Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

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Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Post by Nena »

Tell us what you thought about the scenes that were changed or added.
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Post by Lynzeee »

yay! movie threads!

i actually liked all the added scenes and lines.

"cat" was funny i laughed.

"google it" was great!

i missed a lot of scenes "do i dazzle you?" should have been there.

the butchered the meadow- i was upset about that- i am okay now

and Port A with the car- edward's driving to a T.. really
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Post by Ally_Cat »

The one scene I wish had been more like the book was the meadow scene. Just wish the meadow had been "Edwards Meadow" instead of just a meadow in the woods w/ no special meaning.

I loved some of the added scenes!

The field trip scene was great and gave more screen time to the human characters.

But the scene with the Cullen's cooking for Bella made me laugh the most. And it contains the one added line that has stuck with me:
"How do we even know she's Italian?"
"Well her name is Bella."
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Post by spookybell »

I missed the do I dazzel you also!!!! I guess we were supposed to see he dazzled her without making it a verbal anouncement.

CAT was funny... Money, sex, sex, money, cat...
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Post by G-Faerie08 »

I really liked the field trip. Even though it was not in the book, its definitely something that schools do. So I think it helped the movie more than hurting it.

I was disappointed with the meadow scene as well. The picture in my head was totally different and I think it lost its spark because it was random (as already mentioned) instead of "Edward's Meadow".

I also wish that instead of them going out practically every day, that Bella actually cooked a meal in the movie. In the book she is basically a housewife in training, and we didn't get to see any of her domesticated-ness at all.

I recall correctly (I am too lazy to get out my book), I don't think that Billy and Jacob were there with the truck when Charlie brought Bella home. That kind of bothered me a little bit. It was funny though when she hit Jacob with the door.

I really wanted Bella and Edward to spend more time in his room and I also wanted them to see Carlisle's office.

I can't really think of any others at the moment but I will surely come back if i do!!

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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Post by alinc »

let me begin with hi all, first post here.

i must say that although i thoroughly enjoyed the movie i was sad, i feel like they took out many scenes that made the bella and edward relationship so magical...

though i must say i giggled so hard when edward was giving bella a tour of the cullen home, the graduation caps were the greatest.
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Post by imasadgiraffe »

I missed the explanation of how Alice became a vampire - actually, they left out all the explanations except for Esme and Edward. They do mention how Alice is somewhat weird, I feel that explaining that she was in a mental institution before she was changed would have explained that a bit.

I was OK with the field trip scene - I like how she tripped and Edward got all huffy about it.

I liked the kissing scene a lot.

I wish they would have done the blood/fainting scene from the biology class. They were so subtle with the fact that Edward could hear what Mike/Jessica/students were thinking that only those of us who read the books understood the goofy smiles that Edward was making during scenes in the beginning of the movie.

In the ballet studio scene, I was surprised that they didn't use morphine and incorporate that when Edward stopped sucking the venom out of Bella (i.e. "Her blood is clean. I can taste the morphine.") And I missed Bella calling Edward "angel."

And the tree-climbing scene was super corny.
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Post by Lynzeee »

Oh i just remembered.
the movie lacks the conversations that MADE edward and Bella- there was NO MENTION of the lullaby at all- he didn't hum it once- we should have heard the convo they were having on the bed- that was like important- also if they were going to CUT all that out- they should have added more to the pre-meadow. seriously the convos were just Not there- non-twilight readers should have been LOST- it felt like twilight readers were in on something everyone else wasn't- if i had never read twilight and went to see the movie i probably would have never thought they were in love... thats hard for me to admit.
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Post by mananda »

I agree that if someone hasn't read the books they probably would have no idea what was going on. It seems like the movie was made for the fans who have read the books.

I too wish they would have spent more time in the Cullen house. The scene in Carlisle's office would have been nice to see. I do like how they did some flashbacks. Like when they were hunting and came into contact with the Quilletes. (spelling?)

Did anyone notice that the only time Bella noticed Edward being cold was in the car? She touched him later on and you'd think she would still react to it. Ya know?

I think the scene in Port Angeles where he pulls up in the car was awesome. It made that dorky car really cool!

Oh I'll probably think of more later!
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Post by tricia »

I missed the "do i dazzel you" i was sad that most of the dinner conversation wasn't there. I didn't like the conversation in the forest as much as i think i would have liked it in the car as written... it did make me laugh when Bella told Edward to put on his seat belt. I did keep waiting for "holy crow" :)

I missed the breakfast scene with bella and the it's no irritable grizzly and how she almost passes out at the bottom of the stairs, i think that had a lot of meaning in it.. just how much he really took her breath away.

It seemed like they took out so many of the lighter moments and left only the intense ones. I would have liked to have seen them happy together a few times.

Loved the "cooking for Bella" scene, thought it was adorable.

I also liked the field trip, it showed how different Bella and Edward (as well as all the Cullens) were from the rest of the kids at school. It really contrasted their maturity.
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