Chapter 11 ~ Complications

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Re: Chapter 11 ~ Complications

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1. Each time they are in science class, Bella describes an electric-like current passing between her and Edward. What do you think this current is?
Chemistry, excusing the pun! I think it's just the atmosphere between the two of them, how aware of the other they are and the attraction. The chemistry.

2. During all the questions, we learn that the thing Edward asks the most about are books Bella has read. Why do you think he mostly asks about books?
It's probably a novelty to have a new opinion on the books; also I imagine it would interest him so much because of how passionate Bella is about reading. It's a way to get to know her, through the literature she enjoys. Especially as so much of it is classical fiction that he's already ready.

3. What type of books do you think Bella mentions?
The favourites she was reading while he was away; Jane Austen, Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters.

4. What was your reaction to hearing what twilight is like for vampires.
It seemed very metaphoric. If anything, it was just an insight for me into Edward's character; how he over thought things, how brooding he is.
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