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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Mrs.Mylifenow,Cullen »

xxxDarkMoonxxx wrote:Okay...i would just like to begin and say that Twilight was absolutely amazing! I loved it and it really set the tone of the book.

First off, i'd like to tell you my favorites...

I thought the acting was great. Kristen Stewart really pulled off Bella. In the books, Bella always did seem nonchalant and at times she was intense and sarcastic, which the actress pulled off greatley. And yes, Kristen did smile a few times in the movie. I was watching for that one.
Rob was really great at Edward, his emotions just shifted automatically, which was great. Although, in the car scene on the way to the restaurant where he is fighting that urge to kill the men and Bella tells him 'to put your seatbelt on' and he gave that hysterical laughter, the look on his face made me giggle.
The other actors were fantabulous.

I loved the flashback scene with the quileutes and the cullens. The appearance of the wolves was awesome forshadowing and made me deeply excited about New Moon.

The baseball scene was probably my favorite with Muse in the background. Did Edward actually give Emmett the middle finger? Cuz i missed it. Someone mentioned that they saw it.

I absolutely loved the ending where they show Victoria at Prom looking down on Edward and Bella and she turns around with a deadly look in her eyes and she pulls her hair down in slow motion. Great forshadowing.

Overall i thought the film was great and kept nicely to the book.

Yeah, i also tried to avoid going at a time where little teeny boppers would be there, but it didn't happen. Although there was no squealing, thank god, but they were talking on the phone during the film which bugged me. Also, i heard a girl talking before the film with a friend and it sounded like she watched it before, which was cool. I really didn't think Twilight had much of a following in my area. Also, i heard a man laugh in the back during a funny part.

I can't wait for New Moon to come out. It's going to be so much better then this one. Because, come on this one was pack full of introductions of characters, there should be some really great stuff in the next one.

Also, my sister went to the movies with me last night (she has never read the books) and she is already in the middle of New Moon. I just couldn't believe it, i've been trying to get her to read the books for years.
I loved the movie too, I have only sen it once on the 21st at the 11:15 pm showing. I had to work late but I didn't want to miss watching it on the day of the release so I still made it before the end of the day, As a fan I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't watch it on that day what kind of fan would I be!

Like you said Bella acts non chalant most of the time in Twilight trying to show Edward that she was brave enough to handle his world. So Kristen did a great job of showing that, I Loved Edward Robert did an amazing job, the only ting that threw me of was his voice it was soft and gentle and I always imagined Edward to have a strong yet gentle when he had to be kind of voice, I still liked it of course.

One of my favorite parts is when Edward saves Bella at the alley how he stares them down and they back away talk about if looks could Kill, and he tried to run them over that was good.

I thought the Restaurant scene was good and hilarious because Edward actually goes thru peoples minds right there out loud and says what they are thinking about money, sex, money, sex, Cat that was hilarious. Another funny thing is Jasper's face when Bella is around he looks like he is in pain.

I liked Charlie he acted just like I thought he would so definitly no let down there. I didn't like Angela that much she sounds better in the book more friendly and nice than in the movie. Jessica was exactly what I thought she would be, the I want to be in the mix of things at any cost and I won't take no for an answer. And Jake was Great to he was exactly what I thought Jacob should be in real life really cute too, but he's no Edward.

My number one part was the end when Bella and Edward are dancing in the Gazebo it was such a romantic and private moment I loved it.

I liked how they set the opening for New Moon with Victoria at the prom. I was freaking out when they anounced that they were going to make New Moon too so that means that all the books are going to be made :lol:. I can't wait for New Moon although I'm going to have to bring my box of tissues because I'm going to be crying most of the time, although this time I plan to bring a friend with me who has recently become a fan It's going to be much more fun to have someone who loves the books as I do there.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Ohs0sexyBella<3 »

Ok srry i know I previously posted but I just wanted to point out and see If anyone agrees with me that the movie was completely rushed...It was choppy..short, and (okay WE know how truly honest and deep Bella and Edward's love for each other was but to the viewer's who had no previous twilight knowledge it just looked like a crazy teenage adventure. The kind you get over in a few weeks because that's all it was- an adventure. I mean, honestly, one minute they meet and introduce themselves. The next they are upset at each other(which by the way didn't seem like they were angry- they just looked amused)...and that SAME day he tells her "im a vampire" and then...what?!...they are all of a sudden considered IN LOVE???...Don't get me wrong though...the movie was great but it's that first hour that really bugged me..I wanted to see more of Edward in Bella's room- singing her lullaby..I wanted to have goosebumps from that feeling Bella got whenever they touched or even locked eyes and what i got was dissapointment. Kristen didn't deliver like I thought she would.. I didn't really believe she loved Edward..and of course- all of us know- that she would give her LIFE for him. It's the truest of all loves and I didn't even buy it...

On a more happy note- The cast was perffection! (with the ecxeption of Bella that is) and I enjoyed almost every moment...Laughed and cried my eyes out when nessesary...haha....Rob made an awesome him i just have two simple words: "BITE ME!"..... :lol:

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by AnCatDubh »

I loved the movie. The actors had their characters down perfectly. I laughed insanely hard when Edward first smelled was so weird and over the top. It was perfect. I have no complaints.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by melting into you »

I took it with the music playing and them talking and laughing in different areas of Forks that was weeks of them getting to know each other. You could tell they couldn't stop talking and asking questions. It was just shown differently then in the book. In the book they were driving home, and he'd pick her up for school. By the time he said their secret was out of them being together they had spent weeks together alone. Also the time frame changed because the Prom was at the end ot the school year so I guess we assume she came in March to Forks, met him shortly after, he was only gone 2 wks and then came back friendly so I'd say they had about 3 months together, plenty of intense time to fall in love. Yeah missed him singing to her, but that kiss made up for everything.

BTW, I too thought I wouldn't like Kristen as Bella from all the scenes I saw on you tube, in the movie? I thought she nailed it perfectly. Bella is very anti social, doesn't like to be put out there on display, wants to be left alone, like in that scene with the book reading with the iPod headphones when Mike asked her to join them. So she really acted like she was uncomfortable in her skin until she's with Edward, then she perked up. Just my take on it...
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by *Wanderer* »

Hey, you know what I noticed? People who've never read the book before would have no idea why it's called "Twilight."

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by liberal_hippie »

*Wanderer* wrote:Hey, you know what I noticed? People who've never read the book before would have no idea why it's called "Twilight."

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by bellacara »

Long time lurker first time poster.. and what a thing to get me out of the shadows.

I just saw the movie and was very entertained. But for all the wrong reasons. I thought that Kristen's performance of Bella was all wrong. ALL WRONG! Was she trying to play a shy and simple girl or an asthmatic? Her huffing and puffing was annoying and strange. She also didn't seem in love at any point but crazy. There were no aww moments. Rather a lot of cringes and me actually shouting in my head. Oh GOSH PLEASE NO YOU DIDN'T JUST .. Ahhhh Yeah you did. I read the first book because of Bella, and all of the books because of Bella. Kristen is no Bella. Kristen seems like she couldn't care less and instead phoned it in.
And Lastly.. I have to say I am EXTREMELY disappointed in how Kristen is behaving lately. Does she want the fans to hate her. Oh wait she already said she didn't care. I am sorry but when you are HANDED a golden ticket, and an already devoted fan base at least PRETEND to be humble. Maybe she couldn't pull that "character" off either.

Rob kept falling in and out of character, but when he did get it he at least was right on. I will blame his bad moments to the writing. Edward's mood swings were taken way out of context. He was not supposed to be creepy/crazy. Just broody.

The screen play and so called adaptation was atrocious and I pray they get a new writer and director for New Moon. It was too fragmented and I kept thinking "did I just miss something when I blinked?" When she followed him into the woods I thought what is that all about? There are times that the written script contradicted the characters themselves. Bella in the restaurant, when she goes to get up?? She would have never done that! There was no hint at chemistry between the two, instead all of a sudden Edward is like "Oh yeah I can hear people". I kept thinking: Thank GOD I read these books because I would have been disturbed rather than enamored with Edward, in the movie he was written as freakish and strange. It all just felt very awkward.

The score (NOT THE SOUNDTRACK .. yes there is a difference) was almost overpowering and annoying.. had an seventies porn feel about it .. Please fire that guy too!

Production wise why was it so hard to follow the costume choices as they were written? Bella's blue blouse, Edward's cream turtleneck and leather jacket. I just think they put this together too fast, and too cheap. Please we the fans deserve better than this.

Alas I am a sucker for Bella and Edward so I will probably go see it again.. because I am stupid and obsessed. But all in all I really feel let down as a fan.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by I_love_Bloodsuckers »

Am I the only one here who noticed Stephenie Meyer at the cafe where Bella and Charlie were eating? I'm starting to think I'm just crazy. LOL xD know what I saw. =P

^^I agree w/ you. I heard Kristen hadn't even heard about Twilight until now. I think that someone more knowledgable on Twilight and Bella shoudl've done the part. But, I always imagine Bella to look somewhat like her, and I think Kristen did a good job, though.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Rob »

No i think everyone noticed it. I just wish it wasn't so could have been much more subtle.
By holyguacamole43 at 2008-05-31
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by bellacara »

I_love_Bloodsuckers wrote:Am I the only one here who noticed Stephenie Meyer at the cafe where Bella and Charlie were eating? I'm starting to think I'm just crazy. LOL xD know what I saw. =P
Nope that was her.. did you notice she ordered a "vegetarian plate" yep.. a little tee hee moment.
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