Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

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Into which Hogwarts House will the Sorting Hat Place Edward?

Total votes: 42

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Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by 24601 »

This idea started over in Edward Cullen #6 and then was moved to Twilight under the Sorting Hat.

Well we thought we'd run some polls.

The Sorting Hat has wandered into Forks.

Where would the Twilight characters end up?

Vote for where you think they should be. Let us know why. We'll summarize the results at the end (no, I don't know when that will be yet.
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by Silver Rose »

I can't decide between Geyffindor and Ravenclaw. Edward's pretty brave but he's also really smart. So I'm not sure...

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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by Matthewop »

it is hard to choose...
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by Alphie »

Sure he's brave and smart, but I think the more defining quality is his need to make people happy at his own expense. That sounds more Huffelpuff to me.

And besides, Cedric was a Huffelpuff. LOL!
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

Why, Alphie? Why do you spell Hufflepuff wrong? *inner Hogwarts schoolgirl sobs*
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by Jacobs-girl »

I think Ravenclaw, because I looked up the 'qualities' of each different Hogwarts house on the web (I have read the Harry Potter series but it was a few years ago and I can't remember what all the houses are like) and Edward seems to fit that one best, in my opinion, because he is very intelligent. I agree with the other poster though, that it's difficult to choose between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor.
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by marielle »

I think he'll be placed in Ravenclaw,..
Althought Edward has many qualities to be in Gryffindor and Slytherin, I think his wit and intellegence is more prominent...
Edward has the cunning and ambitions of a Slytherin and I would have initially placed him there... but thinking about how he was brave enough to walk away from Bella to save her was something worthy of a Gryffindor...
but with a brain like his, fast thinking, calculated and prepared to work will put him in Ravenclaw...
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by piya »

i think Edward has more of bravery and selflessness him in then anything else (whatever the reason might be, he has the capacity to leave Bella whom he loves so much) so i vote for gryffindor.

A sharp brain is one of the things one gets when changed into a vampire so nothing special about Edward being witty. moreover even with his enhanced thinking skills he is not able to make the connection between Victoria, the newborn army, and the stranger in bell's room in Eclipse until Bella points it out. So not Ravenclaw.

And he is certainly not selfish in any way at all. If he would have been then he would never have fought his nature so hard to protect the humans who were practically food for his kind. That too when it caused him pain all the time. So not Slytherin and

For hufflepuff: All of the Cullens work hard to maintain to be vegetarians but i think that its to a point where it can be called bravery instead. (Resisting that painful thirst round the clock.)
So Gryffindor from my point of view :)
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by sophie-loucullen »

I went with Gryffindor mostly because Edward is brave and proves throughout the books to be extremely chivalrous which is mentioned as one of the Gryffindor traits! Also, which made me think of this first of all, the Gryffindor symbol is the lion and Edward says in Twilight that he is described as a lion when he hunts, too much of a coincidence :D !
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

It is a very close call between Griffyndor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. But I think that if he were given a choice, then like Harry, he would choose Griffyndor. He is smart and cunning but doesn't value either quality too highly - he is loyal but takes that as a given. He wants to be good and brave - he really admires that in Bella. So I vote Griffyndor. (And now I see I have been mixing up the "i" and the "y" for 3 forums. Sigh .... Guess that knocks me out of Ravenclaw.)
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