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Official Trailer Music

Post by Nena »

Discuss the Twilight trailer music here.
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Re: Official Trailer Music

Post by Miss Cullen »

Yay first post :) I LOVE the opening music in the trailer, it is fantastic, very haunting and I think it really sets the mood up. Does anyone know what the song is or if it is on the soundtrack?
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Re: Official Trailer Music

Post by tsvety »

^I agree! The trailer music was amazing! I got shivers all the way down my spine the first time I watched it. And I still do... :lol:

Hmm, but I don't want to listen to the soundtrack before I see the movie. I hate it when I do that and listen to the songs non-stop and by the time to movie comes I'm sick of them and I don't enjoy it...So yeah! Not gonna do that this time 8-)
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Re: Official Trailer Music

Post by evy92 »

I'm actually the one who asked for this post, I was desperate to know the name of the openning song on the third trailer...
Does anyone know it ? Or maybe there are two songs (the mysterious voice and then the rocky song)
It's so mysterious and it matches completly with the twilight atmosphere, i absolutely love it !
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Re: Official Trailer Music

Post by Eri »

The lack of lyrics in the song makes it difficult to find about the music. Looking on the internet about it i've read some people say it's a song made by Within Temptation called Angels, but i've heard it and it doesn't sound the same. I'll keep looking for it but i think it may be a instrumental score made for the trailer

The song for the second trailer was Red Mist by Jim Dooley
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Re: Official Trailer Music

Post by mlola619 »

I REALLY enjoyed the trailer music for all 3 trailers. They did a great job of putting that eerie feel to each one- indicating mystery and depth! I also thoroughly enjoy the music they put when promoting the dangers in the movie, such as Jame's hunting ability and the danger he imposes...truly amazing, it gave me chills
Did anyone else want to die with the romance scenes??? OH MY GOSH! hehe i promise the music for the holiest scene ever....yep that's right, the kiss scene! I swear i just about died when i heard it- it really drew out the mood and the passion....*aaaaaa*
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Re: Official Trailer Music

Post by BuffytheVampireLover »

I thought the music at the beginning was absolutely perfect. It set the tone perfectly, so that people won't think it's a fluffy cliche chick flick. Very epic. I'm also really glad that none of the music was an easily recognized popular song, I felt like that kept the focus on the trailer itself and what was going on.

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Re: Official Trailer Music

Post by edward x lover »

The first official trailer music is "Red Mist" by Jim Dooley
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Re: Official Trailer Music

Post by lag28wa »

Ooh! I agree, the music in the third trailer was great, it made the most of an impression on me and lended the most emotion to it! I think that's my favorite. To tell you the truth I don't remember much about the music in the others, I must go watch again!
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Re: Official Trailer Music

Post by NewMillenium »

I looooved the music that started after they showed the Summitt logo :D It was that techno(sorta)theme. So, NOBODY knows what song it is?'s probably generic music like in the Penelope special feature :(
Why must generic music sound so awesome?...WHY?!? :cry:
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