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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by addictedbooklover »

Seth Seth Seth! I have never managed to find a person, team Edward or Jacob, who doesn't like Seth :D
I love Seth so much I even wrote a fanfiction on him (on of course!), it's called 'For the love of a werewolf'.

Team Jacethper! (Jacob, Seth and Jasper) Now, to fit Leah in there...


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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by PingWing »

Yeah i also can't imagine someone not liking Seth, he's such a cutiepie!
My favorite part is 'the werewolves @ The Cullens' and all the mind reading, I literally found myself laughing out loud quite a few times :lol:

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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by Babygirl67 »

he's like a little brother to jacob kind of annoying but smart
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by navarre »

I like how Edward described him in Breaking Dawn "He has one of the most purest, sincerest, kindest minds I've ever heard. You are lucky to have his thoughts to share.

Seth is the best. I really wish SM would pick up where she left off and start a whole new saga with these characters. I miss them.
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by readmymind »

Seth's awesome. I love him. Who doesn't? Everyone does, even vampires.
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by Jazzy »

My fave Seth moment was when Jacob woke up from a nap and sees Seth sitting on the couch Bella and some of the Cullens with a plateful of food, Jacob was thinking "traitor!" or something like that HAHAHAHA :lol:

I imagine at the end of Eclipse, when Seth and Edward teamed up to finish off Victoria and Riley, that they became good friends. Seth would come over the Cullen house and hang out there, Edward would cook and get him to try out his dishes so he would know if they were good, for practice when cooking for Bella :D
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by pennybug84 »

I absolutely adore Seth. He is definitely my favorite werewolf. He is just so good hearted, kind, and can be funny as well. I would not mind having him imprint on me! (The reason I say this is beause I was wondering who he would imprint on. He deserves to find love.) I loved how we got introduced to him in Eclipse and how he helped Edward to fight Victoria and Riley and then we even got more of him BD. I would love to read some future stories on him, if SM ever decided to do anymore stories on any characters I really hope she would chose to right some about Seth. He is just plain awesome. There's nothing bad to say about him!
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by sethluverxoxo »

Ian O'Shea is COOL TOO =]] from the host
Jamie Stryder reminds me of Seth Clearwater
Team Jasper because he makes you feel all fuzzy inside.
Team Seth because he has one of the kindest, purest minds edward had ever heard
Team Jane because she tries so hard to hurt Bella ;]
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by Renesmee_Bella »

Omigosh u guys, I love seth soooo much. He is the sweetest person i have ever met. I know that Jake and Edward are now, I want SETH!!! He is so cute and so hot. hee hee. get it? and he's the right age for me too. If SM decides to right a new story, she should wirte one with Seth in it. He is just sooooooo cute! Ok, i dont just like him for being sweet but he's funny and brave and can be totally childish sometimes and yet, he can be extremely mature too. I am such a mess, even more than Bells. She loves 2 guys but I think I'm in love with like 7!
yup, 7. And I didn't even count in my head first. Anyways, Seth, if you're reading this, I LOVE YOU!!!


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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by who_needs_fangs? »

Er... not sure how a fictional character would be reading that, but if you want Seth, you'll have to fight for him. :D SethisMine and I would probably destroy you :P
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