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Re: Jacob Black Past, Present and Future

Post by holdingoutforjacob »

i like jake for several reasons that are just him, not actions.

i like that he is mature in an appropriate way. he's mature, but still a kid, and still "normal." he's got the perfect maturity level for me.

his capacity to love amazes me. i mean, god, how many times has this kid been hurt now?? and yet he is still able to connect and love people. that's astounding to me.

his loyalty. i love that. i like a guy who's willing to deal with whatever craziness i'm going through and not be like "dude, you are too much trouble."

i like his ability to realize when it's really over and back off. i know most people won't agree with me on this. but i feel like it's a real testament to his character that in Eclipse, after bella realized she loved him but it just wasn't enough, he backed off. i think that really says something.

he seems like such an emotional person, but when it comes down to it, he really is very reasonable. he has a perfect balance of logic and emotion.

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Re: Jacob Black Past, Present and Future

Post by xoPearl_Angelxo »

I think Jacob Black has really come a long way from the guy that we read of on First Beach. Not only did he change phisically but also a lot of his thinkin changed. We saw a little bit of immaturiity in New Moon but when we came to Breaking Dawn I think the line that really made me value Jacobs character the most was when he thought to himself that it would take him years or suffering to understand the kind of pain Edward was going through. (I don't have the boook open) Anyways thats one of the most moving lines in the book for me. Jacob has slowly really grow on me and is a really great addition to the book!

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Re: Jacob Black Past, Present and Future

Post by Bella+Edward4ever »

It took awhile. I had to reead all of the books for it to happen but Jake finally grew on me also. I thought he was kindof funny right from the start, with his crush on Bella, but I think that he's matured since then.Although not a lot of time has gone by from when he was that kid, ehough has passed that he was able to as he says, "embrace his birthright" and leave the pack to do what he thought was the right thing to do, which is hard in any situation, wolf or not.
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Re: Jacob Black Past, Present and Future

Post by Alice-Is-Awesome »

I really like Jacob. I also thought he was just a minor character after Twilight but I'm glad he's become more important to the series. I think it's good that he imprinted on Renesmee because it allows him to stay close to Bella, though it did sound kinda wierd at first!
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Re: Jacob Black Past, Present and Future

Post by kvampireloverr »

I absolutely loved Jake in NM and I still loved him in Eclipse and to me the word jerk never came to mind in describing him i loved him in the second book of Bd becasue it was still him, but i would've liked to know what happened to him after imprinting.Did his personality change? because all i saw after he imprinted on that little girl was robot i was so hurt when he did imprint because it seemed like he had changed. i would've rather him not have imprinted. :(
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Re: Jacob Black Past, Present and Future

Post by deliabookworm »

I loooove Jacob for a lot of reasons:

He's really persistant. He's not afraid of backing down, and not just when it came to pursuing Bella in Eclipse.
He's loyal. He won't diss you or backstab you.
He's a good kisser ;)
He's less serious and mature than Edward. I don't think I could handle Edward because he's soooo polite and mature and he watches you sleep!! I don't want to know what I say or do when I'm asleep.
Jacob's funny.
He's warm! I'd much rather be warm than cold, because it's easy to get cold but really hard to warm back up again.
He's really sweet and caring most of the time, and when's he's not, I can argue with him. I would like to argue with Jacob because he doesn't budge from his point of view.
He doesn't flaunt his money like Edward does, because he doesn't have any!!
He's a werewolf! I'd much rather have a dog as a pet than a mosquito or a leech, even though Edward, of course, is much better than a leech.

That's all I can thing of for now...
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Re: Jacob Black Past, Present and Future

Post by midnight_fix »

I've always loved Jacob. I appreciated the contrast between him and Edward. With Bella and Edward everything was always so intense and profound and with Jacob things were more lighthearted and fun. Granted, Edward and Bella had their lighthearted moments as well, but not like the teasing relationship that Jake and Bella had.

I'm was a little sad after BD about Jake though, because of the changes he went through. Don't get me wrong I still think he's amazing but even in BD when he's being funny it's a little jaded. He had to go through so much that he was almost too mature, he just seemed melancholy in a way. And when he had such a hard time dealing with forming his own pack and watching Bella die it was so depressing. I'm glad that he got his happy ending, I just wish he could get that unaffected charisma back. I needed more Jacob smiles than I got in BD.

Anyway, still love Jacob.
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Re: Jacob Black Past, Present and Future

Post by Nightvision »

For me Jacob was my favorite Character in the whole series. I could understand his emotions, and felt for him throughout all the pain he had to endure.
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Re: Jacob Black Past, Present and Future

Post by trhmllr »

I have always liked him. While reading Twilight I knew he would develop into a major charcter. He kept popping up! Plus he knew (whether he believed it or not) about the Cullens. I felt that werewolves would play a part in future books. I was right.
He grew from a cute, persitant teen boy with a crush to an amazing, sarcastic, loving, protective character. I like how he grew, but he is still a teenaged boy!
I am completely okay with him and Nessie. I don't find it weird at all. He won't remember (at least in the same way) how he felt or thought about Bella. Nessie is his world now! He has a new life now I guess you could say!
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Re: Jacob Black Past, Present and Future

Post by whenitrains »

Does anybody know what happened to Jacobs Mother ? Was she in a car crash?
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