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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by AshleyC »

I have a few :? I really like Jasper, Edward, Alice, Emmett and Carlisle, all for different reasons .. I will edit this later on - just woke up!
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by BlackRainWillFall »

threethings wrote:
BlackRainWillFall wrote:Thank you deeply for your agreeable comments dazzlingdynamite and DesiringJB. :) There are Jacob Black forums? Guess I need to look around, LOL.
There are plenty. I'll add links in a sec. . . .

Jacob Black thread- Click Here
Jacob & Nessie thread- Click Here
Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black thread- Click Here
Jacob Black Past, Present and Future thread- Click here

I think there's probably more, but these are the basics. Hope this helps.
That does help. =) Thank you very much.
Team Jacob. Because I can't resist the beautiful rays of the sun. <3<3<3
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by OhMy_EC**1901-4ever »

i used to be a HUGE edward fan, and jacob was alright, but just an afterthought. but after the second time i read it, i was able to get past the perfection of edward and bella enough to realize that i adore jacob too. so, those two are probably my faves. and alice, and seth, and emmet, and renesmee and bella, and... well i like them all really. except sam. dont like him too much
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by BellaNicole »

Bella or Mrs. Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

She is my absolute favorite character and the reason why I became addicted to the series. Some people may think that Bella is obsessive and a little mental unbalanced when it comes to Edward, but that is exactly why I love her. If you've ever completely lost you mind over a guy, you can probably related to Bella. Now I'm not talking about just plain love, but the obsessive, painful love. The love that keeps you up all night thinking about them. How just a look from him could make you lose all rationality. The unbearable pain that you feel when you at the sheer thought of not being with that person. The absolute high that you get whenever that person you love is around and then the unbelievable withdraw you get when you have to be away from that person. Her point of view was so accurate that I felt like I was living her life with her.

Also, I like Emmett cuz he's sooooo HOT!!!!!
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by girlfromthepack »

My favorite character is Leah *gasp* (with a dash of Jake)
I was so happy when I thought Leah and Jake were going to end up together. Stephenie had little hints here and there of a hook up. Then Jake imprinted on the baby, and my hopes and dreams were crushed into a million pieces, smashed into dust, then set of fire. My favorite Leah moment, well it wasn't really a moment, was when she told off Bella in Breaking Dawn. I was hoping someone would do that, and finally someone did. Thank you Leah.

And Leah's brother, Seth, makes me smile. He is so cute... "Shutting" good times.... good times.

On last character. Alice, because she's Alice. ^_^
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by mixie »

I like almost all the characters but I have a few favorites

I just love Bella, I mean without her there wouldn't be a story to tell. I know many peope don't like her, I guess partly because (of course) we are soo jealous cause she's the one who gets to be with Edward. And hey who wouldn't be?? And maybe also because the story is told from Bellas POV and she doesn't see herself very clearly (as Edward mentioned) and that affects pretty much our picture of her. She never thinks she's good enough for Edward and doesn't understand how special she is. While reading the part from Midnight Sun on SMs page I started to see Bella from a totally different side; through Edward's eyes. And then I realised what a strong and modest person she is. And unselfish. She's ready to do everything for the ones she loves, no matter how much it will hurt her.

And of course I can't not love Edward, I mean he's everything I could ever dream of, and a little more! I love every word he says, every smile he smiles and everything he does. He's just so perfect.

And most of all, I love Bella and Edward together. They're two halves of a whole.

Also I like Alice, Carlisle and Nessie, because she's too a part of Bella and Edward and just so cute.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Rum »

I would have to say my favorite character is Alice because in the beginning of the series she is the first of the Cullens to accept Bella as if she was one of them. And i love Emmett because he is very goofy and somewhat sarcastic in the last book.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by bella_cullen913 »

My fave character is either Renesmee or Edward *blush*. I know it sounds old but Edward is just so nice. He's beautiful, sensitive, affectionate and he does all of that in spite of his want to kill her. He really does all of that for her after a while, in a way. Once he realizes that if he leaves she can't survive he learns to completely put his thirst aside so that Bella can be happy. He is just about the most amazing guy you could ever dream of. *sigh*

Renesmee is my other fave. She's the cute imaginary daughter I never wanted until now. She is just so unique that it's hard to not love her. I can only imagine what it would be like to actually meet some of there characters. Like meeting Jacob,Edward, Bella, Alice, Carlisle, Emmett;etc it would be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by twilightgripsmyheart »

every character adds something to this story and is amazing in their own way but id have to say throughout the series jacob becomes my favorite cause hes so sweet and amazing and funny and just indescribably wonderful
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Titch22 »

This maybe one of the only stories ever where I love and adore every character. But if I had to choose a favrioute it would have to be Bella. She so amazing, friendly and loyal. Totally ready to do anything for those that matter to her no matter the personal cost. Plus she is so strong no matter what she went through she just gets on with it and keeps fighting till the end. I love that about her I can't imagine how she managed to keep going day after day after everything.

One of the things that stood out for me, for example is her running off to Italy to save Edward. Despite the fact that he broke her heart. And in a way broke her for a time. The instant she knew he needed her she instant jamp into action. Then faced the consequences of her actions only after she knew he was safe. That says so much to me about her as a character.

Second fav would be Alice. She so fun and bubberly. And she never fails to leave a smile on my face. While I do love Edward he's not my fav because of the amount of times he has annoyed me (for example 'new Moon').
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