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Post by Nena »

This is the place to discuss Maggie of the Irish Coven.

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Re: Maggie

Post by JustHuman »

I imagine Maggie to be slightly like Alice when she hops forward in Breaking Dawn and declares that Edward isn't lying.
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Re: Maggie

Post by Megsimadic »

I love her power. I imagine it would come in very handy most days.
With how protective her coven is of her I too imagine her too be small, quite like Alice.
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Re: Maggie

Post by BreathelessVampire »

Her power is really cool. At least she knows who is lying or not. It completely changes everything.I can sorta immagine her in her Irish look. Cool
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Re: Maggie

Post by TheVampireChick »

Can I admit that I squeeled a little when I found a vampire with my name? :oops: But, I'm in total agreement. She has an awesome power--it's actually in my top three ideal super powers (if I couldn't just be an all-around telepath). I'd love to know what she was like before she became a vampire....
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Re: Maggie

Post by Elizabeth »

I think having Maggie's power would be tough to live with. Would you want to know the truth all the time? Sometimes we ask questions without really wanting to know the answers, Maggie gets them anyway. Sometimes the truth hurts and in some instances, we don't need to know everything. I believe that in those few occassions, ignorance really is bliss. I pictured Maggie to be a lot like Alice, more so because both vampires have powers that could be difficult to cope with.
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Re: Maggie

Post by dogwithnonose »

I agree, I would like to have Maggie's gift but.. not all the time. Same with Alice's.
I imagine Maggie to look a bit like Alice, small but with red hair and not as pixie-like.
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Re: Maggie

Post by Shugo_vampire »

Yeah. Maggie was cool. Her power was one of my faovites
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Re: Maggie

Post by bite_me »

It would be a good power to turn on and off.
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Re: Maggie

Post by Gia Pattinson♥ »

How old is Maggie meant to be?

Like.... 12...13? But I've talked to some people and they say 21-21...
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