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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Rowinaboat »

I am a huge Twilight fan...but this movie was horrible. I was very disappointed to see that most of the love story was missing. The whole first hour was disjointed. One minute Bella and Edward are just talking to each other, and the next minute they're professing their love to each other. If I didn't have the books memorized, I wouldn't have known what was going on. The second hour was much better. The fight scene was good...very nicely done. I loved seeing Alice rip off James' head. I am also a big fan of the work of ILM. The sparkle effect was awful. It just made Edward look fuzzy...not a diamond the way Stephenie describes it. They could have gotten rid of the James/Victoria/Laurent killing spree scenes and added in the scenes that were needed to fill in the love the ride home from Port Angeles, and them driving to school together, and sitting together in the cafeteria for the first time...what an important scene that should have been in there. Rob did a great job as Edward, but Kristen was horrible. She barely showed any emotion except for the hospital scene. Although I am very excited for New Moon, I am worried because Kristen will have to carry the whole movie and I don't know if she can handle it. I was expecting the movie to stay much truer to the books than it Harry Potter did with the movies. This movie was a letdown and I hope that they do better and learn from their mistakes with Twilight when they make New Moon.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by kkswmmr114 »

The first time I went I was kinda indifferent... I put the blame on the fact that I was tired and incomfortable the whole time. But the second time I went I was well-rested and much more comfortable and I totally fell in love!! I was also able to pay closer attention to the details and that made alot of things that I didn't like the first time obselete because I had heard/seen wrong. Overall, with the budget they were given they did an absolute excellent job. For those that are saying "It is not the book, it sucks." Well, of course not! It is a film adaptation. Sorry, just had to get that out there.
spookybell wrote:Okay - So I have seen it twice now...

My reactions...

--I loved charlie and Billy's attempt at youth lingo. It cracked me up.
--I love when Bella accidently opens the door into Jacob and knocks him around a bit.
--The Vollyball scene was hysterical. I loved it.
--Emmett is carring Eggs into the cafateria - WHY!!!!
--There are also eggs on charlie's table when they are waiting for Bella to come down dressed for prom.
--I didn't notice the music the first time I had seen the movie as I had not listened to the soundtrack.
--I now notice most of the songs and Bella's lullably throught the movie. I liked it.
--Jasper's faces make me want to pee my pants.
--I did not notice anything weird about the black eyes. Someone said they looked photoshopped. I din't notice. I noticed the golden contacts less the second time I was it.
-- I Love the science teacher!
--Rainere Beer... only local Seattlites know about Raineer beer which used to be a HUGE production plant in Washington (taken over by Tully's Coffee) but Raineere Beer is very Seattle. We have Mount Raineere...
--Bella eats A LOT of vegetables and there were apples everywhere.
--Sea whips on the washington and oregon coast are fun to play with. they are not living creatures.
--I still don't like Sam. Timble. Blech!
--The waitresses hair in the resturant was HIDEOUS
--- did I mention I took notes during the movie???---
--Rob lips are absolutly beautiful. I could kiss them. They are delicious.
--Rob and Bella in the rain... Bella was dry and Rob was dripping. Maybe they decided this is the only way to clean Rob, but I loved a wet Edward.
--The glittering in the sun was better the second time. I would have liked a more dynamic in your face glitter, but it was subtle and okay.
--Rob produced that adorable crooked Edward smile and that made me happy.
NOTE: Do not go pee during the movie. You will miss something!!!
--I loved the Baseball scene... more the secod time than the first.
--Bella did not pay the very american lunch lady looking cab driver... that was odd.
--The fight scene, in my oppinion kicked Butt!!!!! I loved the action.
--I noticed the second time that Bella'slullaby was everywhere.
--Edwards room was a mess... that was a little weird.
--The Cullen family was delightful.

I love Twilight!
I completely agree with everything that was said here!! You completely read my mind Spookybell!! :lol:

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Rowinaboat »

Of course it's a film adaptation, but so were all the Harry Potter's and those were A LOT closer to the books than Twilight was to Twilight....regardless of budget. My friends and I are actually shocked that Stephenie gave her approval to that script.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Amethyst1 »

Lynzeee wrote:oh it was over the top! but still- i liked it, him holding his nose was too much- but i dunno i laughed- i didn;t hate it!
yes. and then Bella was sniffing her hair. ahahahahaha. i thought he did an AWESOME job with that. but it also was funny, not because i'd call it bad acting but it was just humourable (is that a word) but all in all. robert did amazing in each and every scene with each and every line. perfect.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by pale_hale »

I was disapointed the first time, but loved it the second time.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Rowinaboat »

You're right, Malaz...Robert was perfect. I can't think of a better Edward!
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by JMer711 »

USA Today's review ... ight_N.htm best matches my opinion of the movie. I was disappointed. It was way too condensed to adequately get a feel for the intensity of the love between Bella and Edward. Most of the time, Bella (Stewart) looked anguished or scared, not in love. I can remember very few times when she actually SMILED. I feel like the added parts (e.g., with Victoria/James/Laurent killing people in the town) unnecessarily took up time that could have (and should have) been used to pace out the movie and show a better progression of the relationship between Bella and Edward. I feel like if I hadn't already read the saga (twice), I would have never grasped their feelings for each other... It just felt too choppy and random to me -- as if they just put the major scenes together without worrying about the glue that held those pieces together.

I read a lot that the screenwriter was trying to change the dialogue so it wouldn't seem as corny, but I definitely thought it ended up being even cornier than had they just left it alone. And Edward's lines didn't do him justice -- in no way did it portray him as the strong, mature, old-soul gentleman that he is. He seemed more like an insecure, pushy, nervous... teenager! You gotta keep in mind -- he is 100 years old! He may look 17, but in reality, emotionally and mentally, he is very intelligent, experienced and confident. When Bella is in the forest telling him her observations of him and says something about how he speaks like he's from another time, I laughed (in fact, most of the theater laughed throughout the movie during parts we all knew were horrible compared to the book), because there was hardly anything in his dialogue throughout the movie to actually support that. In the book, he definitely does speak very much like he's from the turn of the century, but in the movie he didn't at all. Most of the things he said were one-liner-esque, rather than his normal flowery speech.

Had they not messed with Stephenie Meyer's progression and dialogue so much, I feel like it would have been much better. They had certain major scenes in there, sorta, but most of them hardly resembled the original scene in the book. The special effects were somewhat corny, but that's to be expected in a low budget film. I desperately hope that they increase the budget for New Moon and get a new director.

On the positive, the soundtrack was woven in very well, the actors all LOOKED very good (though their acting didn't necessarily impress -- except for Charlie (Billy Burke), who was excellent) and there were a few changed scenes that I thought were cute (the Cullen's cooking for Bella, Edward trying to dance with Bella in his room to Claire de Lune). But, in general, I felt like the only thing that stayed true to the book was the basic plotline -- the way the story was told didn't hold a candle to the way Meyer wrote it. It's like they were calling it the same dish because it had the same ingredients, but it had a completely different flavor.

I reeeeally wanted to like it, and I tried to go in with as low of expectations as I could, because I knew it would never live up to the book. But even overlooking the poor scripting/adaptation, the acting was corny and the progression was just way too fast and piece-y for me.

::Sigh:: Maybe I'd like it a little better if I saw it again and just tried to enjoy it for what it is, rather than comparing it to the book...
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by butterfly420km »

LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!!!!! Did I mention that I loved it? LOL! :P I've already seen it twice, and I may go again tomorrow to the matinee just to boost this weekend's numbers a little bit more, not that they are going to need it!!

Rob was the perfect Edward, I swooned every single time he had a scene. He was just so damn hot. :oops: I couldn't stop smiling every time he was on the screen. My cheeks hurt by the end of the movie.

When I went to the midnight showing, obviously it was filled with a bunch of die hard Twilight fans, but that made it better because they all got excited when I did. No one got too loud during the movie, but there were murmurs of excitement when the Cullens first appeared and when they first saw Carlisle.

I saw the movie again last night, but I could tell that not a lot of people in the theater had seen the movie. They just seemed kind of confused and there weren't really any reactions to the Cullens or any of the good parts. It made me sad they didn't appreciate it as much as I do. I'm going again next weekend with my best friend who is also obsessed, so I can't wait to see it with someone else who loves it!!

Overall, I thought they did a great job. There were a few lines I wish they would have put in the movie, it wouldn't have taken any more time. For instance:

-There was no mention of Edward's dazzling. They totally could have squeezed that into the restaurant scene after the waitress walked away.

-Edward never said anything about it being twilight, and how it was the end of another day. I really thought they would have put that in there, because that's where the name of the movie came from.

-The other Cullens weren't at the prom, so the line about barricading the doors and having a massacre wasn't there. Bella's line of "Oh I'm with the vampires, of course" is one of my favorite lines out of the book. Oh well.

Oh and did anyone notice that Victoria was actually at the prom when they first walked in??? (Not just looking down on them at the end.) She was like in the back by Jessica and Mike playing roulette or something. You can see her fur thing that she was wearing throughout the movie. Creepy...
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by MeliR »

well i absolutely loved the movie.. and i cant really understand how anyone cant possibly like it. but i guess thats the risk that producers take when turning a book into a movie...

i was in complete aww when edward was sparkling. i leaned over to my friend and said "omg he is so beautiful".. and i so meant it..

yes some parts were super funny but hey i can remember numerous times in the book that i laughed to myself while reading it..

charlie was awesome.. hands down my fav character of all. and i love how him and billy were just acting like a hot mess.. they were to funny. i also enjoyed jacob in this movie..

vamp baseball was fantastic... jasper looked super sexy swinging that bat around and i think it was super cute when rob and kellan fell and laughed when they slammed into eachother while trying to catch the ball...

i can honestly say that the reason i think i enjoyed the movie so much was because i went into the movie not compring it all to the book.. i know all the emotions behing the characters and that helped me a lot while watching the movie.

rob and kristen were just fabulous and i cant understand why ppl are so hard on the poor girl. she is just like someone i would of been in HS and i could of totally related to her when i was in HS (im 25)..

well New Moon is on the way.. yayyayayayay
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Ally_Cat »

butterfly420km wrote:
Oh and did anyone notice that Victoria was actually at the prom when they first walked in??? (Not just looking down on them at the end.) She was like in the back by Jessica and Mike playing roulette or something. You can see her fur thing that she was wearing throughout the movie. Creepy...
Yeah I noticed that the second time I saw the movie. I was like "woah thats creep." I think if anyone doesn't know about the next 2 books, they got some idea from that scene that Victoria isn't going to play nice.

I was lucky and my theater opened another smaller theater that we could see it in, instead of waiting in line for the big theaters. It was barely half full and everyone was older and die hard fans (so no squeels or laughing at inappropriate parts like the 2nd audience I saw it with). But at the end when Victoria turned around someone yelled out "Uh oh, I smell a sequel." :lol: Great way to end an amazing midnight showing experience
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