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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Anarane »

Well, there is the obvious answer - Edward, of course (and I can't really put him to compete with the others because the outcome is already known if I do it :P )

But my next favorite character is Jasper, I loved him when I read about his past on Eclipse...I felt so sorry about him! And when he said: "For the first time in a century, I felt hope", well, that was it. If it weren't for Edward, I'd be team Jasper all the way! I think he and Alice have the deepest, strongest relationship of all...
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by KdAliceCullen »

OME i would totally say Alice Cullen cuz she is sooooo kewl i love her clothing too!!!!!!!!!

Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by lady4string »

I really love Alice and Jasper. There's something just so magical about them. I really can't put it into words. I would totally read a book dedicated to their story. I also really like Carlisle and Esme. We really don't get to know enough about them. My heart would break for how lonely he was throughout all that time. :(
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Anto21 »

It's really hard to choose just one character, so many in the saga are interesting! I'm very fascinated by the relationship between Alice and Jasper and as Ladystring I would like to read more about their story.
I love Carlisle for his compassion, kindness and devotion in saving lives. And of course I love Ewdard ...he's romantic, devoted to Bella, sweet ang generous... ;)
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by egaeci »

Well, obviously, my favourite would be Edward. Long bookstore delivery times and my very short patience (1 week delivery time for four books, well that had me climbing the walls!) ended up in me reading the MS draft before any of the other books (I got hooked by the movies). So I had that with me during the whole series. This might sound strange, but I can really relate to him in lots of ways. Not being the super-handsome immortal who dazzles people perhaps, but other stuff.

And of the other characters, well, I love so many of them, but I guess my no 2 on that very crowded list is Carlisle. He is such a good person, all the way through.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Edwardx01xCullen »

Edward He is the most charming, gorgeousist (if that is a word and if it isn't, then it is now, just for Edward), good-looking, gentle, and any other amazing words, ooohhhh, AMAZING!!!! I can use that -----> kindest, amzing haha i did it!!!!
I love everything about him. In the book he enchants me and i sometimes can't get to grips with the fact that he is only fictional!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( 'Love is in the Air' Ah well, i can dream x x.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Essay33 »

Apart from Edward (which is kind of a given) I like Carlisle best out of the secondary characters, and Leah best out of the minor characters. They have the most interesting stories, I think, the most potential for good fanfiction too.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by SwanCullen »

I don't think I can just pick one. So, it would be Edward, Alice, and Emmet. Edward well, I can't help but like him. It's hard to put into words. Alice, she seems like the type of person that I could be really good friends with. She would also LOVE to get her hands on me fashion wise (she LOVES to makeover it seems so yeah, she'd have a field day with me lol) Emmett, well he his loyal and caring (even though he likes to crack a LOT of jokes!) and a good all around 'person'.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Crimson Fury »

I like so many, it's impossible to pick just one. I love Edward of course, and Alice is such a sweetheart. I love Carlisle, Jasper, Jacob, Seth, and Renesmee, too. My favorite minor characters are Stefan and Vladimir. I thought they were pretty cool. 8-)
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by chrisart6 »

By far Edward. He is the most interesting character I have ever read about. I'm so invested in him sometimes I need to remind myself that he is just fictional lol. In Bella's mind he is perfect but yet really he isn't. I love the fact that he has so many insecurities & can lie through his teeth & get away with it! He has so many layers & when I first read the books I was always surprised at what he would say & his reaction to different situations. Midnight Sun gave us an inside look into his mind & I believe if it was ever published as a full book it would be my favorite. In ever other book of the saga, whenever he said something I found & still find myself asking "what is he thinking right now?" I wish I could read the whole saga via his perspective.

My 2nd fav is Emmett. One word. Hilarious! :)
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