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Post by Bronze Haired Girl »

This is the place to discuss Marcus.

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Re: Marcus

Post by xx-topaz »

Marcus is a mysterious character. Why is it that he is always so /bored/. Almost everytime Stephenie ever wrote about Marcus she mentioned he looked bored.

My theory is that when he lost his mate, he just lost all interest in existing.

Anyone have any other ideas?
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Re: Marcus

Post by HazedInDeadlyPollen »

xx-topaz wrote:Marcus is a mysterious character. Why is it that he is always so /bored/. Almost everytime Stephenie ever wrote about Marcus she mentioned he looked bored.

My theory is that when he lost his mate, he just lost all interest in existing.

Anyone have any other ideas?
I agree with you.And it breaks my heart to think about him.I need to give him a hug and try to cheer him up.I hate to think of him suffering.I feel like all purpose of living left poor Marcus with his mate.
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Re: Marcus

Post by simplymortal314 »

I have always had a soft sopt for Marcus.
The fact he lost his is evident in his expression and well as Bella said "utterly bored, like he'd seen too many millennia of Aro's enthusiasm." That would seem like something that would bore anyone. Marcus is such a profound character. I wonder how he had come to meet his mate and how he lost her. What was he thinking about as to what happened around him in the scenes we see him in.
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Elena Cullen
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Re: Marcus

Post by Elena Cullen »

I think I like Marcus the best of the "Trio" I am exremely amused at his endless apathy and boredom...its kind of funny, but I can empathize with him as well
I think the loss of his mate spurred this on, but he's practical and, dare i say, compassionate. I think the latter is due to his ability of sensing people's relationships..aro is too shrewd, and Caius just wants to fight with everyone, but Marcus really sees things as they are.
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Re: Marcus

Post by Paprika »

Marcus to me, seems an enigma. At the end of BD I wasn't quite sure which way he would vote, we don't know enough about his personality to know if he's compassionate (somewhat like Aro) or as power hungry as the other two. I think that the loss of his mate would've been a devastating blow, when we see how viciously the other vampires are willing to protect their mates, however, if this was the case why didn't he just ask Aro and Caius to be released from duty as a member of the Volturi and go his own way or ask them to end his life? It makes you wonder what, perhaps, he owes the other two that he would stick around when he's so dispassionate.

Then again the fact that he's so apathetic could be the reason that the other two don't let him go his own way. The apathy that is in Marcus could provide a good neutral judge who can go with the facts instead of image preservation (Caius) or satiation of curiosity (Aro). As I said, he's an engima and one character I wish had been explored a little further.
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Re: Marcus

Post by Venecettia »

I guess nobody would really know what he is really like, by that I mean cruel, compassionate,or nice. All we really know is that he is depressed, or sad in some sort of way, from losing his mate. I would like to know more though.
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Re: Marcus

Post by LadyDi »

I think his "loneliness" and apathy is heightened by his special power - his ability to see relationships. Can you imagine seeing the relationships between the Volturi (often manipulated by Chelsea) and the members of the Cullen clan (very strong, loving ones, that aren't easily understood or divided) and knowing you don't have one of that depth? I could imagine that if he weren't the Volturi that he'd just fade away and give up. He feels almost like a guy just punching the clock at work and only his two coworkers prevent him from quitting. I also suspect that if he did have a greater say in what was going on, it would change the dynamic of the decisions they make (since the Aro vs Caius, ying/yang, force vs strategy, brutal vs genteel dichotomy) would not work as well as a threesome. Funny how we never hear of the wives until now.
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Re: Marcus

Post by red »

I pretty much agree with everything already said. Marcus loosing his mate must have made him the way he is now. To add on to that he can see the strength of other's relationships and everytime he sees it he remembers his lost mate. How horrible would that be. I hope in the Twilight Companion or in a future book we find out how it happened. If SM did New Moon from Edward's prespective we would find out by Edward's mind reading when in Voultora. I feel sad for him.
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Re: Marcus

Post by Astralflight »

It definitely would be interesting to know more about Marcus' past and what happened in the battle that caused him to lose his mate. I'm thinking that the wives do not leave the tower anymore because of what happened with Marcus, and being able to "see" relationships would have made it even worst for Marcus, and I agree that the only reason why he's still "alive" is because of Aro and Caius, and his duty towards the Volturi. He seems to be more logical and while making his decision, he seemed to look right through all the vampires in front of him to make a decision.

And he really is mysterious, because I think he has only spoken twice in the whole series, both times in Breaking Dawn.
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