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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by xxabbsxx »

Ok so I have to personally say that as a hard core Twilighter...I unconditionally and irrevocably LOVED the movie!!! Even the best the third time around! Yeah...that's right I saw Twilight three times within 24 hours, your point? I'm crazy? sure am :]!

YES, I know it was off, but hey...they can't make the movie EXACTLY like the book! And some parts they added in there made me crack up :] Overall though, it was a pretty good representation of the book!

let's focus on the negatives:

1)Their relationship was too rushed in the beginning...what ever happened to sitting with Edward at lunch or that scene where Bella nearly fainted?
2)The meadow probably already know what was wrong with that...
3)The lack of Alice and Jasper!!! (I was looking forward to that the most!) But oh well =\
4)Edward was the one there when Bella woke up in the hospital in the book, but it was her mom in the movie:[
5)They never mentioned how Bella blushed or heart-rate sped up
6)Alice and Emmett weren't in the Jeep after the ball game, and it had been much, MUCH, harder to persuade Edward!!!

Now! the positives!

1)The akwardness was hilarious! :]
2)Charlie and his pepperspray and gun...
3)"Are you sure she's even Italian?"..."Her name is Bella..." :]]] God I love Emmett to death!
4)The Ballet Studio Scene was AMAZING!!!
5)"" :]
6)"I had an adrenaline rush...they're very can Google it" hehe
7)Taylor Lautner, Rob Pattinson, Kellan Lutz!
8)They kept most of the best quotes besides the "Do I dazzle you?" part :[
9)It went with the story line (for the most part)
10)"No, no, we have to talk about boys...are you being safe?"
11)Graduation Caps :D
12)Rosalie crushing the glass bowl, along with the vampires making the food
14)Jasper's expression, "the one that looks like he's in pain"! I laughed so hard at that part!
15)Alice's pitching! It was so weird!
16)"I leave you alone for one second and the wolves decend..." Irony......
17)How Edward just walks away when he can't explain the change of his eye color
18)"Floridians...that's what's in Jacksonville"
19)The whole tree scene :]
20)Idk about everyone else, but I think the sparkling skin was good :] Plus...the meadow was absolutely beautiful :]
21)The entrance of Edward!!! One guy on our theatre actually shouted "WE LOVE YOU EDWARD!!!" And the whole crowd started laughing or cracking up!
22)Carlisle's entrance...idk I just found it hilarious :]
23)When Bella danced on Edward's feet...I know it was in the book, but I was still cute!
24)Forshadowing...especially for New Moon
25)Mike and his dance outside the window!
26)"Now I just want to try one thing..........................don't move..."

Oh lord, there is sooo much more but I'm going to end it there...

I CAN'T frickin WAIT until NEW MOON comes out! They're already in production :]] Ahhhh Amazing :]
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Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by jelliebean427 »

So I really loved this movie, as a movie.
Compared to the book it was alright, not great and a bit cheesetastic.
But then again, it is kind of hard to live up to the fantasies of 17 million giggling Twihards.... so you know, they get definite props/kudos for doing a decent job.

Things I loved:
+Seriously hot men!!! Need I say more?
+When Edward jumps onto the truck while James is chasing them. It made me scream the first time I saw it (Yes, I have seen the movie TWICE in 24 hours. Your point?)
+Edwards face while he is sucking the venom out. Instant cheese-classic. Right up there with Killer Klownz from Outer Space (virtual cookie to those who know what I'm talking about)
+Rose crushing the bowl while they're making dinner
+Alice's pitching
+Jasper's facial expression. I was totally digging the Edward Scissorhands vibe. hahaha
+"Hang on Spider-monkey" and the following treetop scene. I actually sighed.
+The graduation cap collage. I enjoyed how they added little unexpected things like that. It made the movie better.
+Forks was edgier and the human cast was great (Mike's little window dance was PRICELESS!) They weren't all bubbly-white-suburban-kids. PLEASE DON'T TAKE THAT COMMENT THE WRONG WAY!! LET ME EXPLAIN BEFORE GETTING ANGRY! The kids were more like real high schoolers (trust me, I'm a junior). they had personality, not wonder-bread blandness and golden retriever qualities. And though it is fun to make fun of Mike Newton's stalkerish tendencies, most teenagers aren't like SM's "cafeteria crowd". Really we're not. It was nice to see that those kids could be friends and not just there to be the bane of Bella's high school existence.
+Billy Burke as Charlie. He was like the unexpected MVP of the movie. He did a seriously good job and was absolutely hilarious. Great job dude!
+The fight seen. Especially Alice ripping Jame's head off. Woo hoo for decapitating sadistic vampires!!!
+Edward's super awesome Volvo entrance when Bella is being harassed by those guys.
+ Pepper-spray and Renee's "ARE YOU BEING SAFE BELLA?!" :lol: :shock: :mrgreen: :D

Things that they could have done better:
+Super-cheese-tastic special effects. Oh man,they made me crack up, then everybody was shushing me in the theatre. oops. Well, hopefully there will be a bigger budget for NM and then we'll have some cool fx.
+I agree with whoever said that the dialogue was erratic. totally true. It was like they tried to cram in to many quotes because people wouldn't come to see the movie otherwise.
+NO LAUREN MALLORY!!! WHAT WAS THAT!???!?!?! OMG I was sooo excited to see her on-screen portrayal. oh that was disappointing...

And that's it. I say good job Summit and all actors. You made it great.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by drakulic »

At first I had very mixed feelings about the movie. In so many ways it felt rushed, and I felt like we didn't get to experience Edward and Bella really falling in love. Of course there were things I wanted to see that werent in the movie, but then I think that's always the case when a novel is turned into a movie. Summit had to fit so much detail into a two hour movie- not an easy task- and I really think they did a great job. There were definitely some cheesy parts, but the actors were so wonderful, and I am going to see it again this coming week.

I think they needed an extra 30-60 minutes of film so that more of the story could have been developed. I just wanted more and more of it! Overall, excellent movie and I can't wait for New Moon!

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by porscheturbo911 »

I have such mixed feelings about the movie.
The Pros
I looooove Rob! He did such a great job. So did Kristen, but she was a little unbelievable at times. When they introduced the Cullens in the cafeteria, it was such an intense moment. I started shrieking pretty loud. I thought the Cullens were fantastic! I laughed so hard at Emmett when Bella went to go meet the Cullens and he starts waving his knife at her. The look on Jasper's face through the whole movie was priceless! Alice was adorable and Rosalie was just perfect! Peter Facinelli was a great Carlisle and Esme, though I expected her to be more soft spoken, was just awesome. The supporting cast (aka: the humans) were so funny. Eric was so funny; especially on the field trip with the worm. :P And I absolutely adored the ending of the movie.

Now for the Cons.

Okay. The dialogue... quite cheesy at times. I really didn't like how Bella fell in love with Edward just like that. I mean, I know that's how it is in the book, but it was just so awkward and unreal in the movie. And I was kinda disappointed that they cut out the blood typing scene and cut soooo much off the meadow scene. One thing that made me feel really weird was how Bella accepted everything just like that. Once again, I know it's like that in the book, but it seemed so fake watching it on the big screen. I was extremely disappointed how they didn't really develop the characters of Edward and the Cullens that deeply. The whole mind reading thing was barely there, and they had nothing about Jasper and his ability. They didn't really explain the workings of being a vampire very well. And in the whole movie, not once did Edward or Bella say "I love you." I just thought there could have been a little more oomph to the movie. All in all, I liked the movie, but I was still disappointed at times.

Oh yeah, and I just wanted to know; Did anyone else notice Billy driving the car even though he can't walk? Was that on purpose or just a goof in the movie?

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Tengo Nubs. »

i think i forgot to mention this before, but i absolutely LOVED the baseball scene. as soon as supermassive black hole started to play, i knew it was gonna be great!! alice pitching was perfect, and i loved it when edward and emmett smacked into each other midair. plus emmett was just awesome altogether.

AND! jasper!! that man knows his way around a baseball bat..... (that sounded intensely creepy...) but i dunno he's just so bada** in that scene. i mean REALLY. jasper makes the whole thing all that much more wonderful.

oh and i also wish the meadow scene was different. meh, oh well. it wasn't how i pictured it at all, but at least it was actually in the movie!
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by arieonna »

I didn't want to go with my expectations to high because movies usually aren't as good as the book. The only negative thing I thought was that the relationship between Edward and Bella was a little rushed. It would have been nice to see them get to know each other better. Other then that it was awsome. I loved the kitchen scene they added, it was hilarious ;) I went with a friend of mine to see it, she really liked it. I told her if you like the movie then you'll love the books, she went out and bought the first one friday. I can't wait for it to come out on video, until then I guess it's back to the theatres.

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Edward's_Stalker »

i loved that one bit where Jessica was introducing the Cullens and she goes: "That little girl is Alice. She's really weird. And that's Jasper, the one who looks like he's in pain all the time."
i started hysterically laughing but no one cared since it was midnight and we were all sleep deprived and insane.
oh, they turned Jessica and Lauren into one character to make it less confusing. they did that with Eric and Ben too.

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Sullie06 »

I saw the movie last night with 6 of my friends (none of which have read any of the books) and loved it. I think they did a really great job making a film ADAPTATION of the book. Plus they made it easy to follow for those who have not read the book. I only had to explain to my friends one time what was going on (when Edward smells Bella in Bio) one of my friends thought he was constipated. LOL

The acting was good, the special effects were good for the budget of the movie. The make-up was a little odd at times and sometimes the camera angels were strange. The meadow scene made me a little sea sick!

The Baseball scene is number one. Wish it could have been longer
Liked when Bella came to his house for the first time and they were cooking
The fight scene rocked
The human kids were very real to me. I work in a HS and I can see them there
Edwards driving
BILLY BURKE... rocks
The funny dialog.. "Are you being safe", "Is she even Italian", etc
The stare off between Jake and Edward
Enjoyed the flashbacks they did put in cuz it gave some back story, wish they put in Alice and Jaspers too
Victoria at prom, leaves a good sequel opener
It was a little rushed in the beginning but not to bad
The field trip bugged me
Wish there was more Cullens
The screaming girls in the theater- they went a little crazy
That god awful trailer for Unborn and the fact that all my friends and hubs wants to see it and I know I'm gonna get dragged there since I dragged them to Twilight. (PS- I'm 25 and scared of that crap too)

I can't wait to go again next Saturday with some more friends.

Oh and my husband enjoyed the movie as much as me even though he's never read the books. And he loved Ashley Green

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by aynot422 »

I was disappointed, my heart sank when Edward first smells Bella and his expression is more repulsed than ' I can barely control my desire' His arm isn't even tensed on the table, and everyone laughed :x sorry but that was a big let down, Hardwicke as director is responsible for that one. My heart stayed in my stomach for most of the meadow scene which was ruined by ugly special effects. The meadow scene was not what I expected, (the lines sounded cheesy and rushed) and that I'm blaming that on screenwriter Rosenberg. These scenes in the beginning are painful to watch, my heart began beating again when Edward kisses Bella, - the rest of the movie was perfect. I loved the baseball scene, the fight scene at the end, (although Pattinsons' expression when he's sucking the venom out of Bella's arm is.... not how I pictured it.) and the ending was a perfect segway into the next movie. (although edward would have smelled Victoria, etc. we'll just say she stayed far enough away from him) Oh! and I felt bad for Alice and Jasper, when Bella just waltzs out the door of the hotel, come on, it was not that easy, and it made Alice look bad, which made me sad. She would have seen that and stopped Bella before she got one toe in that cab! I'm not sure if the executives gave Melissa R. a limit with the script or how that works, but I think they should know I am more than willing to sit through a 3 hr movie. Oh! and what's with not putting the heart monitors in the hospital scene? I thought that was funny.... :cry: In the end the chemistry between Rob and Kristen saved the movie for me. Hardwicke gets a point back for casting them. Oh, and I've seen it twice in two days, planning to go tomorrow as well, maybe repetition will take the edge off the disappointment....... It stinks because I really wanted to love it.

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by NHiggins »

Okay so I just wanted to say that the film was good, not exactly what I was expecting but good. I though they did leave ALOT out however because I read the book I knew what was missing so it's didn't bother me as much. However to my poor unsuspecting husband (yup I dragged him to the movie with me) he had a little problem following the story. I loved how the actors portrayed their characters and I believe they did a great job with casting. I absultely LOVED Stephenie's cameo role in the Diner. 0o0o0o Which reminds me of something else that upset me, in ALL the books Bella cooks ever night, however in the movie they felt that instead they should eat at a diner every night? :( I don't enderstand why they would change that as it would have taken up the same amount of time. Also they did leave out a lot of good parts from the book. However I do understand since the book is 500+ pages long, and the movie was 2hrs long but still I would have rather the movie be longer than them cut scenes, hopefully when the DVD comes out it is filled with deleted scene!! :D I also hope that Summit makes New Moon much better and not cut so much out, as I'm sure everyone would agree with me that they wouldn't mind a 2 1/2 hr movie if the story was all there. Alrighty, well I immensely liked the film (even if there are some things I'm not exactly thrilled with...hopefully next time they do a little better) and will probably visit the theaters again to see it, since it will be torture when it goes out of theaters and we have to wait for the DVD. Since it doesn't look as though Stephenie will be finishing Midnight Sun. Hopefully she will start writing again soon, personally I would LOVE to read Eclipse from Jacobs perceptive.....Any one else agree?? :D :D :D :D :D

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