Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

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Into which Hogwarts House will the Sorting Hat Place Edward?

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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by PetiteSageHibou »

It's definitely hard to choose between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw D; But I think Ravenclaw. He certainly values knowledge, and thinks things through carefully. He tries to come to calculated, logical conclusions. Gryffindors are a little more reckless, and led by the heart : )
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by Cayana »

Well, as much as Hufflepuff would be a compliment to the casting directors of The Goblet Of Fire, I placed Edward in Ravenclaw. Out of all the Cullens he has learned the most languages, studied the most sciences and (almost!) read the most books. This could be from lack of a better pasttime during the night... but it also proves he's pretty darn smart!
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by Nora »

I chose between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, but finally chose Gryffindor . Although he's very smart, he's also very brave and protects others, specially the ones he loves . I don't know much about Harry Potter, but I think these were two qualities of this house .
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by jennaentrust »

I think Edward would be in Gryffindor. He is strong and the smartest. I think he would make a great addition to the house.
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by HopelessRomantic »

sophie-loucullen wrote:I went with Gryffindor mostly because Edward is brave and proves throughout the books to be extremely chivalrous which is mentioned as one of the Gryffindor traits! Also, which made me think of this first of all, the Gryffindor symbol is the lion and Edward says in Twilight that he is described as a lion when he hunts, too much of a coincidence :D !
I agree completely! So much so that I am having a hard time making any addition... Haha As soon as I saw the topic I thought Gryffindor, and for the same reasons that are above quoted :clap:
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by rachelerin »

This is an interesting topic. No one mentioned about Edward being able to read minds, which is a vampire quality, but a special one that was enhanced because of a mortal quality he already had of being able to read others and intuitively knowing their thoughts and feelings . Does this factor in to his placement?
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by Songbird »

I went with Gryffindor because Edward explains when he was human, he was waiting to go to war, he wanted to be a soldier. So I see him as brave and he's certainly protective, and that to me is Gryffindor, though he's also very intelligent and I debated about Ravenclaw. I'd love it if he were in my house (I'm a Ravenclaw), but sadly, I think he's a better fit in Gryff.
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Re: Edward: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by JenTheWriter »

Alphie wrote:Sure he's brave and smart, but I think the more defining quality is his need to make people happy at his own expense. That sounds more Huffelpuff to me.

And besides, Cedric was a Huffelpuff. LOL!
LMAO! I was just thinking that. I mean, honestly ... it's no coincidence that Cedric died at 17 and Edward became a vampire at 17. C'mon. I originally picked Gryff, but now I'm rethinking and agreeing with Huffelpuff.
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