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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by Can'tFightAnEclipse »

Seth is definitely one of my favourite characters! I think the friendship that grew between him and Edward just proves that vampires and werewolves can get along together and don't have to be enemies. I think he really shone in Eclipse when he helped Edward defeat Victoria and then in Breaking Dawn where he shows his loyalty and admiration of Jacob. I think the fact that he was so comfortable around the Cullens made me really like him and the fact that he didn't hold a grudge against Bella at the beginning of Breaking Dawn like most of the other werewolves.

I really like Seth and was glad we got to see more of him in Breaking Dawn!
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by cullensallovamybinda »

i think seth was a very pivitol character. if seth wasnt there then there would never be that vamp and werewolf liking eachother. Jake has warmed up to edward but isnt so care free like seth. go seth !! WOOT WOOT
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by yanjan3 »

Seth is my favorite minor character.. I would've liked him to be in more parts of the story...

I love the way he is so comfortable with the vampires.. the way he sorta idolized Jacob and the way he befriended Edward.... not to mention being fun and helpful.. his aura of happiness and carefree demeanor...

he also proves that Vampires and Werewolves can be friends...

Seth is awesome...! :mrgreen:
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by Babygirl67 »

he's awasome..
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by Moonlit Sunlight »

i really love him... he's just so cute... and then when he befrends the cullens even though there supposed to be enemies is awsome.. without him i don't think that the out come in BD would have been the same... he made the whole thing possible just by befrending the Cullens.....
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by Irritable_Grizzly »

OK, I find this absolutely HILARIOUS. I just came to these boards and after spending some time in the Bella and Edward threads where there's much angsting and questioning of motives, etc., it's quite amusing to come in here where, as I suspected, it's all about the love! Much like Seth himself!

I can kinda understand what HOFJ is saying about him being 2D, since there's basically just pages and pages of everyone saying they love Seth, but I think his character served an absolutely essential purpose in BD. I mean, the three main characters are basically going through the worst hell of their lives and just trying to cope with it the best they can while making huge life-changing decisions. Seth was a little ray of sunshine. Our comic relief when nobody could really be funny (well, Jacob's chapter titles were ROFL funny, but you get my point).

I mean, Lord knows we needed the "Edward are you there?" and "shutting" for OUR piece of mind, while he also helped Jacob's piece of mind, and, I think, Edward's. He also really helped Jacob step up to the plate in terms of being an Alpha. That middle part of the book would have been just one huge downer if not for Seth and his "oh no way! That just plain ol' sucks rocks!" (or something like that) when Jacob is considering something as horrific as having to kill Edward.
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by lauren00 »

i loved seth, up till he stop Bella form attacking Jacob in Breaking Dawn :(
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by mark38 »

lauren00 wrote:i loved seth, up till he stop Bella form attacking Jacob in Breaking Dawn :(
:lol: i totally agreee. i think Seth should've let Bella beat up Jacob.
Although i kinda started liking jacob i BD.

But i think Seth is the most sympathetic werewolf in th books.
i realy like the way he and Edward teamed up and became good friends
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by -Jasper »

Irritable_Grizzly, I like your post. Everyone seems to love Seth! I can't think of any reason not to like him though, so there's no need to ask motives :lol:
He was an important character in Breaking Dawn, and he helped keep the peace and unite the vampires and the wereowolves. He also kept Jacob (and us) sane, and he was important in the fight in Eclipse. Without him, the books would be quite different, I think.
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by Jasper<3 »

lauren00 wrote:i loved seth, up till he stop Bella form attacking Jacob in Breaking Dawn :(
Yeah... I think Jacob should've at least broken a bone...
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