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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by chewie1bernie »

I love Seth so much. He is really pure and innocent and kind. I felt so sorry for him when Sam was going to make him attack the Cullens. He felt like he would be betraying them. I felt so horrible for him. But, i'm glad he broke away from Sam and went with Jacob.
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by aussiesgrl »

seth is one of my favorite characters. i keep forgeting about him though and that makes me sad. if stephanie ever does a spin off of the saga, i would love to read about seth (and jacob/wolkpack in general) and see where he is now.
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Re: Seth Clearwater

Post by Fighting fate »

I dont remember exactly when( i could be making it up), but doesnt edward say that seth has one of the purest and kindest minds he has seen in a long time. I would love to see inside seth's mind, i mean every instinct he is born with tells him he needs to hate the cullens, and every vampire that crosses his path, but seth not only manages to keep completley calm around them, but create real bonds and friendships with the cullens. truely amazing if u ask me. i just love seth, i wish i had a seth in my life
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