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Re: Angela Weber

Post by chowzinha »

PATDPeace wrote:Angela reminds me of one of my real life friends.She is so sweet and kind and caring.I wonder why Bella chose Jess instead of Angela?
Bella liked Angela much more than Jessica, that's obvious. The thing is that Angela is very perspective, so she mostly sees through Bella. Bella likes Angela, but feels uncomfortable having someone seeing so much of herself, especially because she tries so hard to disguise it and doesn't like having someone sensing all her moods. So she just shifts to Jessica, because Jessica is so self-centered that she barely notices Bella, giving Bella plenty of space to think about her own stuff. Also, Jessica is very easy to distract, so Bella doesn't feel on the spot so often (when Jessica starts pressing Bella for answers, Bella wisely lead Jessica into a insignificant topic, which will make Jessica talk about for hours, for example).
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by Daniellea »

Angela would make a good supernatural thing. But if she were, SM would have to make a whole seperate story about Ben finding out about the world of myths. He would be all, "Can you do kung fu?" And she would do a karate chop a board in half and he would like scream and like do stuff. Ok my minds not very original today.
Yay Percabeth!
also a tiny bit of Alice/Jasper.
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by Jestak »

slayerchick303 wrote:
Jazziscool wrote: Yeah.
Also, if she'd have asked Angela, she wouldv;e had to ask Jessica. If you think about it you'll be like not really, BUT if you really think about it, would Bella have NOT asked Jessica if she'd asked Angela? I don't think so.
You are completely right! I didn't even consider that when I was thinking of Bella's bridesmaids. I was kind of saddened at the fact that Bella didn't ask Angela to be a bridesmaid, but you are correct in thinking that asking Angela would kind of obligate Bella to ask Jessica. If needed, Bella could of used the excuse that she could only have one bridesmaid, but excluding Jessica would have been virtually impossible if she asked Angela. I know Angela wouldn't be resentful, but it still kind of seems unfair to her in a way.
Not to mention that, if she'd included Angela but not Jessica, then Jessica, being who she is, would have probably retaliated for the snub. And who would she almost certainly have struck back against? Angela.
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