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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Bruquita »

Mine is Bella.

I am just so much like Her. I'm clumsy, a bit socially awkward, like to read, protective of my family and friends,etc.

The only real difference between us is that I like fashion. I would KILL to have Alice take me shopping and do my hair/makeup and all that. I remember the closet scene in Breaking Dawn. I yelled at my book because she was so lucky to get all those beautiful clothes and COMPLAINED about them.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by selle »

My first fav is Bella. Even if I'm now pretty older than her in books (eventhough she's actually year older than me :D), I can I can see myself in her.
My parents divorced when I was kid, and I live all my life with my mom. I really do not care about fashion, love my family and am protective about ones who I love. I also happen to be pretty good at kitchen :D.
And... Have pretty same intensity of feelings like her. :)

I could say that we're pretty the same except I love sports. :D Valleyball and badmington especially :D.

My second fav is Esme. The most wonderful woman (vampire) in the world. She is so like my mom...

But, I would lie if I say that I dont love them all. Cullens are gorgeous. <3
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Jestak »

There are a lot of the characters who I like a lot: Bella, very definitely and obviously. Edward, most of the time. Emmett and Carlisle, Seth and Leah, Angela, Garrett and Kate. But none of these is my favorite.

My favorite is a character who is impossible not to like, an irresistible force of nature, someone we love even when she's going way overboard planning a social occasion or indulging her shopaholic tendencies. Yes, my heart belongs to Alice.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by usmcmpwife »

*sigh* along with all the masses I must say firstly, Edward. His character is so....remniscent of a time when young men were brought up to be gentlemenly, and valorly. It takes me back to a time when my grandfather was a young man, serving in the Navy and what the essence of his character was as he courted my grandmother. Edward has so many qualities that are attractive. Selfless, humble, brave, loyal, a conscience, a huge amount of self control, and that whole tortured soul, suffer in silence thing? Very sexy. It doesn't hurt that he's a vampire, so you get that little bit of " bad boy " as well. But that's another topic ;) that can lead me into a very different direction with this post. Three words, UNDERLYING SEXUAL TENSION. Wow!!!! But let me also say that I already had accepted in my head, the actors as the characters since I had seen the movie first almost a year before reading the book. So the fact that Robert embodied this character so perfectly, was the cherry on top. He is indeed, humble, soulful ( OMG he can play piano, guitar, and sing?!) and easy on the eyes. He looks good dressed up, or bummin around. He is someone I would love to get to know on a real level. I'd love to climb inside his brain and see what inspires him. I respect him, and I respect the character he plays in this saga immensly. Secondly, it would be Bella. I love that she's not sexy, that she has normal insecurities, that she's clumsy and she talks to herself in her head. Shes NORMAL! She is someone my daughter can look to as an example of what a nice girl is and should be. Underneath it all, she is also strong and brave and stubborn. All qualities that I admire, and aspire to be. Still at 32 I have the same days I did at 17 every now then. I second guess myself, I trip, I fumble my words, basically I am clutzy, and have fat days too. LOL. But at the end of the day I have people in my life I love and I am ok with myself, and would do anything for those that I love and that love me. I also admire Kristen Stewart for embracing and loving her character and not being all girlie and diva-ish about the phenominon it's become. She brings to the table a different Hollywood starlet. One that is smart, edgy, emotional and cares about something other than a key phrase like " That's Hot " or getting in the trashloids, or what bag the pappz snapped a pic of her carrying. She wears chucks on the red carpet, for goodness sake! She rocks!
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by HarryTuttle »

Victoria all the way! i mean a total beauty all the way and i love how the first movie showed how hot she is and would make even the guys who took their ladies to see the Twilight movies go nuts.

Rosalie is such a doll man, she can drain my blood anytime.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by LadyParasyte »

First would be,not surprisingly Edward. Captivating character.

Bella is great as well. I can relate to the clumsiness and social awkwardness.

As far as more minor characters I am a Charlie and Jasper fan.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Edwards Wheels »

Ok so here goes......

My favourite character has to be Edward. He's the (almost) perfect imaginary guy with an edginess, who would love you unconditionally if he were yours. You know in the books he's doing everything in his power to protect Bella, and yes sometimes it's a little bit odd, like the sneaking into her room while she's asleep, but you know he's not doing it in a wierdo way, he's doing it to understand both himself and the feelings he's developing and Bella, and how she has such an effect on him. He's been written in a way many will fall in love with the character. He totally devotes himself to Bellas safety and well being, allowing her to trample all over him just so she can have whatever she wants or needs. I think many of us would just love to be able to experience the power of the love he and Bella share, and knowing how devoted to her he is a very intriguing ideal....if only eh? ;)

Carlisle is an amazing character, his devotion to his 'family' is just incredible. He doesn't tell them what to do or how to behave, he only hopes that they will think about consequences to their actions and act on their decisions. The way he listens to each and every character in the saga shows how much he's learned in his long life. He understands the draw of true love and respects that everyone has their own idea it. Again lets face it, he's almost the Dad we all want to have.

Emmett is the big brother I always wanted/never had. He isn't at all bitter about the life he left behind as many of the others are, and he always seems to look at the bright side of everything. His brawn rules his head and he's so blunt that he's hysterically funny sometimes. He accepts what's going on around him, and will do whatever is asked of him to help and protect his 'family'.

Alice is a pretty cool girl, she's the kind of girl I'd love to know. Her bubbly personality seems infectious, and imagine how helpful her gift could be?

Personally I never took to Jacob. I understood he was young and was experiencing first love etc, but he behaved like a spoiled brat when he realised Bella was committed to Edward, and that she wasn't in love with him like she was Edward. I could allow him his first proper attempt at trying to 'woo' her, but once she'd made herself clear why didn't he just get the hint? His behaviour towards Bella and Edward I found to be so annoying, (after he forced himself on Bella for the first kiss, when she fractured her knuckle, and the way he laughed about her reaction made my blood boil! If he'd backed off a bit I think I may've warmed to him a bit) I know having the 3rd party made the Edward and Bella romance so much more compelling, and maybe that shows how well Jacob was written for me to not like him?

Bella? Well I could've slapped her at so many points during the saga, I was almost screaming at the books in frustration when she went cliff diving, or when she couldn't accept the idea of getting married to Edward yet she could have herself transformed into another being and for eternity at that! Yet marriage was too much for her? And why did she even consider, let alone actually ask jacob to kiss her is beyond me. She claimed to be 100% sure she loved Edward, yet she allowed Jacob to get under her skin and question eveything she'd fought for?

Jasper was a tortured soul we knew that, but he really came into his own once we heard his story. The things he must've seen and felt can only make you shudder, and then to realise how others feelings affect him made his character more understandable and compelling.

I also liked Charlie, and I think Billy Burke was the perfect casting for the role, in the films more than the books he made me laugh out loud. Rosalie became easier to warm to after her story, which I was pleased with.

Erm? I think I've covered most of it with my essay :oops: , Sorry it's so long
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by Total Twilight Fan »


My favorite character/s have to be a tie between Jasper and Edward purely because I love them so much, if they were a singular person they would be perfect. Edward is quite, but with the undertone that if you annoyed him you knew that you'd be up against something. He's also very...perfect, if you get what I mean, characteristically there are very few flaws as well as physically. The fastest, mind reader, bronze hair, nice eyes, can I go on? He's just a nice person on the inside and out.
Jasper is sort of the oposite though isn't he, not really understood in the books or the movie for that matter he seems to be on a sort of kilter of his own within the Cullen family- the piece that until the end of Breaking Dawn is seen not to really fit. Obviously you hear about how blood thristy and murdering he was, but you have to understand that he did it because he had too- and then he got the stenght to break away, develop a conscience as Carlisle put it. But by the way he is when he is with Alice, you know that when someone understands him that perfectly (and well waits for you her vampire life) that you can give all you have, and I have the feeling that he keeps nothing from Alice, because he loves her that much.

- I love this girl with all my heart, I would love to be her! She's like the best friend that you always wanted, fabulous in every single way. She's a shopping addict and I love that about her, that there was no doubt in my mind she would dress Bella every day without fail to make her look good. She's also quite loyal, and protective towards Jasper, and I love in Breaking Dawn when she was just sat on the step, Jasper's head in her lap. Theirs is a quite love, and I like that too. She gets all the best lines, in the books and movies, and even the actions, like when she broke the lock off the door in Volterra. Shes small, compact and be beautiful, and she has a really good ability.

- Sometimes I could have cheered this woman, and others slapped her. She is, what you would call, Human Nature. She's the part of us that we wouldnt admit that we had, sometimes making the wrong decision, but always in the end being right. I loved that speech between her and Edward about turning her into a vampire, and Edward thinks that she wants to be a vampire more than be with him <3 All in all, she's a good character.

Riley.- Im going to sob like a small child in the movie when he gets attacked by Victoria and killed by Seth and Edward. I always felt really sorry for his character, because i believe that he utterly truly thought that Victoria was in love with him, and nothing Edward could say ever could disprove that to him, and he ended up dying for it.

Paul- God, someone always gets the best wolf lines dont they? I like the insight we get into Paul (That he is one of Jacobs close friends really, not to mention future brother-in-law!) in Breaking Dawn, especially when he is a wolf. I love that he seriously annoys both Billy and Jacob, but they have to put up with him for Rachel. I also like that he is just sixteen, little younger than Jacob I think- makes you think when he was the second to join how old he must have been.

Seth and Leah Clearwater
- Oh, I love these two with a passion! The classic double tag team of brother and sister. Breaking Dawn would not be complete without their little spats, whether over being second in command, or who is the fastest!
Leah is my favorite of the two, once again I think that for a lot of people she is misunderstood. I think that their certantly is alot of resentment towards Sam, but can you blame her? I know that it wasn't Sam's fault that he imprinted on Emily- Leah's Cousin, and like her sister too- but there wasn't anything that either of them could do and I think that hurt her more. They couldn't sit and talk it through, they couldn't even really hate each other becuase there was no blame, just the fact that it would have happened anyway, and their future was lost. Seth is just a little bundle of good clean fun! He is selfless and pure and nice to everyone.
::Team Jasper & Paul::
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by chewie1bernie »

This question is so hard to answer! I love all the characters, but my top two favorites are Carlisle, because he's so kind hearted and so compassionate and has such a kind personality. He is the ideal doctor to anyone, with decades of experience. He's gone through so much in his life, he went through a lot with his father, and then he was changed, and then he tried to kill himself so many different ways, and then finally, rises above it all and becomes the leader of such a unique and amazing family. He truly is someone who is worthy of everyone's respect. He's the one who will break up a fight instead of starting one, and he will maintain peace and he's really great.

And Jacob, because he's so sweet! He's such a little puppy dog sometimes. He started out as a tool to give Bella what she needed to know that Edward and his family were vampires, and he grew from a minor character, to a huge character throughout the series. He helps Bella so much in New Moon. He sees that she is hurting so much, and he brings her out of it, and he loves her and respects her. He's not so overly protective like Edward, he's protective of Bella, but not like Edward is. The whole motorcycle thing, I think, really cemented their friendship, because they spent countless hours together while Jake was building those things. His whole personality is so sweet and warm and downright funny sometimes. He is such a warm person. And then when he turned into a werewolf, his protective nature grew into what it is. He made it his mission to stop Victoria from going anywhere near Bella or Charlie. And then, when Bella raced off to save Edward in Italy, his pain was so real and his frustration was easy to understand, then when she came back and chose Edward, I could understand his pain and anger over her decision.

Then in Eclipse, he wants to see her, but he always gets so angry because the topic of Edward always comes up. He's competing with Edward and I don't blame him, because Edward left her and then Jacob saw her pain and Edward didn't. Throughout Eclipse, Jacob tries to show her what kind of life she could have and he makes it clear to her that he's in love with her. He gave her that adorable charm bracelet and he really does care about her.

Then, during the newborn fight, when Jacob kisses Bella, I think he succeeded in getting Bella to realize that she was in love with him all along. It was right there and she didn't realize it. And then, Jacob goes off to the fight all happy because he thinks he's won her over, and she hasn't. That was crushing. He's so confident of that fact, and he believes it, and he almost dies for Leah and is injured.

The talk that Bella and Jacob had, was downright heart-wrenching for me. It was so incredibly sad to read. It was kind of like Jacob saying, "I give up." And can you imagine how painful that was for him? to let her go? To give up. He was already injured physically, and then mentally, he got another beating. That whole conversation was hard. Where he said, that he loved her so much he would let her go and that his sacrifice proved it. This was hard, too, "I’m exactly right for you, Bella. It would have been effortless for us — comfortable, easy as breathing. I was the natural path your life would have taken… If the world was the way it was supposed to be, if there were no monsters and no magic…"

And this, "He’s like a drug for you, Bella. I see that you can’t live without him now. It’s too late. But I would have been healthier for you. Not a drug; I would have been the air, the sun." He's admitting that he's tried everything he could, and now he's admitting that it's over. He was so understanding, and being in pain, too. He told her that she had options, that she always had that second option.

Then, the wedding invite that Edward sent him. It was like he couldn't deal with the pain anymore and he ran away in wolf form.

Then in BD, he finally comes back, goes to the wedding, and then the whole talk about Bella getting intimate with Edward on their honeymoon. It ruined Jacob's gift to her, he had to be dragged out of there.

Then, some weeks later, he's obsessing over Bella being turned into a vampire, he's imagining all sorts of awful scenarios in his mind, then he gets the news that Bella had come back alive, but was now pregnant with Edward's baby. Can you imagine the anger and confusion he felt? And Edward making some sort of perverted deal with Jacob to have Bella's baby. Be used as some tool to get Bella what she wants. Can you imagine that? He sees the condition that Bella is in, and he's so upset and then he goes back to the pack and the pack can instantly read his thoughts on the matter.

Sam declares war over the Cullen's without any real proof there's any danger. Poor Jacob, he's so torn about hating the Cullen's but at the same time wanting to protect Bella.

It really took a lot of guts for him to stand up to Sam and challenge his authority and then leave the pack and start his own. He goes and warns the Cullen's about it, and then starts this new role, that is painful for him, because he has to see Bella getting worse and worse by the second. Then when Bella has the baby, he's thinking she's literally going to die, so he's in pain once again, because of Bella. He watches Edward pull out the baby that has caused all this, and he's telling Edward to "throw it out the window." They're trying to save Bella, and then Edward injects Bella with his own venom, which Jacob had given him permission to do earlier.

Jacob, thinking Bella has died, goes downstairs in total shock and pain, then BAM! he imprints on Renesmee. Just like that. So fast, so quick. So, now he has Bella in his life, even if it's not the way he envisioned at all. He and Renesmee bond instantly.

Then, Bella wakes up a vampire, a newborn vampire, who probably has little control over her actions, then she amazes everybody with her self-control, and then ends up almost killing Jacob after finding out about the imprint.

So, he goes from being the alpha of his pack, Seth and Leah, and eventually Embry and Quil join, to imprinting on Edward and Bella's baby. So, everything is dandy and fine for Jacob-for once, and then, the news comes. Jacob had been playing with Renesmee, and Irina, one of their old friends, sees them and mistakes Renesmee to be a forbidding immortal child. Not close enough to hear her heart beat.

Everything comes crashing down, she goes and tells the Volturi, and the Cullen's are thrust into danger. Jacob has to send Seth and Leah to Sam's pack for awhile. He and the rest of the Cullen's prepare to fight once again. They spend Christmas with their families, possibly one last time. Charlie has already been informed of this supernatural life, thanks to Jacob.

Then, some weeks later, the big confrontation happens. Jake stands with the Cullen's and their various allies. The big fight never happens and Jake is allowed to live out a good life with his father and Renesmee.

But the stuff that's happened to him is unreal. From Paul imprinting on Jake's sister, Rachel. To Jacob leaving Sam. Then the whole talk he and Leah had. Where they had a serious heart to heart. Leah telling Jacob that she understands his pain, that Bella is her Sam, that was a good quote.

So, I want people to react to this and let me know what you all think.
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Re: Who is your favorite character?

Post by JordanfromNZ »

This is probably the hardest question to answer for me ...

My heart belongs to Alice - She's the most beautiful, quirky, cute, aggressive, persuasive, future seeing fashionista there ever was.

But honestly, it wouldn't be the same without all of them. There's a few characters I kind of, well, dislike, but they still fit in with the books so well it doesn't matter that much.

Of course I love Bella, and Edward. Jacob, The Cullens, the Wolf Pack, the Denali coven, Garrett, arrgh ! Too many to list . =/

I love them all I guess . ;)
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