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Re: Emmett Cullen

Post by skylarblue »

Lightwish wrote:I like that he is a good brawler. Other than that we dont really hear or learn too much about this guy.
The reason why we don't know alot about Emmett is because his story was cut from the book. In the story he talks about how he because a vampire and his first impressions of Rose and Carlisle and how much trouble he caused as a newborn. His part is titled Emmett and The Bear, you can find it on SM's website in the outtakes part. After reading it, I learned a whole lot about him and he became my favorite character.
urcoolcarrie wrote:I have to ask, why do you say Emmett was a pain i the other books? What did he do to make you say that?
Haha. Just realized I sounded a little...mean. I'm not, I'm just curious. I love Emmett, and I wondered what reason you have to make you say something like this.
I would like to know the answer to this also because I found Emmett to be quite charming and very likeable. So the statement about Emmett being a pain is kind of shocking.

If Emmett was not in the books, would have the story be completly changed??
I don't think that it would have changed the story at all. Like Carrie said there would be less humor and it would take on a very serious tone. Not having to do anything with the qestion but if there was no Emmett (Thank God, we don't have to worry about that) but then some of us wouldn't be able to call the EDC home.

Completely disregarding the canon chracters, who would you put Emmett with if he wasn't with Rosalie? And why? (Can be human, vampire or werewolf/shapeshifter.... dosen't matter!)
I agree with Cam, I would like to see Emmett and Alice together. I just think that with her being so quite and Emmett so loud and outspoken, I would be interesting to see how they would interact with each other.
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Re: Emmett Cullen

Post by DunnerheartsTwilight »

emmett!! you canhave rose back i want alice!! hahah... leaves to go haunt jaspers thread!! but really emmett is my fave twiguys cause he is super funny!!!
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Re: Emmett Cullen

Post by pennybug84 »

I absolutely love Emmett's character. He's just so carefree and the class clown of the Cullens that he helps make life more fun. I love how he finds any opportunity to tease Bella (even though I do feel bad for her she always goes red & I know how that feels!) I would not mind being his companion for forever (lucky Rosalie!) Some of the best lines come from Emmett, "Fall Down Again Bella? No Emmett I punched a werewolf in the face." Also in NM when Rosalie apologizes to Bella and he says something like "It doesn't count until she conscious (?sp) Rose.'' And some others but I can't think of them right now.

The story would be very different if Emmett wasn't included, it would be more serious and depressing. I can't imagine the saga w/out him. He's hilarious & awesome!

EDIT: if you guys don't know SM has on her website a little part that was cut out of Twilight called Emmett and the Bear and if you haven't read it you should, it's awesome! I love it it's fun & it made me love Emmett even more.
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Re: Emmett Cullen

Post by cullensallovamybinda »

^ someone said emmett was a pain??? :s :s i am confused. how would you find emmett a pain? he wasnt even in the books that offen! he was the comic relif in the series and with out him the books in my opinion edwards depression would take over the series! so i would also like to here the reasoning behid this.

carrie, shannon.. HI! :P

wowo that was a rant sorry dont hit me with 2x4's my opinion :) dont hate me either<3

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Re: Emmett Cullen

Post by TillyWhitlock »

It's interesting to see that people didn't understand Emmett when they first read through the books. As soon as he opened his mouth and started to tease Bella, I knew what he was getting at. Emmett is a protector, but it's in his nature to do everything with a light heart. He's going to go out there and protect the people he loves, but at the same time he's going to have a good time doing it.

I mean in Twilight when he almost questions Bella's abilities to create a good plan. It's his nature to be able to joke about it. Sometimes it may not come off as funny, but he was. Even in New Moon when he says "hell yes! We can find some other way to pick a fight with this Demetri." He's got this joking tone to him. He does it in Eclipse when he tells Bella that he was glad Edward didn't kill her. And obviously there were way too many instances to count in Breaking Dawn. From the weekend him and Edward went hiking and Edward explained things to him, Emmett has protected Bella. He considers her his little sister and nothing will come between him and her. Which has to be the thing I love the most about him. Emmett can be this big bad brute, but he's only like that when you start trouble with him and the people he loves. He's a teddy bear!
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Re: Emmett Cullen

Post by Marcela »

I love Emmett! He's my favorite character in so many ways. Edward and Jasper are almost too emo for me. Honestly, I need a guy that is a lot more of a challenge. I can be a bit too strong-willed for my own good and I'd be bowling some guys over to get what I wanted... ;) And I like the guy's guy, if that makes sense. There isn't as much to Emmett in the books, more in the outtakes and in MS. Edward's comments about Emmett being the best brother in the world, that he would never think anything that he wouldn't be willing to say, etc. that all totally attracts me to Emmett. No games. And then I saw Kellan Lutz (not the freaky homeboy way he looked in the movie) but in some of the his other pics... Holy Hannah, if I weren't married, I'd be in love. Sealed the deal :lol:

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Re: Emmett Cullen

Post by spicey16 »

this is an old ? but maybe have emmett and tanya together. they both seem fun loving. but alice's quite nature would be a good addition to him as well.

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Re: Emmett Cullen

Post by moosey_mel »

OMG!!! I so love Emmett. I never really noticed that his playful jibbing as mean, but as more of his character's personalilty.
Whats scary is that he reminds me on one of the boys that used to be in my class. Both funny and protective. not to metion that he's hot!!!!! :oops:
This is the one character i'd love to meet in real life. Funny, hot, but also protective of whats his (being family or friends)

You Gotta Love Emmett!!!!!!!!

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Re: Emmett Cullen

Post by Tmia »

okay, so i'm an only child...and i never really wanted any siblings...in fact...i never wanted them...out of the question- which just proves how spoiled i am...well...yeah...whatever, but if i had to choose-like really choose, it would deffinitelly be a big brother...like Emmett :D He's just so funny, and makes you feel safe all the time...so yeah, i would probably change my mind if somebody offered Emmett as a big brotha :D
The best thing about him, is when S.Meyer describes him laugh...so funny, and sooo cute, and I believe that Kellan Lutz is perfect for that role in the movie
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Re: Emmett Cullen

Post by Moonlit Sunlight »

moosey_mel wrote:OMG!!! I so love Emmett. I never really noticed that his playful jibbing as mean, but as more of his character's personalilty.
Whats scary is that he reminds me on one of the boys that used to be in my class. Both funny and protective. not to metion that he's hot!!!!! :oops:
This is the one character i'd love to meet in real life. Funny, hot, but also protective of whats his (being family or friends)

You Gotta Love Emmett!!!!!!!!
Yeah your right i also know a guy that's like that but i mean you just gotta love a guy like that i mean he has it all...
looks, personality, heart i gotta agree with you

You just have to love EMMETT!!!
What a lucky duck! Wish he'd give me a hickey!
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