Jacob: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

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Into which Hogwarts House will the Sorting Hat Place Jacob?

Total votes: 32

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Jacob: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by 24601 »

This idea started over in Edward Cullen #6 and then was moved to Twilight under the Sorting Hat.

Well we thought we'd run some polls.

The Sorting Hat has wandered into Forks.

Where would the Twilight characters end up?

Vote for where you think they should be. Let us know why. We'll summarize the results at the end (no, I don't know when that will be yet.
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Re: Jacob: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by Jacobs-girl »

Jacob's gotta be a Hufflepuff! I think a key trait of Hogwarts Hufflepuff members is loyalty and Jacob definitely fits that characteristic.
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Re: Jacob: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by marielle »

Jacob, will be a Slytherin...he's obnoxious, cunning and won't stop until he gets what he wants...in his case the girl he loves...
although he is a loyal friend, his friendship to Bella only counted as long as he got what he wanted, if Renesmee wasn't born he would have happily attacked Edward (or Bella) after her change...
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Re: Jacob: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by RebeccaCullen »

Yeah, I know it's been nearly two months since the last post.


I went with Slytherin because of all the things marielle said as well as him being pretty arrogant, IMO. He reminds me of what Draco was like prior to the events in HP/HBP.
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Re: Jacob: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

Well, I can see why Griffyndor's winning, although I think loyalty is a stronger quality for him than bravery. I don't really see the Slytherin thing, but then I don't see him as cunning, don't think obnoxiousness is exclusively a Slytherin quality (re: Ron), and think of his loyalty to his pack (read: tribe, family) more than his loyalty to Bella. He certainly counts as hardworking - after taking care of his father and their barely-working vehicles all this time, he's working himself into exhaustion trying to protect everybody.
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Re: Jacob: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by PetiteSageHibou »

Oooh, I think Gryffindor! Remember that there's more to the houses than just smart, brave, cunning, and loyal! *Has read Harry Potter 47 times ^///^* Gryffindors are the most hot-headed and reckless of all the houses. Their actions can sometimes be motivated by emotion, as opposed to what is most sensible. And of course he's very brave :)
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Re: Jacob: The Sorting Hat comes to Forks

Post by Cayana »

Strong, rash, honorable and brave. Sounds like Jake don't you think? Gryffindor for sure! *grin*
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