If there is a New Moon

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Re: If there is a New Moon

Post by wildroses »

okay! hurray for new moon happening!
theres a lot that i want to happen/not happen.

i agree with whoever said that chapter 4 waking up should be voiced over.
i LOVE that chapter and it should definitely be included.
also, i heard talk about them somehow incorporating edward into those months where bella is alone..
i totally don't think they should. at all.
i think the whole point of those chapters is for us to feel bella's pain, and edwards absence and all the suffering she goes through. that all comes from not seeing him AT ALL. i think showing edward, even if its just flashing to him in pain would sort of dilute that. and i don't think it shouldn't be done, that way at the end when edward comes back it is so much more intense and happy because we are FINALLY seeing edward again, just like bella, and all the rush of emotions comes to us just like it did in the book, just like it did for bella.

oh and something i would really really really want in the movie is the part towards the end where bella thinks shes dreaming and tells edward not to kiss her and he says something like "do you still love me? because if you've moved on that would be...fair." that whole scene is pretty much my favorite and i would be so so so happy if it was in the movie!!

okay, i'm done. :) ........for now.
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