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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by FireLuna »

I loved the movie! Saw it last night. Jasper's face was so hilarious! xD And the Golden Onion was funny, too. I couldn't believe Stephenie appeared in one scene. That was a bonus. I thought Edward would be a lot more sparkly in the sunlight, but whatever. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to get it when it comes out on DVD. (=
I want to go see it again! xD
And I think I was the only Jacob fan in there. Made me a little sad, but woo! Jacob! <33333 *cough* Anyway. Fans will definitly like the movie. ^^

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Tengo Nubs. »

just dropped in to say that i LOVED the movie. no, it wasn't perfect and it certainly wasn't as good as the book, but i like it for what it is--an entertaining and faithful adaptation of the book. so yay!

sure, some parts were cheesy and awkward--edward's initial reaction to bella, anyone? :lol: --but overall I think they all did a pretty good job capturing the spirit of their characters. i liked rob's interpretation of edward--i liked that sometimes he didn't know what to say and was a little bit awkward. it made him endearing.
also, i absolutely loved charlie. i think he got the relationship between charlie and bella down pat. plus, he's kinda cute....haha

loooved the "humans" haha. jessica was so funny and mike and eric were great for comedic relief too.
oh and on that note--i liked that the movie had funny, lighthearted moments. there are obviously funny moments in the book, so i'm glad that they didn't think twilight had to always be this ultra-serious, angsty teenage love story (that would have been completely annoying...)

i'm rambling now i think and i can't remember all of my initial reactions to the movie, but i really really enjoyed it! i've already seen it twice and i'll probably go again at some point. goodness, can't wait for the DVD now!

plus, new moon! woohoo!
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by vulcanix »

I wish that the people who are complaining about some of the added/removed stuff would think about it from a movie prospective for a second. The dedicated fans of the book would of been happy to just watch Edward and Bella talk for 2 hours on screen, but think of what people who haven't read the books need to get out of it. They added the parts with the Nomads hunting so there was a little added action and also so people realize how dangerous/evil they are. Even things like the field trip were needed because if every scene of them in school was spent in the cafeteria it would of gotten old for some people. I don't think they could of done a much better job condensing the story and still making it understandable and enjoyable for people who haven't read the books.

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by twilightmom »

Here I go: I give the movie 2 thumbs up. I enjoyed it. However, I would have had A LOT more fun if I had gotten to see with Twilight friends (I went alone). It was a matinee and there were only about 40 people. No screaming. I had to do a little silent squee a few times. I think it would be great fun to go see again, with my LEX friends!

What I loved:
The scene when Edward makes his first appearance. He was so beautiful.

I enjoyed the humor – there was a lot of it. I laughed aloud several times.

The way Edward sparkled – they did a nice job.

Bella – I think Kristen did a great job playing her. I really felt like it was Bella.

The added scenes for the “bad guys.” And also adding Victoria at the end – perfect set up for what is to come.

Jacob – Taylor did a great job.

Charlie and Renee, and actually all of the minor characters.

Seeing Stephenie!

I liked the overall interpretation… I was able to sit back and enjoy the movie and only a few times did I say “that’s not how it happened” but it still didn’t bother me. I really made an effort to keep the movie separate from the books... and I enjoyed the movie for the movie. I was successful to keep it separate in my heart from the book.

The music – I already knew all the songs; it was fun to see them in the movie.

The kiss was SO HOT!!!

What I wasn’t crazy about:

JASPER – dear lord, help that boy! Aside from the God awful hair that we already knew about… He was not my interpretation of Stephenie’s character. He was too scared the entire time! He is supposed to be calming – I know he’s a bit jumpy around Bella, but the guy looked seriously FREAKED OUT! I notice that when Edward mentioned that Alice could see the future, he didn’t mention that Jasper could control emotions.

I had a hard time with Edward sometimes… But that’s my own fault. I’ve spent the past two months drooling over Rob, that I kept seeing Rob on screen and not Edward. Again, my fault, not his.

The flashback scenes of Carlisle changing Edward and Esme – too campy. I don’t see Carlisle biting the neck like Dracula.

The meadow scene; that was such a HUGE part of the book, so intimate, I wish it had been better.

Where was Jessica’s curly hair?

I also felt there were times in the movie that seemed very stiff. Awkward silences that didn’t seem genuine. I think it’s because so many of the actors are “young” (new). I feel that if they make the other movies, they’ll be more comfortable in their rolls. Also, they could have put some music in places to fill some of the gaps.

Lastly, some of the camera angles and shots were annoying. They did some of that “live action” type camera work and it was not good for me (outside when running I can accept, but not inside, not a lot of it). And some times just too close up!
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by manta »

I absolutely hated the movie.

I did not like the acting at all, the scenes, the emotions, everything. Bella was so serious the entire movie, even in parts that shouldn't have been. (i.e..radioactivity, kryptonite) Edward was too sarcastic, and not as gentlemanly as he is in the books. I thought that the meadow scene was completely and totally wrong, and there was no buildup in bella and edward's relationship.

Ok. before you say im bitter, crazy, insane, etc...think about it this way....

If you hadn't read the books at all, would you honestly think that those two were in love?

There wsa no getting to know eachother. I feel like the essence of twilight was lost. Its the times when bella and edward are talking, laughing, together, alone that makes twilight beautiful for me, and the movie completely skips out on that. It goes from them no knowing eachother from them making out on her bed during their very first kiss.. (hated that part too)... My favorite scenes in the movie were my least favorite scenes in the book...the action scenes, only because there was no passion and the acting was somewhat believable.

I really hope new moon will be better. I think with tyler (jake) it will be. And im team edward all the way, but i thought that jacob and charlie were probably the two best characters in twilight. I wouldve liked to see more of the others, like emmett, but that also disappointed me in the move.
Does anyone feel this way at all?

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by ClumsyGirl143 »

Overall, I really loved the was everything I could have asked for..all the important things were there..I only had two problems with it, and they are very picky:
1: Jasper: There was no mention of his powers at all, and I really wanted to see the scene (Which I was positive it would be in the movie) where he tells Bella "I know how your feeling, and you are worth it". I just wished that the cullens stories would have been brought out more. Its the heart of the story (other than edward and bella) learning of the vampires and what they went through.
2: Along with that, Alice's story. Alice's connection with James. We need to know the characters so we can understand where they are coming from and where they are headed!!

Other than that, It was wonderful!!!
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by ashiekins16 »

mananda wrote:
Massacre wrote:Personally I thought it was fantastic, considering there was only two hours to fit the entire book into. I missed the dazzle scene- was that just me? I thought Jasper was the funniest thing, Jackson Rathbone did a great job of portraying him. Although I thought he was supposed to be in the teeniest bit more control of himself by then...

One other thing I noticed, the whole 'She's not one of US, Edward' wasn't in the movie. It was in a trailer, wasn't it? Hmm.

Anyway, loved it! Those who haven't seen it will enjoy it immensely!!!! :D

I noticed Emmett didn't say that too! Then I started thinking I just missed it or forgot about it. It was in a trailer.

I wish that was in there! I hate when they put something in the trailer but not the movie. I wish we could have seen more of the Cullens. They were so cool!
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Lynzeee »

i know a lot of you are freaked out by carlisle biting edward- but wasn't that the first time he EVER bit a human? I kind of like that- i imagine it was kind of overwhelming for him even though they never really mention it.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by NessieFan »


As I've said before of course their are things I wish had been added but weren't for the sake of time and money. And I'm okay with that because the things they added compensated for thr things missing.

I've seen many adaptions of books from Harry Potter, to BLood and Choclate, to Narnia and many more and I must say Twilight was like a breath of fress clean air. The portrayals of the characters were spot on so congrats to actors and actresses on that. The movie stayed close enough to the book to pay respect to what the book embodies but also branched off in some ways for it to also be a more stand alone movie, which I thought was great.

I loved the scene when Edward gets out of the car and then opens the door for Bella and everyone is staring at the 'new couple' Rob portrayed Edward's cockiness and smugness very well. His line that not every one was staring like that guy because he just looked, had me cracking up laughing.

I can fully understand why Stephenie was so pleased with this script because it was a very wonderful representation of the world she created and adores.

The scenes with Bella and charlie reminded me so much of aome of the conversations that me and my dad have, they can get rather awkward.

Peter was and amazing Carlisle he made me believe he was a caring doctor, while being a loving father and a protective leader.

The rest of the cast was amazing but that's for another thread. lol

Overall Twilight has now went up to my favorite movie adaption and perhaps even my favorite movie of the year.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Twilove »

I'm so happy with the movie it was completly amazing i was bawling in the meadow scene and the kissing scene was ..... OMG i have no words lol Rob played Edward so good and Kristen Stewart is totally my new fave actress she was amazing I just loved everything about the move and ive already seen it three times and want tos ee it again lol the only thing they should have done was they should have at least said "I love you" to eachother but oh well and im super excited that New Moon is official cant wait for that :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Charlie was hilarious he reminds me of my dad the stuff with the pepper spray was pricless

When Edward smelled Bella for the first time me and my friend busted out laughing his face was so funny

When he stepped out in the sun OMG it was breathtaking he was so beautiful exactly how I imagined

definetly worth the long wait in my opinion

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