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Re: Alice Cullen

Post by Jeakat »

Kate wrote:
Jeakat wrote:
Absolutely. I wonder how the mother would have felt about her husband putting his daughter in an asylum.
What happend to her father? Did I miss that part?
Yeah, it was a little bit at the end of the bio. Eventually the police caught up with him and when he couldn't produce Alice, they tried him for both her murder and her mothers, and he was found guilty on both counts!
Are you sure? Maybe you're confusing with Bree's story... :)
I think I might be! :lol: I just had a quick glance and I can't see it! I'm going to have a proper read now and see if I can find it!

EDIT: Yep, sorry, I was definitely thinking of Bree! :banghead: :roll: Well, I'm going to imagine that that's what happened to Alice's father too. He deserved it!
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Re: Alice Cullen

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

Suzan wrote:
marielle wrote:
Openhome wrote:My only critique is that Alice should have been in the asylum longer than that to sustain the damage needed to forget her past.
I totally agree, because in Twilight they discussed it after Bella wakes up in the hospital, there is a line that clearly state a long time that Alice stayed there "because she was always in the dark." it was the line I think Bella said after Edward pointed out that Alice was in the dark about her past....
I study farmaceutical sciences and we actually had a class about neuropathology recently. We also talked about electroshock therapy and how they first experimented with it to treat schizophrenia. (Only thing is that the first electroshock in humans was done in 1937, well after Alice was changed. Before that they induced seizures with drugs. But in the name of fiction, I will forget that little detail.)
I remembered that electroshock was first used for psychosis but not that it was not used until 1937! Thanks, Suzan! And I agree with you about forgetting that little detail in the name of fiction ... since we all have also decided to forget that vampires don't exist either .... :lol:

I've actually thought about it and I suspect if this were a real case, Alice's amnesia would be more about her brain deciding that electroshock was a good excuse for locking up all these traumatic memories. In other words, more about the emotional trauma, with the electroshock as a trigger. As Carlisle says of Bella's fainting in Eclipse, the mind does things to protect itself.
Jeakat wrote:EDIT: Yep, sorry, I was definitely thinking of Bree! Well, I'm going to imagine that that's what happened to Alice's father too. He deserved it!
I'm going to imagine a vampire found him on a lonely road, the vicious, heartless, philandering murderer.

Quotes aren't coming up properly in preview so I'm going to post and hope it turns out legible. I did review December's instructions! EDITED 7/16 for quotes.
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Re: Alice Cullen

Post by edward4eva »

Ashley is gonna be on the new Punk'd with Kellan. I think it's a cool kind of character tie in.
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