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Re: Phil Dwyer

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 6:38 pm
by Jazzy'sgirl112108
TheInkling wrote:I thought of something interesting.

How does Phil feel about Bella going to Forks. I wonder if he feels little guilty, or if he wondered if Bella did it to get away from him. I feel a little like it shows some of Bella's apathy towards him that she doesn't once mention how he felt about her moving away. Was he part of the conversation when Bella approached her mother with the idea?
wow, i never thought of that. i think that they have a really good relationship, so it couldnt have hurt him too much. i dont think she might've approched him directly though. maybe renne spoke to him, and because he, obviously, loved her, she took her word that bella meant well......just a guess!