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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Megean »

Bella Because me and her are so much alike
Beau Studley
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Beau Studley »

Well, i really don't have a favorite character? I like them all! I was a klutz in Junior High School so I like Bella. There are other bits and pieces I like about the other characters that I can relate to like Alice's capacity for joy and her sense of humor and Jake's tenacity even though he knows that Bella loves Edward by Eclipse he feels that it's important to get Bella to acknowledge that she also loves him also. I guess right now it's Renesme because she has the best traits of her parents and yet she is special in her own right. Plus I like a lot of the FanFiction she's in but next week it could be Jasper who is my favorite so I really don't have favorites. I guess Charlie is my real favorite for putting up with Bella and Edwards crazy antics. :D
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by LestatFan17 »

Hi, I'm new here! Anyway, my favorite is most definitly Emmett because he is so funny and just seems like a great person to be around. Another of my favorites is Alice because she is so relatable and can kick but for someone so small, like me!
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Janie »

I like all the characters, but I like Edward most. Not because he is hot or beautiful etc. (in fact, the way how his look is described in the books really irritates me) but because he is smart (I love smart guys :) ) and he has amazing personality. I also like Alice a lot, because she is so funny and crazy :D , Emmett for his jokes, all the humans, because they are, well, humans :D, and sometimes even the wolves. And, after NM movie, I love Aro :lol: maybe I'm weird but I love bad guys :D
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by TeamBellaAllTheWay »

I love all the characters!
In the first book I thought Edward was a bit too perfect - it was a bit unreal but I guess that was the appeal of the whole vampire thing. Also, you can't help but love Bella. She reminded me a bit of myself because of her whole clumsiness thing. And she narrates most of all four books so its hard not to get attached to her and her perspective on the world.
Also, I think Charlie is great - he's always really supportive of Bella through everything, no matter what, and the way he handles the whole Bella becoming a vampire thing is really cool, although of course he doesn't know exactly what has happened.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by LemonLegend »

Edward- Only in the books because his sense of humor is dazzling.
Jacob- Only is the movies because he is clearly hot and funny.
Renesmee- Because she is the beautiful human/vampire we all love and we all envy her because Jacob imprinted on her.
Carlisle- Because Dr. Sparkly is smart, caring, and good looking.
Esme- Because she is so passionate it makes me want to cry.
Emmett- Because his sense of humor and "booming laugh" make us all melt.
Jasper- Because in one random scene of Eclipse, he had a southern accent.
Benjamin- Because his power is super cool.
Mike- Because he is the cute jealous guy.
Angela- Because she is caring.
Seth- Because he is a good dog.

AND MOST OF ALL!!!!!!--------
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by MCRTS »

Leah. She is one of the best characters in Twilight. Maybe if she had been developed more, I would like Twilight better.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by LoveMeSomeEdwardCullen »

My favorite character is Edward Cullen **swoon** of course...............

I think he is my favorite not because he is "perfect" but "imperfect". He is moody, somewhat socially inept and over-reacts. He is imperfect but in an incredibly wonderful way. Does that make sense? The intensity of his love for Bella is awesome too!
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by PetiteSageHibou »

Oh dear, an impossible decision has appeared D:

I think Edwards really great (not in a fangirl crush way. Not my type :lol: ). I don't find that he does annoying things. He reacts well to all the different situations he's presented with (: Excpet for, you know, one. But the story really wouldn't have been the same without it! ^_^;

And then there's Alice. She's just wonderful (:

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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by wolf-girl0221 »

In the girls it's Rosalie because she's so human. I know that probably sounds weird but it's true. She is flawed (not physically) and that's just awesome in my eyes.

In the guys it's a tie between Jacob, Emmett and Embry. I love them all for different reason. Jacob because he is so intense and sweet and open (sometimes a little too much) and Emmett because he is just so cute in that goofy-hot-guy kind of way and Embry because he's just funny (or at least I think he is) & very loyal.

In the humans it would have to be Charlie and Renee because they remind me of my mom and step-dad. Charlie is strong and quiet and caring while Renee is carefree and fun and up for anything. Yeah, those are definatly my parents.
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