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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by redapple24 »

Okay. I didn't love the movie. I loved PARTS of the movie, but there were just those little things, the details that weren't always there. I like lists so here we go

-Charlie: my favorite
-The Cullens all of them portrayed their characters well. They also looked the part, which was not an easy task.
-Jacob: absolutely adored him. So precious. I can't wait to see how he handles New Moon
-The scene with the sunglasses was beautiful
-Kristen Stuart really surprised me. I really thought she did a great job,
-Rob had some moments where he captured the essence of Edward.
-Victoria, Laurent, and James: they were fantastic.
-Bella's friends were really entertaining. They played a much bigger part than I thought that they would. So great.
-Stephenie Meyer's cameo!!
-The fight scene was awesome! Alice ripping off James' head was probably the best part. The cinematography was exactly what i thought it would be.
-"Her name is Bella!'
-Port Angeles in the dress shop and Edward's save.
-The music was placed very well, it always fit the moment.
-The part when Bella's washing the truck- Rob is actually charming in that scene.
-Rob is extremely attractive.
-The unintentionally funny moments were entertaining. I know I'm not supposed to like them, but i really did.
-That crooked smile. He nailed it.
-When Edward and Bella are driving to his house (running from James), the shot with all the high school kids are coming out of a restaurant
-The baseball scene was great. It was the only time that we saw the Cullens for more than a few minutes.
-I liked that Victoria was at the end. It's a great set up for New Moon!!

-Bella didn't cook...
-The meadow: butchered.
-Edward was basically annoyed with Bella. He didn't seem like he loved her. It was much more of an obligation than anything else. He wasn't charming very often. He also doesn't seem like he cares for a good chunk of the movie.
-Not enough of the Cullens, especially Alice and Jasper. The relationship with Alice and Bella is almost nonexistent.
-Edward is super awkward, not in a good way. He doesn't make eye contact with Bella, and when he does, it's creepy. Such an intense stare.
-Rob and Kristen both took their characters WAY too seriously. Where was the light-hearted banter?
-"Do I dazzle you?"
-"I love you." I mean, I guess that's important (heavy sarcasm).
- The waitress was supposed to be attractive. And that whole scene was weird.
-"Decode" was not in the movie.
-The kiss was WAYYYYY too much. Bella would not let Edward see her in her underwear so early on in their relationship.
-Why did they go into the trees so often? And while they were up there, Edward would not have let go of her. She would have fallen because she's so clumsy.
-The sparkley sound in the sunlight, and when the sun was out in the sunglasses scene his skin was normal.
-It was intense, but not intensely passionate. It didn't have that first love feeling.
-The random added scenes that were unnecessary. They should've used that time to put in the more important scenes from the book.
-Carlisle should NOT have to tell Edward to stop when he's sucking out the venom. He stops because his love for her overshadows everything else.
-Rob looked confused a lot of the time.
-Whoever did hair and makeup....rough.
-When Bella is in the hospital, she doesn't object to being taken care of. She also doesn't mention wanting to leave the hospital.
-Edward brushing his lips up and down Bella's jaw and neck. It's so intimate without being..too physical

I know there was a lot of criticism, but I truly did like the movie. It's all just picky things. The movies will never live up to the books and I get that. I am very aware that not everyone agrees with me on these things so I'm not trying to force my opinion on anyone. I've also seen the movie three times so I noticed different things every time. Sorry this is so long!
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by PhantasmaWolf »

I know some of might disagree with me on this, but I didn't really like the casting for Charlie. He certainlly did a good job on the character, but the appearance was just kind of off for me. Maybe it was because he kind of looked like my grandma's neighbor. xD But over all, I liked it a lot.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by twilight813 »

PhantasmaWolf wrote:I know some of might disagree with me on this, but I didn't really like the casting for Charlie. He certainlly did a good job on the character, but the appearance was just kind of off for me. Maybe it was because he kind of looked like my grandma's neighbor. xD But over all, I liked it a lot.

I thought Billy Burke was perfect. I mean when I was reading I always pictured him as somewhat handsome, maybe a little fat because he is a cop in a small town. but Billy's interpretation of Charlie was dead on. Not to mention that I think Billy Burke is a hottie!! woot!
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by bookluvverx4 »

I loved the movie!

-Jacob was SOO CUTE!
-Billy and Charlie made me laugh...especially Charlie!
-I thought Alice and Rosalie were EXCELLENT!
-I think Rob and Kristen look HOT together!
-Eric was so funny! So was Mike!
-I think the music selection was pretty good, too.
-The ending definitely left an opening for sequels!
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by liberal_hippie »

As everyone else said, much better on the second viewing, just because I wasn't so focused on what was different than the book. I hope that we have given them enough $$ with at least two showings each, that they can do a better job on New Moon.

I also noticed in the second showing that when Edward and Bella are getting to know each other, their clothes and the weather change, showing that it takes place over the course of a longer amount of time. I liked that.

I don't think Edward is mouthing "I love you" to Bella in the garage, I really looked and it just didn't look like that was what he said. I think he was just groping for words.

In the second showing, they cut out the whole thing where they are trying to figure out why Bella's hand is burning. She just says "My hand is burning" and Edward says "It's the venom" without the confusion. I'm glad I saw it the first time because I actually liked how they did that in the full-length version. They also spent less time up in the trees.

And I have to reiterate that I totally totally love the baseball scene. LOVE IT!

And I think they should have used the Blue Foundation song when James, Victoria, and Laurent came into view. The lyrics fit that so much better than where they did use it. I totally picture Victoria singing the song.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by redapple24 »

Shudderaway wrote:I heard Robert P. plays a character on Going to check it out!

Did you find it?
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by pennybug84 »

I really did like the movie. But after I went home & was thinking about it (Twilight sometimes takes up to much of my thoughts/time!)

I'm changing my post from earlier. I decided I do want to put in the things that bugged me. (I'm sure most everyone can agree.)
-First was the development of Edward and Bella's relationship. It wasn't really developed, one minute they barely know each, the next they're in love.
-NO MENATION AT ALL OF JASPER's POWER! And most of his lines I love from the book were not there.
-No mention of the back stories to the other members of the Cullen clan. (ie Especially Carlisle. There was no explanation of this great mans's background, or how he can stand to be a doctor & be around human blood! Or Rosalie, Emmett or Alice.)
-The meadow scene. I don't really like how they did it so close to the school. And also how it wasn't the special place that Edward liked to go & he decided to share that w/Bella.
-Having Bella & Charlie eat dinner at the diner instead of Bella cooking & taking care of Charlie. (That's a big part of her character!)
-No explanation of Bella's sleeptalking. With that no explanation of that's why Edward watches her sleeps & finds it intersting. I thought it weird in the movie that when Edward says he enjoys watching her sleep there was no reaction from Bella at all. (No question of why? Or freaking out? Or anything?! It just made Edward seem like a weird stalker.)
-No development of Alice & Bella's friendship. I love Alice & was looking forward to seeing her & the development there. They will definitely have to step that up for NM.

I really hope with the dvd and the extended/deleted scenes get put in & help show some of this. They really could have added some of this and it would have made the movie better if it was a little longer.

I already posted on other threads the scenes & things that I liked from the movie. So I won't do it again here. I've already seen the movie 3 times and enjoy it each time I've gone. I just have to not think about the differences, and enjoy it as a movie.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by switzgal »

Shudderaway wrote:I heard Robert P. plays a character on Going to check it out!
What Can you post a link or something?
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Delicious211 »

does anyone know who the director for new moon would be?
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by AliceLove »

Sniff... am I alone in my not-really-liking-the-movie-ness? I mean, yeah it was great, and they tried really hard to capture the essence of Twilight, but I think that it was just to strange and sometimes it was completely different from the book. But will I watch New Moon? Definitely! :D

Thanks ilovetwilight!
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