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Love Triangle-Bella, Edward, Jacob

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:54 pm
by bac
This is a thread to discuss the relationships Bella had with Edward and Jacob and how you feel about the Love Triangle, about Bella choosing Edward and what would happen if she had chosen Jacob instead.

A Brief Mod's reminder:

As you are all aware, this is an issue that many people feel VERY strongly about. So take care to present your views courteously. No one is right or wrong about this -- just tell us how it seems to you.

Be tolerant. Be patient. Remember...these characters mean a lot to people here. That doesn’t mean you can’t criticize them, it nicely. Like you would if you were talking to someone about their friends. Like you’d want people to talk about your friends. And keep in mind that tone is hard to convey in writing. Go the extra mile to be friendly to your fellow posters!

You’ve all been doing a great job of respecting each others’ opinions: let’s see if everyone can keep it up with a topic like this one where passions have run high in the past! If we can’t, we’ll have to abandon the topic.

Re: Love Triangle-Bella, Edward, Jacob

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:15 pm
by Openhome
*Inhales deeply* :o
Ah, bac, thanks so much for that new thread smell!
I get to post first! Yay! :D
I truly loved the triangle - which wasn't much of a triangle no matter what the fanfiction writers write. I loved that Bella's character was deep and rich enough to love two men two very different ways. That was one of the most realistic parts of the whole series for me. I remember all the angst and romantic twists that occurred when I was an RA in college many, many moons ago. One woman can love many men many different ways, and Bella's need for Jacob was just perfect given the situation.

OK, I know most of you don't agree with that, so let's see what you think! :D

Re: Love Triangle-Bella, Edward, Jacob

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:29 pm
by mrs0cullen
first off with jacob and bella. i can see why bella gets mad at him. think if you had a best friend in the form of a boy, and the only reason he really truly loves was because he had this weird wolfy claim to your daughter to be. wouldn't that piss you off just a little bit. :x
and with bella and edward's relationship i think everyone out there desevres to find someone special and this book is a perfect example. you'll have choices in your life, and they affect the rest of your life. chosing to keep your friends close while loving someone else. every relationship has it's ups and downs and bella and edward love each other so much that they work through (Except in NM and even then they worked through it in a way) so their relationship is really an inspiration to everyone.
and with jacob and edward, i think they like each other more then they let anyone know.

Re: Love Triangle-Bella, Edward, Jacob

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 5:57 am
by Hyvanna
I loved Bella and Edwards relationship except for the seperation of course, but I think that helped them see how deep their love for eatch other is. The relationship between Bella and Jacob I loved that too, Jacob so deepy in love with her and Bella so wanting to have a claim on Jacob but only as a bestfriend/brother, knowing she would never love him as much as she does Edward an willing to give it a try just to make Jacob happy. The love traingle I loved that too, even tho Edward had nothing to worry about, Bella already told him she couldn't live without him, but Edward always doubted himself and how much he realy deserved her an here was another guy Bella was hanging around with when before he left she barly hung out with any of her girl friends an now she wanted to vist this guy, so of course jelousy would rize its ugly face. Edward and Jacobs relationship at first of course jelousy an haterd at the sametime Edward respected Jacob for helping her and saveing her life, then after Eclipes it grow more to brotherhood, then by end of Brakeing Dawn Edward calling Jacob "son" that was touching.

Re: Love Triangle-Bella, Edward, Jacob

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:23 pm
by Webbs
Most love triangles that I have either witnessed in real life or seen or read about dont tend to work out quite as well as this one. At first, when Jacob tried to kiss Bella in new moon, i was abit off with him. I didn't like how he did that and applauded Bella when she punched him, or should I say.. tried. But I think that the love that Jacob feels for Bella and that of which Edward feels for Bella, keeps them so close. Edward doesnt want to upset Bella, therefore allowing time with Jacob, (and I was pretty like "woah" when he let Jacob into the sleeping bag with Bella in the tent to warm her up) Its all for Bella, it always has been and it always will be. He will do whatever he needs to to make her happy and he's stated that many times. And Jacob DOES make Bella happy. As a friend. I am all for Team Edward. You cant deny the love between him and Bella. Its as she says "Unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him". In my opinion and probably in everybodys opinion, for aslong as Edward is around, live and kicki-- biting, Bella, wouldnt and more importantly couldn't think of anyone else in the same way. However, in the brief time that Edward was away she did create this special bond with Jacob and I think thats whats kept the trio so close. I love how Stephenie has wrote Jacob into the loop by stating that he is in love with Bella, and giving that time for Bella to connect with him. But the minute she knew where Edward was, she was there, because he is the love of her life. And Jacob is the friend who she'll always love and who'll always be there for her. I think thats what makes the triangle so strong.

Now Im going to zip it because I cant quite tell if im going off topic. :lol:

Re: Love Triangle-Bella, Edward, Jacob

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 7:16 pm
by Hyvanna
ahh we're supposta chatt about what would happen if Bella would have choosen Jacob too,, I guess i skiped that part when i first read it lol.. Of course for us sofar we know there was no chooseing :D but the what ifs unfortantly for me anyways the only way she would have chose Jacob is if Edward would have never came back but then sadly there is a Fanfic story by Silly_Bella that discribes that futur in the most sad and real feeling story ever. (Skatter Brain me off the path agian) :oops:
I'd say if after everything is said an done an Bella would have chosen Jacob, I don't realy see Edward stepping to the side as easly as he always said he would. I do see him helping rid Victoria an the newborns but after that was done I think he would leave agian tho he would want to and try to stay close, but where he can read minds Jacob mentaly yelling memorys of Bella being romantic with him would push Edward over the edge (Brakeing Dawn's burning man "she could have puppies" state of mind) As for Bella I think she could be happy with Jacob but at the sametime we know Jacob has duty that keeps him away an with the pack, she spent a lot of time alone, at Emilys or awake while Jacob slept I think Bella would get so sad and lonely after awhile of that.

Re: Love Triangle-Bella, Edward, Jacob

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 5:46 pm
by Tiz
When Bella kissed (back) Jacob...I threw the book away. I HATED it. I immediately thought...NO! Not Bella. Are really all women whores? I was so disappointed. Edward would NEVER kiss or love a another girl. He loves Bella unconditionally. He would die for her.

Why can't (most) women truly love? That's what I thought.

Re: Love Triangle-Bella, Edward, Jacob

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:03 pm
by Being Jacob Black
Tiz wrote:When Bella kissed (back) Jacob...I threw the book away. I HATED it. I immediately thought...NO! Not Bella. Are really all women whores? I was so disappointed. Edward would NEVER kiss or love a another girl. He loves Bella unconditionally. He would die for her.

Why can't (most) women truly love? That's what I thought.
Well, nobodies perfect.. :/ Bella thought Edward left her, and could've cared less whether she lived or died. During that time Jacob was there for her, so it makes sense that she would fall for him a bit, at least. That doesn't make her a *unpleasantword*, that makes her human. I think most people in that situation (being dumped) would have a tendency to act the same way.

As for their love triangle, I thought it was done very well, and I liked that Bella got as close with Jake as she did. I thought it was a nice twist to the story, so that the whole thing wasn't just Bella x Edward. Not that I dislike them, but twists are good, especially love triangles, in my opinion. No, I don't think she loved Jake as much as Edward, but that makes sense, and she would've left Edward for Jake..well.. that... would've been weird. I'm glad the series didn't take that turn, at least no fully, since Edward was supposed to be her one and only since page 1. xD;

Re: Love Triangle-Bella, Edward, Jacob

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 3:06 pm
by carranzaya
Jacob Black has made such a great analysis of the relationship between this characters that barely leave space to say something else.

Am 100% agree with what you said about Bella's feelings toward Jacob,it is such a human reaction, in my experience this actually happen very often, many of my friends has experienced this kind of love, because when someone who has been so special and bond to you,leave you,literally you can taste loneliness and despair, i think that's why Stephenie Meyer's book has so many followers, everybody has been through that!,therefore, all of us can feel identified with the characters in her books. Wouldn't you agree?

Congrats Jacob B, for you post, it was nice to read it.

Re: Love Triangle-Bella, Edward, Jacob

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:10 pm
by BlackSun
I think the love triangle is extremely frustrating. I don't think that Bella and Edward's love is adorable perfect and everlasting i think it is irrational self-involved and obsessive. I know SM creates this unparalleled love between them and i knew they would be together from the start but i think they are a horrible example of what true love should be like. True love should make you want to be a better person and not a complete version of yourself and without it you are incomplete. What kind of lesson does it teach young girls who lose their first love?'ll never get over it and you have to come to terms with the fact that you'll never be completely happy again. Or that at 18 you are capable of making a decision that would tear you away form your family and friends and drastically effect you for the rest of your life wait scratch that ETERNITY? Or that you should wait until marriage to have sex but it's okay to use it to leverage a ring on a finger? The relationship that Bella and Jacob have on the other hand blossomed out of friendship and slowly grew into a mutual love for each other. They enjoy their time together and I like the person Bella chooses to be when she is around Jacob FAR more than the Edward's Bella. Jacob remains protective but not obsessive and controlling. And they can have a conversation without bringing up marriage, suicide, death, eternity or a shared inferiority complex. I know that Jacob isn't perfect but he is young and has several justified reasons to be frustrated with his situation.I understood from the moment i picked up the books that it was a story about Edward and Bella and they would end up together but i can't figure out why Stephanie chose to make the "other guy" a better and healthier match. I've yet to hear an argument to make me feel otherwise and i wish i could because i don't want to hate please if you can think of one let me hear it.
p.s. OMG HE"S SOOOO HOT doesnt count.