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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Lacuna Scion »

Okay, I think I'd give it a 7/10 overall. As an Indie film it was really pretty good, if a little incongruent at times. I'm totally biased. I would have loved this movie no matter what. But from an outsiders perspective...

The beginning was great; they did a great job introducing all the characters in a cohesive and natural way. They were able to demonstrate Bella's lack of coordination, her disdain for Forks, and all the secondary roles (Jess, Ange, Mike, Tyler, Eric etc.) and all other pertinent information.

The baseball scene was fantastic. Jasper and the freaking bat acrobatics! "Somebody Stop Me!" (brownie points to whoever remembers what movie that's from :lol: ) His hair could be purple for all I care! That was sick! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

The running and climbing of trees I was really worried about because I know it was low budget, but I think it came out pretty good. I know it looked a little '80s at some parts but I feel that's far better than the completely unrealistic CGI scenes that come out of Hollywood. Our perceptions of what is realistic are sometimes skewed and I think what Catherine did with the wire work was better. Afterall, how many people have we seen run at 50mph or climb up trees like that? How do we know it isn't realistic?

The end was also pretty good. They fight scene was infinitely better in context.

Bella's reaction to the venom was spot on--the twitching and seizing, and Edward trying to stop sucking her blood was great (albeit a little funny, maybe it's just the facial expression that made me want to laugh).

The Phoenix hospital scene was great. Kristen did a good job about getting all worked up about Edward leaving.

The prom was priceless; although it would have been nice if Jake was a little more embarassed.

What I DIDN'T like was the middle. The part after Bella figures out that Edward's a vampire until the last couple scenes, seemed like they wouldn't have made much sense if you hadn't read the book.

1) Out of nowhere Edward decides Bella needs to see a vampire in the sun? That's kind of a special thing he shares with her later. Not a whimsical fit of anger.

2) The meadow was also supposed to be very intimate and special and they kind of just laid down and stared at each other.

3) The scenes where they're supposed to be getting to know each other just seemed real choppy to me. I mean after reading the book I kind of know what's going on but I think that part wasn't staged well. Instead of several short scenes of random questions. :idea: Why not just do the restaurant, the school, the meadow and Bella's room. I think something like that may have just flowed a little better. It's easier to see the passage of time.

4) For those that never read the book, I feel like the James and the feigned Renee kidnapping wouldn't have a made alot of sense. Bella's supposed to call the Phoenix house because her mom's on her way home and Bella doesn't want James to get her. James, supposedly- but not really, finds her there and kidnaps her to get to Bella. BUT in the movie, Bella calls her mom's cell and I don't believe there's a mention of her coming back to Phoenix. So, James runs across the country to get Renee and goes back to a Phoenix ballet studio to wait for Bella (because he never heard the non-existent message at the Phoenix house)? No, it's not impossible for a vampire-- maybe. But that may be a bit hard to follow. If I hadn't read the book I'd just be wondering how the heck he knew about her mom being in Florida and how the heck he managed to find and bring her back so quick.

5) My last beef is with Kristen. She is not the Bella I imagined in the book, however I think she does a very good job with the character... for the most part. People say she's flat, but she really isn't; there is a certain realistic depth to her portrayal of Bella. I don't know how to describe it, serious, maybe? And Bella often takes herself and life in general way too seriously. But that scene where she leaves Forks and breaks Charlie's heart! For one, this is horrifying because you're being chased by some BA vamps and heartbreaking because you have to be mean to Charlie. Plus, she has to convince him that she's upset enough to leave the house in the middle of the night and drive halfway across the country!

Bella is hysterical but Kristen just walks upstairs and starts gathering her things. And basically says, "Whatev, Charlie. Peace." What!? It was more like your typical parent/teen argument where the teen is just too angsty to spend the night at home and kips on friends sofa, it wasn't at all "I'm so upset because I like my boyfriend so much, but I don't want to put down roots here because I'll just get sucked into the insanity of small-town life, but in reality vicious killing machines are hunting me down!"

I feel like Kristen's almost there; and I know she can do it. I just want to reach in and physically pull it out of her.

6) Oh, and I think the sparkling was better the second time they showed it. Maybe a teeny bit more light refraction off Edward's skin, I mean you don't want it to be too cornball, but it was hard to see-- and they did set it up to make it seem like a big deal.

The movie is an amazing supplement to the book and poor substitute for the book. I think that may be the general consensus, no?
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by Lynzeee »


BILLY BURKE aka CHARLIE!!! is awesome an awesome actor!!

because i didn't even realize it was him on Fringe the other night@*#!)&@!!
he played Lucas!! man BILLY BURKE IS THA MAN!
i have a serious crush on Charlie!
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by xoxo_janee »

I loved it! I've seen it twice so far, and my friend and I plan on going a third time.
The first time I saw it with my friend Bridget, who loves Twilight as much as I do, on Friday night. I was surprised at the number of teenage boys there :) Anyway, we had just come out of a really brutal swim practice and smelled liked clorine, and my hair was nastyyyyy-we were so beat. But when we went in there, even though we were 15 minutes late and had to sit in the third row, we were like "OMFG!" Alomost everyone in there was a huge fan, and during the previews, everyone was talking and stuff. But when the movie started, it got dead silent right after everyone was like "AAAAHHHHH, SHHHHHH, IT'S STARTING!" And when the word Twilight came on the screen, we all freaked out. And when Edward walked in, forget about it, all you could hear was *gasp* and "OMG!" It was so much fun. Everyone was laughing at Jasper's face, too, and Mike Newton cracked me up. And Charlie with the pepper spray and the gun? We were all clapping, that was hilarious. But when they kissed, this guy yelled "EW" really loud, and ruined the moment. Also, did anyone else notice that Bella kind of wasn't wearing pants!? When we saw that everyone was like ,"o0o0o0o wowww, ummm..." And when Edward was saying they were going to play baseball, everyone gasped. I was saying all the lines I knew from the book, too-I was glad they had the lion fell in love with the lamb thing in there.

The second time was Saturday night with my two friends Anna and Maddy. Annd loves Twilight. Maddy hates it. I was sitting in the middle of them. It was quite an interesting experience. Maddy's never read the books, except for the beginning of Twilight. But apparently her other friends told her it's all about sex. So during the bedroom scene, right befor they were about to kiss, Maddy yelled, "MOOOO! QUAACK!" And then she was like, "Oh wow, he already got her pants off!" And then at the end, when Edward is sitting with Charlie right before prom, Maddy goes, "So, why can't Edward drink the water?"
Me: He doesn't digest food and stuff.
Maddy:Wait, so he doesn't go the bathroom? (yelling): Oh my God, Edward Cullen doesn't poop!?!
And then, when Bella was in the hospital:
Bella: We can't be apart! (or something along those lines)
Maddy: Wait, why can't they be apart?
And the meadow scene:
Me: Ugh. The meadow scene was so much better in the book.
Maddy: Why? Were they suposed to have sex in the meadow?
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by twilight1909 »

air-a-ka wrote: oh and i loved when bella and edward kissed and he like fly across the room to get away from her!!
Really? That totally RUINED the kiss scene for me. I couldn't stop laughing! (and it wasn't just me.)
Yeah it followed the book in how Edward reacted, but it looked so corny. They could have just clipped from them kissing to suddenly showing him on the other side of the room. Don't fast-forward him back into the wall...hahaha :lol:
If they couldn't do it well, they shouldn't have done it at all. That's my overall consensus of the movie.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by PATDPeace »

I just thought the movie went a little moment Edward is asking Bella questions,the next they are in love with each other.I thought Kristen was a PERFECT Bella!!
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by MiharuSkii »

I absolutely loved the movie and can't wait to see it again. From what everyone says, it's better the second time. The first time, it was like living the magic of reading Twilight for the first time, when everything was new.

Kristen did much better than I thought she would (I really didn't like her until I saw the movie)

The actors did a fantastic job, all of them and I don't think the eyes looked weired like some people. But the movie did remind me how much I didn't like Rosalie.

The only part I was sort of mad they cut out was Carlisle's story. I always liked that part of the book. I do believe I saw the cross though.

The most priceless moment was when Carlisle first appeared and my friend next to me was like "WOW, he needs to get some sun!" :lol: I almost passed out laughing.

I think Jackson did a great job playing Jasper (my fav character) and the same friend thought he looked scary.

I think the sparkling was done okay, but it was a little to subtle for me. I always thought that it would be more...idk...dazzling. It almost looked like he was sweating.

That part in gym when she hit Mike in the back of the head with the Volleyball, I have done that before :oops: , after awhile, I began treating it like dodge ball.

And lastly, some of the best lines

"Sex, money, sex, money, money, sex, cat."

"Do you think she's even Italian."
"Hello, her name is Bella."

Or something alone those lines.
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by ~twilight_princess~ »

I absolutely adored it. Yes, there were parts that could have been done better, but it was incredible!! There were cheesy parts, but they made it better. And the baseball scene and ballet studio scene kicked butt!

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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by ilovetwilight »

I did love it, but they left out ALOT. All of the scenes are WAAYYY longer in the book. I know they had to put everything in so they couldn't make all of the scenes long, but, I don't know. I was just expecting more. But it was still good :D
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by trhmllr »

I loved the movie. People had a problem with the differences between the book and the fact it jumps around. But books to movies can't be all the same. To much to fit in 2 hours. But I really enjoyed it. I was worried about it, but I was very pleased. I am making my dad go next week with me and my brother. I plan on going with a friend from Nursing school who listened to me talking about it and wants to go.

I found out that on Friday Rob Pattinson was at the theater that I had gone to the midnight showing of the movie. My brothers friend told him and he was wondering why Rob hadn't gone to the midnight showing with the "bigger fans".
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Re: Twilight Movie ~Fan reactions

Post by cullengirl »

I would give the movie a 6/10. To be honest, I was very weary about seeing it. I had my doubts on the casting and the clips that were shown to the fan prior to the movie were a hit or miss with me, but I went in thinking it would be good but not fantastic. I didn't expect to laugh so much during the movie. Some scenes were so overly done that I couldn't help but laugh, even though they were very serious in the book such as the famous Biology scene and Carlisle changing Edward and Esme.

I was very disappointed with the meadow scene. Note to Rob: please wax your chest hair. You're suppose to be like smooth marble not wool. What was strange is that I didn't mind Rob's hair, but he did seem kinda scruffy when they did his close ups. Edward and Bella's relationship wasn't developed as much as I would like it to be. It was as fast as the car crash- they meet, talk a few scenes, she finds out his true identity and then "bam!" they can't live without one another. I dunno what people see as the tension/chemistry between Kristen and Rob, but I didn't see it. They should've acted out the entire meadow scene as it was in the book.

I found it interesting that I loved the humans a lot more in the movie than the Cullens, particularly Eric and Mike Newton. The Cullens so stiff, especially poor Jasper. I thought he was going to crack from his frozen picture. I wish they gave the Cullens more lines. I also wish they kept the background story to Carlisle (especialy because this develops the soul controversy and introduces the Volutri) and Alice. Why Bella wore a converse shoe is beyond me. Seriously, a converse shoe?! The whole spider monkey thing really ticked me off. Edward would never ever in his 108 yrs of existence say that to Bella.

I knew it wasn't going to be great, but there were a lot of great moments in the movie. Billy Burke as Charlie was fantastic. I'm becoming a fan of Mike Newton after this movie :o . Never thought that would happen.
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