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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by psugar »

I just saw it, and I loved it. Everyone rocked and it was so hilarious and dramatic. I was like on the edge of my seat all over again.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Shawnee »

I saw it on Friday night and I walked in expecting it to be a bad rendition of the book, but as I watched it with a more open mind, I give it my approval!
Sure they changed somethings, but it has to happen because of time constraints and movie funds.

Robert did an amazing job as Edward! He portrayed Edward exactly as I pictured him and the expressions, OMG, amazing! The first day in Biology was so funny but shows his first reaction to Bella.
Yes, they didn't portray the real Edward but had the most important topics in it. I was slightly disappointed with the car scene driving back from Port Angeles. That's one of the best and important parts of the book.
But I hope more of that comes in New Moon.
Kristen might need to put a little more emotion into it, but she did fairly well with Bella, just a person fading in the background trying to fit in. Loved it!

Jasper, I pictured a little more taller, like 6ft and bit more, we'll say in shape. He reminded me of a computer geek without glasses in a room full of monsters. Wasn't so crazy for him.

I wish they could have shown more of the Cullens past as well, it helps in the story line. But all the actors/actresses did an awesome job at playing the Cullens! When Carlise first walks into the room with Bella, my sister and I both dropped jaws and just reveled in his beauty! OMG AMAZING! Rosalie was perfect and exactly what I thought. And I am very dear to Esme more after the movie.
I felt so much for Charlie when Bella had to hurt him, I like him more and I cried a little for him even.

The love fact between Edward and Bella, was good considering the time and things, I love having some of the action in it too. And the scene with James and Edward in the studio just made me melt because he radiated the love between the two of them. OH! And I loved when she got out of the Volvo with Edward, OMG I wanted so much to be there than any other time in the movie! He was just so darn cute and loved the smile!*Heart Flutters*
And I love the driving in the movie, incredible.

The additions were good though. Yes, the baseball game and in the restaurant "Sex, money, sex, money, money, cat..."
Though in the kissing scene, with there being no music playing, I'm sorry but I felt it was a little akward. Thankfully it didn't last too long.
The field trip was a little different, idk how I liked it.
Loved the Graduation caps, and the Cullen's house was a little newer than I thought it was supposed to be.

And I like spookybell's list of things. Yes, very much agreed. But I like Sam a little, I love the scene where him and Charlie mess around in the road. So funny!

My boyfriend went into the movie not knowing anything about the movie other than I loved it and had to see it Friday, he said was a definite chick flick but that it was a pretty decent movie and he could relate to Edward.

Overall, I loved the movie and think people did a great job on it. No one else thought it would a hit, and now the talk that the sequel is coming out, I'm so excited. I hope they have a bigger budget and make sure they have the cliff-diving!
I wanted to watch it over and over again, and I am going to get it as soon as it comes into stores, that bf had buy it for me for X-mas if it comes out on DVD by then! He'll be much more loved!
And YES!! When I heard New Moon was going to happen, I'm in love with it already!

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by liberal_hippie »

OK, the movie was completely over-the-top. I enjoyed it, but I can't imagine how someone who had never read the book would understand what was going on! They showed a lot of the WHAT, but left out a lot of the WHY. Put it this way, I'm very very glad that I have read the book three times. The only good part about the movie was the eye-candy, IMHO.

And I am totally annoyed they didn't do a better job with Edward's sparkly skin. It just looked like they used glitter!

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by ForeverTopaz17 »

I'm so glad we can finally talk about this!

For all the fans who have been here since the beginning: I just have to say wow. How long have we been waiting for this moment? From all the discussions we had about why the movie shouldn't be made, to posting our own castings on the old lexicon, to all the Henry vs. Gaspard wars :D its amazing that we finally have an actual movie.

I saw the movie last week, and I was ecstatic (practically bouncing up and down in my seat :lol: ). I went into it thinking "No matter how it is, I'm just gonna enjoy it. I'll always picture the characters in my own way, no matter how good or bad the movie is." I didn't have high hopes, cause honestly, nothing can compare to this beautiful series Mrs. Meyer has created.

But I'm happy to report, I was far from dissapointed. The movie was absolutely amazing! I think Ms. Hardwick did a wonderfull job, considering all the pressure she was under to make this movie an epic.

Were there things I didn't like? Sure. Nothings ever gonna be as great as the books. But the good out weighed the bad. I felt like I was seeing something completely new. I loved how they added certain things to the movie (such as the Cullens making Bella Italian food and Mike Newton shaking it outside the diner :D ). Kept me on my toes =]

I'm really sad to hear how many people were dissapointed with this movie. Honestly, if you go into a movie thinking "I'm gonna pick out every single imperfect detail about this movie," you're deffinately not going to enjoy it. I feel bad for those of you who did that. You missed out on a lot.

I thought it was wonderful :roll:

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by j_jam »

Okay, you all convinced me.........I'm going to go see it a second time. I was really disappointed the first time but then I came on here and most people that didn't like it the 1st time said that they loved it the 2nd time. So, I'm going to try it and see if I can leave the theater with a different feeling this time. I promise to go in there and not dissect the movie, I will enjoy it for what it is and not what I think it should have been.

Plus, it never hurts to watch Rob for 2hrs straight......I need a pic of him during the scene in the rain so I can stare at it all day and night. Holy Crow! That was pure hotness, his body all wet and the rain dripping off of him :shock: WOW, just WOW!!
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by chichichobits »

We went to see the movie yesterday and I liked it but I think I missed a lot of stuff. I felt like it was choppy in the beginning and there wasn't enough smooth transitions between the scenes--if a person didn't read the book it would be hard to follow. In the middle it started getting real good. I liked how Robert portrayed Edward especially during the biology scene it was over the top but still loved it. He either look constipated or in extreme pain--to explain his inner torture with Bella. Certain scenes were really nice like when they were in the woods jumping and running up trees. Others I think would have been better like the whole sparkly skin scene he just look like he was sweating a lot lol. I think by the second movie it will be a lot better. In this one you really didn't get a feel for the characters--not enough time or dialogue it seemed as if everything happened over a month. I kind of appreciated that Bella wasn't like girly girly but just regular you know almost wooden. I think if Kristen showed her as really emotional it wouldn't be believable. I don't know I think the second movie should have way more kissing, intimacy, showing Edward's sensitive side. I loved his crooked smile it was perfect. I loved both of them. Jasper was one of my favorites his face and his hair :lol: The baseball game and fight scene were my favorites. I didn't mind the extra stuff like Billy Black saying stuff like " just keeping it real" or the scene with the family making dinner and one of the sibling asked if she liked Italian food and Emmett said " her name is Bella duh" and how they kept the "" line with the guy's happy face or mixing up the lines in the book or adding plots like the other vampires being involved in a killing spree first then finding the family playing baseball. James was good too he always looked like he was about to kill her and he was constantly sniffing the air like a feen. When all three of the vampires came out of the fog it was so funny and over dramatic. The reaction to the venom when he bit her was so good and spot on like exactly how I imagined it to be. Carlise had to tell Edward to stop which was very believable I was like o.m.g. Overall I think it was good I will be watching it again though to see if I would like it more. Jacob was good and intense especially at the end--can't wait to see more of him. Robert was so friggin hot I love his eyes and everything okay enough fan girl stuff lol
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Sabeth »

I went to see Twilight on saturday night with one of my friends who has read Twilight and New Moon so far and her mom came along with us too having no idea what Twilight was except that there was vampires.

I was kind of undecided going into the theatre because I wanted it to be good but I didn't want to get my hopes up. Turns out I love the movie and really want to see it again before the theatre run is done but don't know if that will happen. :( I was suprised by all of the comic relief but I enjoyed it very much. The funniest scene for me was probably the Cullens in the kitchen cooking Italian for Bella and Emmett saying something about how Bella is Italian so she will like it (sorry, can't remember the exact line). I agree with everyone that Bella and Edward's relationship seemed very rushed and would be quite confusing if you haven't read the book but I understand that they wanted to put some more action into the film because not everyone would want to sit through a angsty love story for 2 hours. I love Rosalie even more then I already did before, Nikki Reed is awesome! Emmett is now one of my favorite characters, I always liked him but he was never really a favorite of mine before. I even started to like Mike. I was totally thinking Edward Scissorhands whenever I saw Jasper too! :lol: I'm sure I'm probably forgetting a lot but overall the movie was awesome and I'm looking forward to New Moon.

Forgot to mention James and Victoria were awesome too! I'm going to miss James now. :(

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by jlbower79 »

j_jam wrote:Okay, you all convinced me.........I'm going to go see it a second time. I was really disappointed the first time but then I came on here and most people that didn't like it the 1st time said that they loved it the 2nd time. So, I'm going to try it and see if I can leave the theater with a different feeling this time. I promise to go in there and not dissect the movie, I will enjoy it for what it is and not what I think it should have been.

Plus, it never hurts to watch Rob for 2hrs straight......I need a pic of him during the scene in the rain so I can stare at it all day and night. Holy Crow! That was pure hotness, his body all wet and the rain dripping off of him :shock: WOW, just WOW!!

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by emurlee! »

The movie was a fab as fabbity fab gets, all I can say to Robert Pattinson...I'd tap dat.

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by heifergrl1 »

I saw it on Friday night with my friends and I really liked it. Even though they had some stuff missing it still worked. I was cracking up for a bunch of the movie actually, because some of the parts were so awkward they were funny. Rob Pattinson as Edward made me drool...I was just like, "" I thought he was a pretty amazing Edward. And, if James wasn't evil and trying to kill Bella, I would love him too. He was smokin"!!! I would definitely take James or Edward home with me...or both ;) .

I loved how Mike never stopped smiling the entire movie, even when he was being rejected by Bella. Charlie remined me a lot of my dad which scared me. Especially the part when he and Edward are sitting at the table waiting for Bella to come down the stairs...that was awkward. Did anyone else find the part where Edward first got Bella's scent amusing? I did cause it looked like if he could vomit that he would have. His eyes were perfect in that moment though, they made you go "Holy crap he's gonna eat my soul."

I really want to see it at least one more time because I loved it soooooooooo much

Oh the deliciousness!

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