Changed Team Lately?

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Re: Changed Team Lately?

Post by Kiri »

I love the Werewolves and The Cullens.
Although if I were a girl in the magical world of Forks I would maybe rather be with the Werewolves.
I like their history and the fact that they can actually have families and live some-what real lives.

I can be Team Jacob sometimes for that reason. Also Jacob seems to be very lively and fun.
I love Edwards old soul and his deep connection he has with people.
I love that he writes music and seems artistic.
I also do love The Cullen family. I just think with nothing really ever changing or evolving their life would get tiresome.

I can be team Jacob or team Edward. I tend to switch teams depending on my moods.
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Re: Changed Team Lately?

Post by VolturiGirl »

This thread made me laugh. This is why I choose Team Volturi. NOBODY is this team. I love rolling with them, especially Demetri. Why doesn't anybody show them the love? They are not the villians though. Aro just wants to have the best of the best on his side. Think about it: you have to send your guys to stop not only an army of vampires, but newborns. They are strong and unpredictable. You need the best to stop not only them, but to make sure the humans stay unaware of what's going on. If The Voluri didn't have the best, nobody would be afraid of them, and therefore, utter chaos would be the outcome. :twisted:
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