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Re: Irina

Post by Amivera »

What do you think Irina saw in Laurent? Or vice versa?

I suppose the problem with these two characters is that we only see seconds of them, so we really have no idea what their traits are.
Do you think they were just thrown together to create a plot? I'm considering this; it's very plausible.
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Re: Irina

Post by vampirechick101 »

I actually liked her at the beggining of Breaking Dawn but after she went to the Volturi I kind of disliked her from there on :?
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Re: Irina

Post by bite_me »

We can't really know what they saw in each other, because they weren't really characters in themselves, just props. (Well, Irina definitely was anyway.)

I really didn't like her. As soon as Sm described her as having hair "straight as a ruler to a blunt edge at her chin, parted evenly down the center" i couldn't stop thinking 'VAMPIRE NERD! VAMPIRE NERD!'
Mean, I know, but when we met her again in the clearing with the Volturi and she was so pained to see the Denalis standing with the Cullens, and then she stood up for the Cullens, I began to like her.

Shame they killed her right then.
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Re: Irina

Post by olorin »

I had an idea on the mating of vamires in general in another thread, and was asked to post it here.
I hope you enjoy. :)
From what we've seen in Midnight Sun (when Edward watches Bella sleep for the first time) vampires falling in love
is instantaneous, totally consuming and absolutely permanent. Though it can only happen if the vampire lets down all guard completely, which goes against every instinct, especially for a Newborn. Edward tried to fight it with sheer will-power and made it for almost a month.
And Bree had no choice, but to put down her guard in that tiny cave. And then it crushed her, when she saw
Diego under the sun. And just like with Carlisle+Esme, it wouldn't have mattered if she knew him for a day or a million years. (as Edward puts it) She would have loved Diego exactly the same way.
Only their friendship, dependency and understanding of each other would have intensified over time, but that is nothing compared to their love.

And that's why Irina couldn't think straight when it came to Laurent, even after knowing him only a year.
She probably blamed Bella for stumbling around in the woods with her scent, while her love was suffering
from his thirst. But she was somehow willing to bite down her bile, to go apologize to Carlisle, only to
find Bella with a werewolve and an immortal child playing in the woods, worse than her worst nightmare.
Of course she had no choice, but to turn Bella in.
She was trying to protect her sisters by keeping them out of this, just like her mother did so long ago.
And maybe she was hoping to save the Cullens too, if they were smart enough to abandon that monster Bella.
She was totally ignorant, just like Rosalie in the beginning, not able to accept that Edward truly loved Bella.
She had sex with humans for centuries, never imagining to love anyone, like she loved Laurent.
Bella must have bewitched Edward and the Cullens with her scent and gift somehow,
and surely Aro, Carlisles old friend, would somehow find a way to save them from her.

A totally messed up situation. :cry:
Damn you ,Laurent , to the deepest pit of hell where you belong. :evil:
Also maybe she feared her sisters were already infected from that ridiculous wedding, and had to act fast.
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Re: Irina

Post by Total Twilight Fan »

I think that the moment she realised her mistake, she was sorry for it. I can't imagine that if she hadn't honestly thought that it was the case, she would have gone to the Volturi. Her sister's had gone to the wedding, and she hadn't, and I think that by them doing that, she wanted, like you said, to protect them from getting in any deeper than they already had with the Cullen's if it was the case of an immortal child. I think she made a mistake, a bad one, a horrible one, but honestly, if anyone else had seen them with a child that looked like a vampire, they would have jumped to conclusions, for how would they know it was anything else.

Athough, considering what had happened to Laurent, and her mother and all, I don't think that all vampires would have gone to the Volturi over it.
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Re: Irina

Post by olorin »

Irina being a purist when it came to the law, doesn't make
her a snitch, turning in friends when they broke the law.
I think she really tried to save the Cullens, or at least her sisters, from this menace.
And the Volturi were the only ones who could help her. :x
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