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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by Masayume »

Overall I really loved the movie, and was genuinely surprised with how much I did enjoy it. I still have my own personal issues with certain things but nothing I can't get over. As for my feelings on the actors' portrayals here's how I felt:

Robert/Edward - You know, I really loved him as Cedric in Harry Potter and when I heard his casting for Edward I was really wary. He wasn't my mental image of Edward and he still isn't. He has grown on me since then, but seeing him in action in the movie was a mixture of emotion for me. He pulled off relaxed Edward amazingly well, but there were moments where it just felt awkward. I still hate his hair ~_~ I'm hoping that with more practice he'll get into the character better with the other movies.

Kristen/Bella - I really can't say much against her. I would've liked for a little more emotion I guess, but she was exactly what I pictured when I thought of Bella. She was wonderful.

Alice - So perfect. Before the movie it seemed like everyone kept wanting to peg Alice with the goth/emo-style (especially the Japanese adaptation of the novels) but I was so glad when the movie stayed true to her description in the book. I really wish she would've had more of a part but with two hours what are you going to do?

Carlisle - Haha, love it <3 I didn't think he really had the father look to him when I first saw pictures of him, but he nailed it great.

Esme - LOVE! I've always kind of felt for Esme in the books, her character just didn't get enough love or recognition, but she was so much fun in the movie. Clearly the mother figure but still able to play.

Rosalie - I think this actress had one of the hardest transformations, and I have the hardest time recognizing her as herself, but she was my Rosalie. I really am looking forward to seeing more of her and I love how they brought her out in the movie. Breaking the salad bowl was PRICELESS.

Jasper - Okay, I admit, I hate his casting. I really do. Though I nearly died of laughter when Jessica describes him as "the one who looks like he is in pain" in the movie, but seriously, that's what he always looks like in every scene/picture. Granted, I loved him with that baseball bat, but still, I just think he makes a horrible blond, among other things. He didn't get much in the way of acting/lines to really judge him by, but I'm still on the bench as far as he is concerned.

Emmett - Again, not one of my favorites as far as imagery goes for the character. Emmett clearly was described with curly black hair in the books and the movie Emmett was a little too "thug" like for me, but he did have Emmett's playful nature down pat. It was fun watching him.

Jacob - Another casting that I hated before the movie. I still didn't like him much in the movie, until the very end when he comes in at the prom, and then he kind of grew on me. Maybe it's my age and how he is totally a child to me, but Taylor doesn't work for me as Jacob. Not to mention you can totally tell his hair was fake even if you hadn't seen him before the movie. Hoping they'll do something different by the time New Moon starts shooting just because Taylor will not work for post-change Jacob AT ALL.

Mike - Perfect. A little more baby-faced than I would've pictured but perfect. He had "typical boy" written all over him. And that diner scene with him shaking his butt outside the window? I'm still laughing about it.

Jessica - Just as annoying and shallow as the books.

Eric - Hilarious.

Charlie - I loved him the most I think. Out of all the casting he was the one that came out of left field for me. I loved everything about him from his relationship with Billy to his hounding Bella about the pepper spray.
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by ashiekins16 »

Rob (Edward)- He was amazing! I loved his faces in Biology! He really looked like he was in pain. They definitely made me laugh! And he did the love/romance scenes so well!

Kristen (Bella)- At times she seemed a little when explaining herself to she stammered for the just didn't seem right. But I think she showed emotions well. When Edward says he has to leave her because he doesnt want to hurt her and her reaction..I thought it was believable. She had no words, she didnt know what to say..I think any girl would act like that. She wasn't perfect but pretty good.

Billy (Charlie)- He did such a great job! He seemed so much like a father and the humorous lines were great. I really felt the awkward relationship between him and Bella.

Taylor (Jacob)- He was okay but I didn't feel the crush very much. I hope he gets better for New Moon.

Ashley (Alice)- She was sooo cute! She did Alice so well. I just loved her reactions and how nice she was to Bella.

Jackson (Jasper)- OME! lol I love Jasper now because of him. It was too cute! His facial expressions were so cute. I really saw the pain in his face. Haha.

Kellan (Emmett)- At first I wasn't sure, but by the end I loved him as Emmett. He really had that big brother/teddy bear type idea with him.

Nikki (Rosalie)- I think she played Rosalie well. There wasn't much of her but I could feel the B*ness.

Peter (Carlisle)- I thought he was great. He seemed very caring of everyone.

Elizabeth (Esme)- She was lovable just like Esme should be!

For the rest..Billy Black had some humorous lines. I just didn't understand how he was driving when he's in a wheelchair and in the book Jacob drives. lol And the humans... Mike was crazy..Eric too and Jessica seemed right on with her gossipy talkative self. And Angela seemed more like Jessica but I still liked her.

Oh and Cam (James) was amazing. The look in his eyes. Wow..and Victoria and Laurent were good too. I just wish I could see more of them. But from the books to screen they seemed pretty good in comparison.
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by awesomejen1 »

Rob (Edward)- He is totally Edward! I thought he did a great job, I loved his self hate...loved him.

Kristen (Bella)- Not really surprised. I had low expectations, and those were met. She was pretty monotone and bland through-out the movie, which will work in New Moon, but she just didn't play Bella..she played angsty teenage girl. I really wish they would have cast someone else.

Billy (Charlie)- He was the BIGGEST surprise for me. What an awesome Charlie. I thought the Charlie/Bella chemistry was better then the Edward/Bella to tell you the truth.

Taylor (Jacob)- I thought he really understood the Jacob character...Jake is just an akward kid who has a crush right now.

Ashley (Alice)- I wish there was more...I thought she did a great "vision" scene where she was just blanked out. I can't wait to see more. One bummer is they left out Alice's back story, and why James was so intent on destroying Bella...but I guess it doesn't really play into much in the whole of the story.

Jackson (Jasper)- I wish there was more! His face was very pained, which is perfect for Jasper.

Kellan (Emmett)- Again, I wish there were more. But He was so friendly...though the standing in the Jeep on the way to school was a little wierd to me.

Nikki (Rosalie)- Repeat, I wish there was more, but she was really good.

Peter (Carlisle)- He did a great job.

I thought the high school kids were great, especially Jessica, it was the perfect fake nice that Jessica is. Mike was good to and he will be fun in New Moon.

James, Laurant, and Victoria - They were awesome. I loved the cockiness.
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by Erynne »

Rob's ability to portray so much of Edward's inner struggle with just a look impressed me more than anything else. To me, he really outshines all the other actors in the movie. Which, yeah, I think was the point, really. :)

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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by spookybell »

Rob's internal struggle was portrayed beautifully!

QUESTION FOR THEOSE who were Less the Impressed...
If you didn't like the movie did you...
#1 read the book since September?
#2 listen to the book since September
#3 expected it to be exactly the same as the book.

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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by Seeker »

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I want them to change kristen for someone else!
Rob did excellent with expressions, a very in love and in pain edward
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by CullenxLove »

i think that kristen stewart was absolutely INCREDIBLE as bella. like seriously, i left the theater screaming that kristen stewart is god. it was ridiculous lol
charlie (billy) was absolutely hilarious, and i loved him! alice (ashley) i liked and thought she was good.
emmett (kellan) was really good, i really wish that they included more of him..
james, victoria, and laurent, i thought were wicked good. and i think nikki reed did a pretty good job as rosalie
robs portrayal as edward to me though really wasnt the greatest. to me he seemed like a madman on drugs lol
his eyes were like bugging out of his head, his mood swings were ridiculous (and not like in the book) he'll like scream at bella when hes upset, and he kind of acts like happy go lucky at times. like when he first tells bella that hes going to take her to meet the cullens. and then when he first smells bella his reaction was just ridiculous, and then when hes sucking the venom out of bellas arm his facial expressions were also just ridiculous. the whole time i was was like what the heck is up with this guy? im definitely going to go see it again though, and maybe by then my opinion will change..

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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by Mavors »

I kinda liked Bella, expecially in the ballet room she did great. She went a little overboard in the hospital scene, that one kinda made me laught... Aside that one I liked her thru all the movie, even if i had hoped the rmance would have been portrayed a little better, with more scenes and dialogues, but that for sure it's not the actors fault.

Edward instead...Well I didn't like Pattinson very much (don't flame me). He was simply hilarious in some scenes, as in the bio class ( but there dunno if it was his incapacity of portraying a repulsive reaction without looking as if he wanted to puke, or he was directed that way) or when he and billy black stare to each other, dunno he kinda looked stupid more then scary or angry... I liked him in some other parts, just hope he's gonna 'feel' the character more in the next movies and perform better

I wish there were more Cullens, I overall liked all the actor choices (wth did Carlisle make-up >_<) and their performances exept Jasper. First of all I imagined him a lot different. He was a militar so I think he should have been a little more tougher, not like Emmet, but still not slimmer then Edward, he looked kinda fragil. He really looked like he was always in pain, but there again I suppose he was directed that way and he wasn't given much space. I hoped he would have been given more lines during the final part but not even a word and his power not even mentioned.

And a special mention to Victoria. I've enver seen a character portrayed so well with so few lines. She really gave me the impression of a kickass girl, I simply loved her and she was awesome in the final scene... Even if it was a little improbable that Edward wouldn't sense her presence or not notice a mind thinking "I'll kill you, I'll kill you", I liked that part.

Charlie was simply great :D

well a nice movie overall (the baseball scene+Muse soundtrack was soooo good xD), but I really hope they do better for NM.
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by katyc »


Kristen: I was very suprised with her performance. I was really expecting to be veyr disappointed since she seemed so bland in all the trailors, and even though I imagine Bella with more emotion and acting more "head over heels" in the book, I think she did a really good job.

Rob: He was a great Edward--he played the tortured Edward more than anything else though--which i didn't mind. My favorite scene with him was when they get out of the car and he is wearig those freaking hot sunglasses and is joking around with Bella--that's how I imagined Edward in most of the book, so i wish he would have done that more.

Billy (Charlie): Probably my favorite actor! He did amazing-- he WAS Charlie-- it was absolutley perfect, there was nothing i would change!

Ashley: GREAT Alice-- she is EXACTLY how i always pictured Alice in the book- in both looks and personality! I don't know why people are all "she isn't perky enough"...she's not supposed to spastic or annoying, just bubbly and friendly. i am so excited for her to have a bigger part in the other movies.

Jackson: He was a very good Jasper. Again a little more tortured (like Rob)than I pictured in the book--I guess I just think that all really hot guys are confident, so that's how I interpreted the Cullen boys. Anyway, he was freaking HOT in the baseball scene--LOVED IT! I wish he could have been in it more!

Kellan: loved him as Emmett--I always knew he would be great for that part. That's how I always imagined Emmett-- I loved the part when he yells to Rosalie during the baseball scene and when him and Edward crash into each other and start laughing- so cute!

Nikki: I LOVED her as Rosalie. She pulls off the bitchy part perfectly-- and you can tell she thinks the world revolves around her.

Peter: The PERFECT Carlisle! Again, that's how I imaginged him in the book---like right on the spot.

Elizabeth: I thought she was a wonderful Esme! I think she looks just like her and is so sweet and motherly!

Taylor: Putting aside the fact that I absolutley HATE Jacob in the books, he did great as Jacob--I was nervous about him-- but he was good for the naturally happy character that he's supposed to be. All i have to say is that he better figure out a way to grow for New Moon-- he was so much shorter than Rob at the prom scene.

Edi: Great Laurent...just great.

Cam: Great friends are in love with him and call him "Cam Gi-do-meh"

Rachel (or Rachelle??) Sorry, can't remember her name-- either way, she was the perfect Victoria--like dead on in every way. i LOVED LOVED LOVED that they ended the movie with her!

Ok, I can't remember any more real names, so I'm just going with character names:

Jessica: One of my FAVORITES! I loved her, she is a great actress!

Angela: Alright, I expected her to be more sweet and quiet

Mike: Well, I was annoyed with him, so I guess he did good, because I am always annoyed with Mike in the books.

Eric: He did good as a cool-ish Eric, I think they should have kept him completely nerdy though.

Billy Black: Good, but his look with Edward was a bit overdone. I liked how he tried to use the "hip" phrases though.
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Re: Twilight Movie~Actors' Performances

Post by CullenxLove »

I kinda liked Bella, expecially in the ballet room she did great. She went a little overboard in the hospital scene, that one kinda made me laught...

i completely agree with whole hospital scene lol throughout the whole movie i LOVED her, but at that one part i was like okay, lets calm down now. it was a little over the top. lol but she was amazing in the ballet scene after james bit her, it was so believable, and it actually seemed like she was really in a LOT of pain. my friend actually ended up crying.. lol

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