books. What I didn't like was Bella's pregnancy. Allow me to rephrase that. I'm somewhat confused about my feelings for it. On one hand, that was a perfect portrayal of a vampire/human pregnancy. On the other hand . . . for me, it was a little too reminiscent of many fan fictions. Simply the fact that Bella became pregnant made me grimace. Don't get me wrong . . . I love the book, love where it took Bella and Edward as a family, but . . . . Something about it, for me, just wasn't right.

That was my issue with the pregnancy. Like many other readers, now, I have an issue with the ease of Bella's transition from human to vampire. NOt the actual transformation, obviously, but the ease of being a newborn, for her. I suppose it fit with the book that Bella didn't have to waste time being a newborn, and went straight into the 'protective mother' mode. It fit with the timeline, and everything, but it irritated me slightly, still.

My other issue was that there was no . . . I don't know. It wasn't Bella and Edward 'die for you' thing. Understandably, Bella would give it all up for Renesmee. But, though we saw a tortured Edward while Bella was wasting away with Renesmee inside of her, I didn't feel the same connection between Bella and Edward. This was probably just me. Maybe it was because the book went by very quickly for me; not how long I took to read it, but it seemed slightly. . . compressed.

I think the reason for my feelings are maybe because of the phases Bella passed through, and how quickly. I mean . . . she goes from lovestruck teen, to sex-crazed newlywed, to an expectant mother, to a mother who'll do anything to save her daughter. The bond between her and Edward just seems a little. . . . used.

Not to say that they love each other any less. I know they definitely don't. They love each other even more, after what they went through with Renesmee. Also, to me, while Edward adores Renesmee, and vice versa, we don't SEE the connection.

That is my issue.