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Jacob Black

Post by Nena » Mon Jan 12, 2009 11:51 am

This is the place to discuss all the things you've wondered about Jacob as an individual.

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Re: Jacob Black

Post by Wingtear » Mon Jan 12, 2009 1:04 pm

Wohoo! New Jacob thread! What is it now, number three? :mrgreen:

So, new Jopic? No one contradicts me, so here we go:
What part of Jacob do you hope would develop most if there were to be a book five?

I hope to see more of his humor, as in interactions with Rosalie. And to see him grow up a little, to grow into the situation he ended up in at the end of "Breaking Dawn". And of course, that would include finally seeing him getting his happily ever after, cos right now he's just waiting for it.
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Re: Jacob Black

Post by eclipserox » Mon Jan 12, 2009 1:18 pm

I'd like to see his relationship with the Cullens develop. It's already changed greatly. In NM, he didn't even want to be in the same room as Alice and by BD he was spending all his time in the Cullens house. He went from viewing vampires in black and white as evil with no exceptions, including Bella if she chose to become one to seeing that thee are shades of grey, the Cullens are OK, and he can remain friends with Bella and even fall in love with a half vampire. I thought his relationship with Edward was interesting. They went from enemies fighting over the same girl to being pretty close. Edward called him "my brother, my son," showing that he viewed Jacob as family. Edward and Jacob have had some very interesting conversations, including the one in the tent in Eclipse. I would like to see more of that. I also thought Jacob and Alice seemed on the verge of developing a good friendship. In BD, Alice seemed to really like Jacob. They are both similar in a lot of ways-optimistic and happy. And, of course, I loved Jacob's antagonistic relationship with Rosalie.

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Re: Jacob Black

Post by SenorGimp » Mon Jan 12, 2009 4:50 pm

I would love to see Edward and Jacob develop their friendship, maybe go out on the town and stir things up, can you imagine a more dangerous pair of brothers in arms??
I would also like to see how his relationship with Renesmee develops throughout the process of her shortened childhood, see how he would go from being like another father figure, to the goofy older uncle, to the older boy she knows she shouldn't like, to the boyfriend that makes her swoon, or however the progression would go...
I look forward to that a lot...
I also look forward to the inevitable battle with the Volturi, they've got their feathers ruffled, and there's no way they're going to let that go... I would love to see Jacob savage a bunch of pretentious vampires, lol
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Re: Jacob Black

Post by jezza3000 » Mon Jan 12, 2009 9:19 pm

Hmm, if a fifth book came out... Id think what Id love to see develop is Jacob and Alice, Jacob and Renesmee and of course I'd like to see Bella and Jacob's easy going friendship they use to have. I just adore that part, maybe them just spending time in the garage, while Edward and Renesmee go play or something lol :lol: .
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Re: Jacob Black

Post by LAURENonFIRE » Tue Jan 13, 2009 12:05 am

This is different from the topic just presented, but I'll comment on it. I just was listening to this song Eclipsed by Evans Blue and it's so Jacob :) But I don't know if it's ben mentioned but I just loved it, so here's the lyrics because I have dial up and I can't use youtube to find the video of the song. Lol.

We love our tragedies.
We're both broken in our own little ways
We're broken, but we fit together just right
You know I saw the black inside your eyes
I saw they were eclipsed by mine and they looked just right.

When our lights meet, will you know me then
And will you want to know it?
It feels like I've known you for so long.
When our lights meet, will you love me then
and will you ever know it?
It seems like you've known me for so long.

I love your analogies.
We're both crazy in our own little ways
We talk about the future and our past lives.
I know I loved you then.
I know I'd love you now.
I know I'll love you then.
I know I love you now.


But you can't have everything you want when you want it.
I will be everything you want, when you want it.

Wait for me. Trust for me.
Fall for me. Even when you don't know you fall for me.
Will you fall for it? If it should, it'll come around again.
But don't wait for me. And don't trust in me. Don't fall for me.
Even when you know you're falling for me.


When our hearts meet, will we make it then.
Will we even notice that they are eclipsed?

ahhhh. :)

and I would love to see more Jacob & Edward, if they're ever was a book 5. I would like to get to know the pack more as a whole. I think they're super interesting. Of course I want ol' Nessie to grow up and see how her and Jacob's relationship will turn out. And I want more Bella & Jacob being BFFs again. Lol. I love how honest Jake is with her! Blah. I just want more Jacob Black in general. Lol.
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Re: Jacob Black

Post by buffygrl3 » Wed Jan 14, 2009 3:55 am

Wow, that song really is Jacob! Nice find!

On the other topic though, I think that what I'd most like to see from Jacob in book five (assuming it happened) would be his continued relationship with Renesmee and his changing relationship with the rest of the Cullens eventually culminating in his total acceptance into the family. I'd also really like to hear about some of the rough and tumble wrestling matches he'd probably engage in with Emmet. And I'd really really like to hear some more of his blond jokes. That was great.

The eventual confrontation with the Volturi would be a very wonderful part of that book (assuming that he doesn't get injured). And on another (different though related) topic, I'd like to see how Renesmee's talent changes as she matures, and how her view of Jacob changes too... I'm starting to think that an entire book should be written just about Jacob and his new extended family (Tanya, Kate, Carmen, Eleazar, and Garrett included)

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Re: Jacob Black

Post by SenorGimp » Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:00 am

I think that Jacob is probably a good enough character to earn his own series, to be honest, but another book dedicated to, say, the next 5 years of his life or so, that would definitely be a worthwhile read!!
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Re: Jacob Black

Post by yanjan3 » Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:39 am

I love to see Nessie and Jake's relationship develop.. but honestly, I would want it to be like the one Bella and Jake would have had... a natural and fun relationship. I don't want to see Jake too over-the-top, "giving in to Nessie's every whim" kinda relationship.. Of course he should try to make her happy but he shouldn't try too hard not to upset her, I love how Jake knows Bella and is not afraid to upset her cuz he knows that she will get over it or she will forgive him.. (LOL but that's just me)
I really can't describe it right,... I love Bella and Jacob's relationship, that's why I wan't his relationship with Nessie somewhat like that...

and I would love to see him and Bella in bestfriend mode again..
and I want to see how his relationship with the Cullens will develop, (Rosalie and Alice especially:D)
come to think of it, he and Rose both like to do mechanical stuff, wonder if they'll get along in the future...

oh yeah, almost forgot, I want to see Jake's relationship with his future "in-laws"... :shock:
sounds so weird (I can't bring myself to think that his in-laws are Edward and Bella)..
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Re: Jacob Black

Post by Mara Jade Cullen » Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:03 am

Off the subject. I'm sorry, but I wanted to share with the Jacob fans...
I ordered one of those Tonner brand Twilight dolls (Edward, of course). When they asked if I wanted Bella, too, I declined. But I told her that if they decide to do dolls after the New Moon movie, I'll probably be back to get a Jacob.
She stated that the license was expensive for the company to purchase (not just Twilight, but for any movie, etc). And she stated that the line will likely be continued.
So I can't imagine which character would be more likely after Edward and Bella to get a doll apart from Jacob. :D
Just wanted to share...
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