Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by stupid_lamb »

I found breaking dawn totally unpredictable- which is good, but it had me anxious the whole way! I didn't want to finish it incase i hated the ending or my favourite character died!
I loved the start, the middle i hated, i didn't really enjoy jacobs view, but then the ending was so happy and it worked out, i loved her starting to be a vampire how she described it, and the honeymoon how they were finally together and happy! I laughed so much. On the last page i got teary because it ended! I felt too abruptly. Yes a happy ending, but i wanted to read more!!! She should make another book "the happy ending" and just explain how their lives were happy.
I also think that it is weird how she mentions that the volutri will come back, so it still leaves an edge of waryness to it. Also the whole Charlie thing, like i wanted to have it to the end of their lives, how it was like, and then after all her human friends passed on how she could finally live as soley a vampire creature... Or something.

But all in all it was very good, not my favourite, but a few chapters are my favourite. So i guess i'm divided in the middle. I have only read it once. I remember laughing out loud a lot and saying "OMG!!!" so i think i am leaning to the "i like this" side! Just a few changed would make me love it.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by iloveEdwardCullen'92 »

I cannot tell you how excited i was when Breaking Dawn came out. I have read all of the books and i fall in love with the series after the first sentence of twilight. I really liked breaking Dawn but the more i think about it the more i wonder. Emmett was one of the best parts of this book with his comments. i had to say this book made me like him a lot more. And Jacobs book was also amazing! However there were some parts i just cannot agree with. Esme Isle was perfect! Until Bella found out she was pregnant. How is this possible? i ended up hating Reneesme because she was killing Bella. i just do not understand why Stephenie had to make Bella pregnant. It ruined a little bit of the story for me. I thought that once you were a vampire your body stopped changing. Doesn't this include male vampires? I think most of the reason i hated this part of the story is because she drank a humans blood, AND LIKED IT!!!? But another part i did not get and i want to understand is why Bella went to all that trouble to get Jacob and Reneesme Passports and fake birth certificates when nothing ever happened. That gets me started on Jacob and how he imprinted on Reneesme. I thought that it was beautiful and sweet that he loved Bella and occasionally i felt sorry for him but it blew my mind when he imprinted. I just think that was an easy way to get him to stop interfering with Edward and Bella. Then that brings me to my last think. the Volturi. And i think everyone else may be able to agree with me when i say i was expecting a huge fight scene at the end with the Volturi. But then again i understand why she didn't do that because then she would pretty much kill off most of her characters. I just wish there was a little more action. And Bella turning into a Vampire was a little boring. I know Bella had time to prepare and would have a little more self control then others but i was under the impression that no matter what she would focus only on her thirst and nothing else. Besides it only said that like every other sentence in the first three books. So i am going to go read it again and i will come and write down what i think again.

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by Lynzeee »

i am in the middle about breaking dawn, Im actually reading it again right now to make sure of that..
Im more towards Likes then dislike, My Main dislike seems to be the Main dislike.. and thats Bella having No troubles being a Vampire.. well i say no troubles but she does have some, it would have been nice to see her LOSE IT TOTALLY atleast Once(for poor jaspers sake at least) but if you think about it its not like it couldn't happen her having control, Rosalie once said her Record was almost as good a Carlisle's she killed 9 people, that must mean that Carlisle didn't really kill anyone i don't think they have made that totally clear(if they have please tell me maybe i missed something) so thats the only thing that i really didn't like about the book, reading Jacob's Book was like reading from my ex boyfriends diary(if he were to have one) and im not saying my ex was a wolf, but the language the snarky and rude attitude seriously what i good way to portray a teenage boy seriously, especially one who is madly inlove with a married woman.. hahahaha right, But i love Jake he is great
I loved the wedding i felt like i was walking with her, it made me tear up.. okay Fine i cried like i baby i cry at weddings SO WHAT! the Honeymoon made me jealous!!! perfect and who doesnt get bruises from good sex =X he shouldnt have totally freaked out i thought it was totally hot, and SM didnt even go into the gory details, im glad it didnt take that turn.. its not a Jackie collins book..
I know most of the people were annoyed with Rosalie but i really liked in bella's 2nd book.. she may have been just trying to protect the baby.. but she was doing what bella wanted her too.. she shouldnt have been so pushy with Edward though. I loved the detail of the first hunt. I really in general liked the book but because of my dislike it stuck me right in the middle
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by aprilshowers »

I have read BD twice but I am still stuck in the middle about it : I didn't hate it but I don't love it either.

I did like the first part of the book (up to the pregnancy bit) i liked how Jake turned up at the wedding and that it was how I imagined it to be. I love Edward was concerned that he hurt Bella. But when I found out bella was pregnant I was like WTF???? I was disappointed she didn't go for something more original to happen.

Book two was my fave as it was in Jake's perspective. I love how it showed the dynamics of the pack: it was so interesting.Even bella's pregnancy began to grow on me. So the birth was a bit gross and Jake impriniting on nessie was a little creepy but it was the best part of the book for me. The chapter titles were hilarious and Jake comments really made me laugh.

Book three was a little disappointing if you ask me. Bella's and Edward's realtionship was very lacking until the last few pages. Which is odd because that relationship is the essence of the book. Renesessme had grown on me by this part of the book and I thought she was adorable. The whole Bella being " the most-talented-super-vampire in the world" annoyed me. I would have much prefered if she had more of struggle being a newborn.
I found the whole werewolves really being shape-shifters interesting. I liked hearing Leah's thoughts on Bella's pregnancy and how she understands Rosalie' s perspective because she thinks she is menopausal.The book ended of anti-climax but I think SM tied things up pretty well.It was a good ending to Bella and Edwards story.

I did like the characters Stephenie brought in. Garret and Nahlen were great additions. I loved the story about the immortal children which was pretty cool and foreshaddowed the book.

Overall, I did like it but it doesn't compare to the previous books.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by Stargirl »

I have to say...the best reading experience i had was in BOOK ONE of breaking dawn :)
until then it was all going great but after some stuff began to fall apart and all. still though i thought it was quite well written. the gist of it was great and all. i think the edward and bella moments really helped me like the book.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by Lynzeee »

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uhmmmm what? what the F. seriously i think you posted this in the wrong place yea?

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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by Genevieve »

yeah was kinda neutral about BD.
although i liked that bella finally changed, i also noticed that it didnt have the same emotions and feelings the other 3 books had.
aft bella was changed, she seemed to be the one who was extremely controlled and stoic. instead of the angry, and torn bella she was in the other 3.
although i knew her being changed into a vamp would mean she wouldnt be the clumsy bella anymore,
i just didnt like the new bella very much, she wasnt so naive and shy as before.
i dont know, it just felt so DIFFERENT you know? very unlike the other forbidden-and-restrained-love books.
it also left many people out and unexplained at the end.
there wasnt much of Sam.
there wasnt much of embry and quil - jacob's best friends.
there was no renee.
hardly any emmett throughout, esp during the pregnancy.

ah i guess that if all these ppl had to explained, it would be a much longer book. but i wouldnt mind. :)
yeah, the book was interesting as a whole, what with so many new things introduced and how it turned out in the end, something about it just makes me feel differently.
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by Spiro »

I really loved Breaking Dawn! I was disappointed in the wedding. I feel that it was a little "rushed". There was so much leading up to it in the other books that I was expecting a bigger deal about it. But that is of little consequence.
It also took me awhile to get used to Jacob imprinting on Renesmee but after I understood his real feelings toward her, it made sense. I guess to picture a guy his age falling head over heels for a newborn baby, well, I wasn't all happy with that. It was meant to be though. How hilarious was it to see him coming down to get rid of the baby then when he laid eyes on her, he was under her spell.
I loved Jacob and Rosalie's spats. OME, so funny! Stephenie did a good job of painting the picture in our minds of what was going on throughout her story.
Yes, I did miss Edward, there were typo's, and I did feel personally that the story was rushed to get it out to the anxiously awaiting audience. There was just so much hype built up with the movie being filmed, I suppose SM was told to just do it and that be that.
But.. we are not the authors. Yes, we would have all liked to have seen it done this way or that. Of course, I could make all kinds of suggestions. But I won't. I respect Stephenie and adore her for bringing us our Edward! What would we all do if he didn't come to life on paper? None of us would have met. We wouldn't be where we are today.
So even, though there are a few things that aren't perfect to everyone's standards, it was a very enjoyable story with a great ending.
Thank you Stephenie for bringing Twilight into my life. :D
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by Kohtakumi »

I'm at my wit's end, I simply don't know how to feel. I loved half of basically and the other half was fighting that half so I've hidden the book away so that my feelings don't confuse me.
I loved the jacob part completely, it was the best thing to ever happen to me and despite the 'happenings and purposes' of the first bella book, I enjoyed. The 'happenings and purposes' by which I call the 'plot' didn't interfere with me liking the story. Somehow it changed after Jake's part and I suddenly couldn't take it. I began skipping pages until I had to skim to finish the book.
I want to love it, I really do and somehow I do...somehow but I think it may be the plot that I don't like. So in conclusion I hated the plot and loved to read half of it. My feelings are hurt and my heart is broken because I want to forget about that book but then I do miss Jacob, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward. What's a girl to do?
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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Post by UnfreakinBelievable »

Hey guys, I want Midnight Sun published SO badly that I started a petition -- one to Stephenie telling her that we will abstain from reading the leaked chapters and we LOVE her and will support her with whatever time she needs to be able to get back to that project.

I've already got over 200 signatures -- I would love even more!!! Spread the word!! Get your fellow Twilighters to sign and I will mail this onto Stephenie!

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