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Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:49 pm
by eilatan
my two cents:

1. The pure love was gone with constant sex. Yes I realize this is young adult and have no problem with SM's choice...its just that I think it's sweeter with just a kiss or Edward singing lullabies or whispering in her ear. I'd like more of that between E and B. I think some connection was lost. Okay, I'm a Jane Austen when it comes to romance.

2. I Loooved Jacob's POV. He's witty and sarcastic; frankly Bella bores me. She whines to much, she's always been my least fav character. I felt so bad for Jake when he was in the park trying to force himself to imprint. You can really feel his pain. I didn't like him before, but he's so much cooler. He's on par with Edward now.

3. I still don't understand why everyone fell to peices when alice and jasper left. They were looking for more help; they told them so in the note. Why was everyone like ahh, we're so doomed?

4. How perfect is it that Renesmee will fully mature to the Right Age and stay that way forever? Perfectly mature (for Jake) and be immortal (for Bella)? huh? I think she should have just an extended lifespan.

5. The ending was anticlimactic and too coincidental. At the RIGHT second before Aro casts the deciding vote, Alice waltzes back with the PERFECT evidence...a half breed just like Renesmee (whom everyone is all "she's the first, the original" there's zero info on this...)? Ok, everyone, cool, break up the fight and go home. I mean sheesh.

6. I liked the wedding. I was bored with Bella changing (the descriptions were way too long). Jake imprinting didn't bug me since I knew that it was pure affection, nothing romantic yet. I wish there was more Alice. Rosalie's banter with jake was fun. Emmett amused me.

I'm not saying the book is bad, but it's not as magical as Twilight.

Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:45 pm
by *Bloodlust*
Well, it's taken rereading Breaking Dawn to realize that I thoroughly enjoyed the book. So why am I typing on here? Because I still don't love it in the same way as the other three books. The book is beyond entertaining and Chapter 19: Burning, is entirely the best written chapter in the entire series. Honestly, that chapter gave me goosebumps. It was everything and more in what we wanted from the description of Bella's transformation. The detail and accuracy is uncanny and just spectacular.

Reading Breaking Dawn again was VERY helpful in getting over the initial shock of all the unexpected occurances. Knowing about Nessie, makes her existence not so complicated and it makes the whole plot of the book seem not so impossible. Improbable, of course, but not impossible. The things that I couldn't stand the first time around, have become part of the series and seem not at all like an anomaly.

However, I am posting on the inbetween thread and with good reason. I still don't think this book matched up 100% with the previous books. It was close, extremely so, but it wasn't quite there. Some things will always be unsettling. Bella turned sex-addict, Edward's seemingly "uncharacteristicness" of Book 2, The almost unbearable graphic pregnancy and delivery, Jake's imprinting, The never-ending Volturi "Battle", and of course the too happy ending.

I love happy endings as much as the next person, but Breaking Dawn just had too much! Wasn't the main theme of this series "choice" and "sacrifice"? Nothing was lost! Except Irina, but honestly, her death was ruthless, but not all that sad. When I say "Nothing was lost!" I'm exaggerating slightly. Obviously, Bella has lost her humanity and...other things, but more was gained, which we DID expect. But what about the whole "choice" theme of Eclipse? She didn't even lose Jake. Or Charlie. AND she got a kid? I'm sorry that I was expecting more..."loss" Maybe that just makes me a negative person *shrug*. I know I'm speaking blasphemy, but a significant death(maybe Carlisle :shock: ) would have had a greater effect for the theme of the books. Honestly, I rolled my eyes up to 10 times within the last 50 pages; half of that having to do with the Volturi battle, and I use the word "battle" very loosely. The whole Volturi thing was just too uneventful. 'Anticlimactic' isn't the right word, just a let-down. We spent so much time building up to it and then....nothing. I understood the stratgic "mental battle", but quite frankly, I was looking for some action! With all those cool powers put together, an action scene would have been fantastic.

Another issue, there really wasn't enough Alice and there was too much Rosalie. As frustrating as that was, it's easier to see why now. We missed a lot of Esme and Carlisle action too! It seemed Esme was simply there to make "loving sounds" and Carlisle to be "the compassionate leader". I was under the impression there was more to them than that :?. Also, I had felt there wasn't enough Bella/Edward romance, and in a sense, there really wasn't, but now I see that their romance has just evolved and that can be appreciated...over time. :P

Before this gets obscenely long [too late!], I'd just like to focus on what I enjoyed immensely. The wedding was beyond AMAZING. Thank you Alice! :D The honeymoon was also AMAZING. Frankly, I enjoyed the whole of Book 1, except at the end of course...though Edward in shock is slightly amusing. Book 2 was....informative. My opinion on Jake Black hasn't changed after reading it. I still simply just like him. I don't think that will EVER change. I do LOVE Seth now though. And of course Book 3 was was wonderful. Chapter 21 "First Hunt" was a lot easier to enjoy the second time, knowing how the book ends. The J. Jenks scenario....pleasurable. Poor guy. That's what you get for dealing with "Mr. Jasper" :lol:

Breaking Dawn as a whole was enjoyable. Extremely so. It was a nice way to end the series. The best way to end it? I don't think so, but it was a good end to a great series. Thank you Stephenie! However, I don't think the story is over and for that continuation, I WILL wait. :D

Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 1:58 pm
by shanon
I am also in the middle..I enjoyed the book, but the ending made my imagination go wild! I just don't want this to really be The End. :shock:

Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:28 pm
by Lynzeee
Okay so i basically re-read the series again.. and read breaking dawn for the second time to make sure i was either in the middle or that i liked it.. Im still in the middle.. But not for the same reasons.. I decided bella being Super-vamp was fitting because she was so the opposite of grace, and strength in her human years.. she deserved to be stronger and better then most.... she was mental prepared for Newborn things.. everyone told her what to expect she had time to think about it.. Unlike the others who were told but werent mental prepared before hand they were told after the fact.. she being bella assumed to would be much much worse then it was.. thats is what i got out of it being so easy for her.. SHE KNEW what to expect.. that was no superpower it was preparation.
now what i really hated was the LACK of alice.... ALICE IS LOVE.. seriously.. now i know we've gotten a taste of the series in Edwards POV.. imagine.. ALICE.. haha .. i didnt like Leah's Unhappy ending.. everyone else got one.. why not her!.. we didnt get enough Esme either i would have liked to read more of her..i mean they all had there stories really and Hers was so vague " i jumped off a cliff carlisle saved me the end" i would have loved to read more of her past.. i dunno im so torn still.. maybe i should read it again! AHAHA.. no my husband will divorce me if i read it again now(maybe in a couple months.. er .. month)
ENOUGH.. Im having a super obsessive day today.. and i feel like just talking about it.. until i turn blue in the face.. seriously .. i need Help.. :o

Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:35 pm
by ashleygill03
I really wish the series wouldn't have ended with Breaking Dawn. I feel that this book raised a plethora of new questions. I really want to know what happens to Renesmee. I also got the impression that the Volturi were not taken care of for good. They went home to lick their wounds, but I assume they would be back.

I was really taken back by the birth scene. I found it to be very disturbing and a bit too graphic. I thought it unusual they would give Bella human blood to drink. I assumed this would make both Bella and Nessie addicted (or possibly addicted) to human blood.

Jacob's book was BD's salvation.

Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 4:51 pm
by Bianca
After thinking a while about the book, I think that there is too much plot packed in one book.
In my opinion she could have easiliy made two books out of breaking dawn, and explore the characters and conflicts a little more.

Somehow I had the feeling, she wanted to end the twilight saga quickly because she has enough of it.

For me the end was a bit too short, and the J. Jenkins (or whatever his name is) part was unnesessary...

Except for that, I really like breaking dawn =)

Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:41 pm
by shanon
Yes, I agree. The whole J.Jenkins bit was kinda unnecessary ;)

Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:34 am
by Destani
Well, I guess this is where I should post. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it. Overall I felt satisfied and I think it's an appropriate ending to the series, though. The biggest reason that I believe I didn't love it is because I had to time to anticipate it, to make predictions and assumptions. I wasn't introduced to the series until this summer so I was able to read the first three books back to back. I didn't pause to contemplate what would happen next. But after I finished Eclipse, I had a whole month to sit and think about Breaking Dawn. And because the series was so addicting, I could hardly think about anything else. My mind had too much time to come up with ideas of my own instead of just letting Stephenie Meyer tell me the story.

So these were the expectations I had come up with before reading Breaking Dawn:
- Edward and Bella get married but I wanted to Bella to come to terms with the wedding and possibly throw in an idea or opinion herself. As much as I love Alice, I didn't want the wedding to be all Alice and no Bella.

- Bella gets to have that one human experience she wants so badly. ;)

- Bella becomes a vampire but I didn't want to see her as a crazy newborn so I was thinking closer to the end of the book.

- Jacob imprints and I was actually thinking it would probably be on a vampire (I didn't know half-vampires would exist in the series).

With that in mind, these are the things I didn't like about Breaking Dawn:
- The wedding. It was definitely all Alice. It was white, frilly and girly and that's just not me. I liked where things were headed with the dress but I didn't feel like the rest of the wedding measured up to that old-fashioned dress. I would have at least liked to hear some original vows. However, I did like that Bella finally realized how much it meant to her to know that Edward was pledging himself to be hers forever. It seems to be Bella's way to resist and struggle against something until Edward and Alice force her into it and then she finds out it's not so bad.

- The pregnancy. When I first picked up on the hints that Bella was pregnant, I actually said "no, No, NO" out loud. It didn't seem realistic in the world that SM had created. It was also a personal moment for me because I've been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for a year and a half. Now here was a situation where I thought pregnancy was out of the question, and Bella gets pregnant almost immediately. It kind of hurt. But after reading SM's explanation of the pregnancy I can accept it as realistic within the Twilight world. I still didn't like it because it changed the dynamic of Bella and Edward's relationship. For a large section of the book, they were at odds because of the baby and during that time we lost the connection between them.

- Charlie finding out. Throughout the series, it has been noted many times that Bella would have to choose between Edward and her human life (parents included). She chose Edward but she didn't really have to give anything up. I do think it was very much like Jacob to tell Charlie, but I didn't think Charlie was the type to just accept it. I don't know. SM knows the characters better than I do obviously but I just thought there needed to be some sacrifice along the way for Bella. I believe sacrifice makes love sweeter, kind of along the same lines as SM's statement about needing a choice in love, but that choice doesn't always have to be between two lovers in my mind.

- The happy ending. I wanted a happy ending for Bella and Edward and even for Jacob. But I really love a good tragedy so the fact that practically everyone had a happy ending was a little much for me. I don't know that I would have wanted a full blown battle at the end, but Irina being the only victim didn't sit well with me. It was too neat and too happy. At least she left us with the impression that the Volturi will be back so it's not an entirely perfect ending. There's still trouble on the horizon.

Okay, so things that I DID like:
- The honeymoon. I loved the island. I loved that Bella got that experience. I even loved that Bella and Edward felt differently after that first time because it fit their characters.

- Jacob's Book. I had heard some predictions that Jacob would have his POV represented in BD and I didn't think I would like that. I was dead wrong. It was great to get into the pack mind and I got to fall in love with characters that have never been center stage before like Seth and Leah. I also would NOT have wanted to be in Bella's mind during the pregnancy due to the above mentioned disconnect with Edward.

- Jacob imprinting on Renesmee. I wanted Jacob to imprint and I didn't mind that it was on Nessie. I even got used to her name after saying in my head enough.

- Bella's transformation. This was my all time favorite scene in all of the Twilight books. Her experience during the transformation was so detailed and well written. I loved, loved, LOVED it.

- Bella as a new vampire. I didn't want to see her as a ravenous, blood-crazed newborn and I got my wish. I like that she was better suited to being a vampire than she was to being a human. That was an interesting way to take things.

- Meeting all of the different covens/vampires. I loved the new vampires and their abilities. They were a lot of fun.

- Bella's moment with Edward at the very end. How wonderful that he was finally able to see into her mind, however briefly! I felt like the pregnancy and the preparations for battle had distanced them, but they really reconnected in that moment. Yay, Zafrina for teaching Bella how to do that!

Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:15 pm
by Ms.BelleFlanders
I started to read BD on August 21th, and since then I trully haven't decided If i hate it or love it. I just couldn't be sure if SM was drunk or mindly blessed when she was writing it. It's kinda confusing, but while I was reading it, just 2 word could come to my mind: CRAZY and GENIUS. This book is CRAZY and, at the same time, GENIUS (I'm not sure if this is possible, still).
I really needed to make a great efford to find some sense in that "hybrid pregnacy" thing, but in the end I could see some logic in it. I was glad that Jacob (late but better than never) found his imprint and Bella changed (Her secong book made me feel like I WAS THE VAMPIRE!!!). The Volturi thing was really boring, not necessarie at all. It was really obvious that no one would be killed, or any fight would happen. Seth stole my heart (and the scene!!!). So lovely, so kind, so naive (he's my favorite character from now on!!!!).

Anyway, It doesn't matter. I'm really depressed. I want more twilight series. I want Alice's POV books (Yes, I said books, with the S), Jacob's, Rennesme's, Carlisle's....

Re: Breaking Dawn-I'm in the middle about it

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:02 pm
by BuffytheVampireLover
It's not that I didn't like Breaking Dawn as a book. I just feel like it didn't really fit in with the style of Twilight, with the exception of Book One. It kind of feels like there's the Twilight Saga: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Book One from BD. Then there's Breaking Dawn, kind of standing alone by itself. So here's my breakdown:

Things I liked:
  • Pretty much everything in Book One: The wedding was awesome, although Alice went overboard as always. The honeymoon was sexy as hell, though I must admit I was disappoint in the lack of detail for the first night because come on, who didn't want a discription of Edward naked? I thought everything was very classic Edward/Bella.

    Jacob's perspective: I didn't like what was going on with Bella, but Jacob is hilarious and I loved hearing all his sarcastic inner thoughts and seeing what was going on with him.

    The happy ending: okay, alot of people complained about this, but honestly? Tragic endings aren't the only way to have GOOD endings. I was a bit sad there was no big fight, but everyone was happy at the end, which made me happy. Call me a sap, I like happy endings.

    Emmett: enough said

    Bella as a vampire: I was really excited to see how things looked from a vampire perspective, especially given all the extraordinary senses and strength. It was cool to see what that actually feels like. I also liked seeing how Bella changed

    The last scene: It was just beautiful how Edward finally got the one thing from Bella that was never able to have. I feel like that showed him that she really does love him as much as he loves her. *sigh*
Things I didn't like:
  • The pregnancy: I have an aversion to pregnancy, so I was a little biased already. Don't get me wrong, I fell in love with Renesmee just like everyone else, but I didn't want her to be Bella and Edward's kid. I feel like she took away from what the entire series is about, which is Bella and Edward's relationship and their love for each other. They are supposed to be the most important things in each other's lives. I think if it came right down to it, Bella would have chosen Renesmee over Edward, and that just seemed contradictory to everything in my Twilight universe.

    Jacob imprinting on Renesmee: I wanted Jacob to imprint, but that just felt...creepy.

    The pregnancy: see above

    The lack of sacrifice: While I was thrilled with the happy ending, it seemed like she didn't really give anything up. I think it should have at least been difficult for her as a newborn or something. It was all just a little too easy

    The pregnancy: see above

    The new Bella: Okay, I liked seeing everything from a vampire's perspective, but I wish Bella had retained more of her personality. Becoming a vampire is supposed to freeze you exactly as you are. I wish she had still had the clumsiness (can you imagine a clumsy vampire? hehe), the shyness, the self-consciousness. Alot of what made her Bella seemed to disappear

    Oh, and did I mention the pregnancy?
So, overall, I feel like it started and ended where I wanted it to, for the most part. I just feel like instead of going the way I expected, she took this crazy rabbit-hole path that took us somewhere completely different first.