Epilogue ~ An Occasion

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Re: Epilogue ~ An Occasion

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1. Did you figure out right away that they were on their way to prom or did you, like Bella, have something else in mind?

I wondered.

2. If you haven't read the extended prom remix at Stephenie's site, I encourage you to do so right now. If you have read it, do you think the shorter version is better? What parts of the extended version do you think should have been left in the book and why?

Out of all the outtakes and extended versions that is one I didn't read. Hmmm now I am curious.

3. How did you feel about Jacob at the prom? And please, try to ignore any feelings you may have developed about him from New Moon. Remember at the end of Twilight, Jacob doesn't believe in the superstitions of his people and is only there to get parts for his car

I felt it was the wrong place and time for her to tell her that.

4. The last line of Twilight has confused many readers as they assume Edward bites her right then and there. Were you one of those people? Be honest! And how did you feel about that ending? If you read the book when it first came out, were you desperate for more? If you read the book recently, did you know there was a sequel and were already planning to read it?

No I didn't think Edward bite her. I read the Saga in 4 days and re-read it right after years ago. I couldn't get enough and was sad that I read it so fast.

Ya!!! I finally finished the questionnaire for Twilight. I have been wanting to do this since I joined. A lot of those questions really had me thinking on things I never thought about when reading the Saga.
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