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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by darkrider »

It was too short! I wanted more RP! lolll It was wayy tooo short. It didn't fill my edward-missing-ful-ness for the day. =[

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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by samajama »

needwingstofly wrote:It was sad actually, when Rob tried to speak again - and was cut off again. I think we all wanted to hear him talk - and most of the pictures up on the web have him looking the other way. I guess they weren't important because they weren't musicians? I would demand a redo but I know it wouldn't matter.
And argh! I don't think it's fair that thwy would be treated as "less important" because they're not musicians. If they weren't wanted at the VMAs, they shouldn't have been invitied to introduce Paramore. Or at least...that's what Rob was trying to say before he was rudely cut off. "Please welcome--"that's all he said. How very sad.
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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by Venecettia »

I know the awards were about music, and not movies, but I woul dhave liked to hear them speak a little more, just in general, or a little about the movie.

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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by G-Faerie08 »

I know man! I was so p'ed off that Rob was cut off..Taylor sure tore the place up though! He was like a pro standing up there!!

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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by steph »

I was so excited that they were on there! I screamed out loud when they showed that they were going to be on in like 5 minutes, my husband just looked over at me and shook his head with a smirk on his face lol Then I was completely let down when Rob didnt even get to say his part and Russell interrupted him. The whole show was completely unorganized and disappointing.

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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by LyghtChyld »

I realise I'll probably be shot for this, but, I'm willing to bet Mtv had nothing to do with Robert getting cut off. Those things are suppose to be live [w/ probably a 10sec delay] and you can't control someone all the time. The frizzy haired comedian guy probably thought it would be funny. Though I did find his stuff funny at the beginning of the show I thought it was rather rude to cut Robert off, though I think it's rude to cut anyone off when they're talking.

Remember he'd apologized about the Promise Ring bit he pulled also, which means he was ticking people off left and right lastnight.

I think if MTV didn't want them there or thought they wouldn't be all that important they wouldn't have Twilight Tuesdays or invited them to the Movie or Music Awards.

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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by mrsedwardcullen »

The only part that I watched of the entire VMA's was the part with the cast of Twilight. I think that everyone looked really good and it was really cute that Rob looked shy to get up front. I'm probably ignorant for saying this, but I really have no clue who that host was or where he even came from. I don't really care to find either because honestly, he drove me insane for the small part that I saw. But other than that, I was more than thrilled to see the Twilight crew up there!
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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by Persephonie »

I liked how Kristen and Rob's outfits matched..... *hehehehe*

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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by Lynzeee »

they looked great.. Kristen bothers me some.. is she just always nervous? her voice sounds so shaky sometimes.. the VMAs is what made me decide that taylor Launter is a cute kid.. and i decided he will be fine for twilight's Jacob(just not new moon if he doesnt GROW FAST) Cam is hot.. mmmm really hot.. and Rob is so sexy no joke.. sad he didnt get to talk.. the VMAs in general felt really Low budget.. the performances(except PINK) were really dumb.. Rhianna opening didnt make any sense to me.. the song didnt go with they way they were dancing..

anyway i didnt get my fill of rob and the others so i went and looked at pics of them coming in.. all looked great
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Re: The Cast on the VMA's

Post by Persephonie »

I think Kristen is extremely shy....

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