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Re: Renesmee

Post by lydiane »

Yeah, Renesmee is adorable. Can't wait to see her being potrayed in film (and regarding R. Pattinson's oh-so-shocking revelation that he doesn't like children, I can't wait to see his face - hah! Working with children, yay). :lol: Serves him right.

ps, oh, I'm new btw. Hullo all.
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Re: Renesmee

Post by Lizzie »

In the beginning I wasn't too fond of her, but after I took some time to digest the whole Bella-becoming-a-mother-thing she grew on me.
Now I think she's grand.... and I like the thought that Bella doesn't have to live through eternity without ever having a child, that was kind of bugging me (esp. after getting Rosalie's story...)
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Re: Renesmee

Post by leahlovetwilight »

but key to the plot!
what would breaking dawn have been with out the little freak??
i love her.
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Re: Renesmee

Post by brunetterebel010 »

I love Renesmee although apparently she just has the affect on people! I think it was a very good idea. She was NEEDED to make the whole Jacob thing make sense(no matter how bad it angered EVERY other Twilight fan I know that he imprinted), although I do with they'd nicknamed her Nessa instead of Nessie, i mean I know Nessa is more for Vanessas but its pretty.
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Re: Renesmee

Post by somnium »

At first, when she was still inside Bella, i didn't know what to think of her. I was like "Aww they're going to have a cute little baby" and then i was like "but the cute little baby might kill Bella and in a way she's already killing Edward... and this is before she's even born"

After Nessie was born though I just loved her. I know people hate that fact that Bella got pregnant and that Nessie even exists but I think it was great that it happened. She (Nessie) just added to Bella and Edward's Happily Ever After and Jacob ended up filling up that hole in his heart that was left by Bella.

LOVELOVELOVE that Jacob imprinted on Nessie :D Okay so it's a little gross thinking about Jacob and Nessie dating but that's only because we've seen Nessie only as a little kid, like a 3 year old. At this point in her life Jacob's like her best friend or her big brother... not at all like a lover, in the future when Nessie's a lot older then it's possible that Jacob and Nessie end up falling in love but for now he's just what she wants him to be (and that's definitely not a boyfriend)

I want to know more about Nessie and Jacob (maybe SM will write about it WOOHOO!!)
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Re: Renesmee

Post by KittyYogi »

I absolutely love her. I wish all kids were low maintenance like that and could grow that quickly. Granted Bella's pregnancy wasn't say the least...but it's smooth sailing for her from now on. You know I wonder if Stephenie will explore this character further. In interviews, she has said that Renesemee was going to be apart of this series from the start. I can't imagine that she'd stop at BD. If she continues to write from other characters perspectives (like Anne Rice has done), I hope it's from hers and that it covers her relationship with Jacob. I'd also like to find out more about her power.
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Re: Renesmee

Post by Twilightaddict »

Okay I LOVED renesmee!! How couldn't you?!?! the way SM described her made my heart melt. I was so happy for Bella and edward. But did anyone else not really like the fact that Jacob imprinted on her?? But shes soo cute and i don't think she is usless ! I think SM should maybe write another book in ther series it would be so interesting to hear about her and jacob and her abilities i found it soo interesting
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Re: Renesmee

Post by JCatter »

I really can't stand that name. Although the kid was quite surprising and I'm still not so sure about it...but still that name makes me shudder. :-/
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Re: Renesmee

Post by emmett_<3 »

Hahaha. This is a really hard thing to explain. I love Renesmess...she is so cute, and just...loveable. BUT i hate the idea of her. I just don't think that Edward and Bella should've had a child. It doesn't fit, and it doesn't make sense. It's something that, i bet, a majority of Twilight fans never would've thought possible. I didn't either. It was twisted, extremely. And the idea of Jacob imprinting on her...i hate it. BUT, i love her character. Not how she got into the series, but her, just her. Haha. If you understand thats great, if not, let me know. It's confusing.
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Re: Renesmee

Post by NessieFan »

I loved Renesmee from the very beginning, she enraptured me in her charm and her wisdom and yet her youthful naiveness that only a child can have. Perhaps its because I have two nieces who are almost two or because I work with kids a lot but I had no problem falling in love with even the thought of renesmee.

Her gift is a unqiue one which is more her way of communicating even though she can speak with proper english and grammer. I would love for a spin-off to be done of her story and how it entertwines with Jacob and such.
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