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Re: Movie Mistakes

Post by debussygirl »

Angel wrote:Could we have a place where we noticed some mistakes in the movie.

I've seen it 9 times now and just yesterday I noticed Emmet was eating while in the cafeteria?

Now I now these guys don't eat and just make on that they do, but I really don't think they would go as far as taking a bite of the food to look so convincing.

Angel x
I was so mad!! He was CHEWING ON FOOD!
AND I thought I saw Rosalie take a bite of something!
Jeez, couldn't they wait until their break to snack? Why do it on film?
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Re: Request a topic

Post by -veiled- »

I would love a thread about the actors/actresses you would like to see as the Volturi in "New Moon". :)
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Re: Request a topic

Post by DolphinGirl »

Hi There,
I worked on the set of Twilight for most of the shoot as the stand by painter, and I have an ongoing blog about my experiences. It is a behind-the-scenes thing, and our site, is designed for people who work in film and those who want to know more about working in film. I will be discussing the film as I go along. If anyone is interested, please stop by and take a look. You can leave comments, as well. My name is Renee Prince, and look for me on the site under my job title, The Stand By Painter. The blog is currently called "The Long, Strange Road to Working with a Bunch of Vampires on the Set of Twilight" Thanks for your forum. I knew nothing about the books until I worked on the show, then began reading them. I wish these had been around when I was in high school--I would have been hooked.
I don't know if my blog rates as a topic, but I didn't know where else to post this. If you like the blog, let me know. If you don't, well... just don't tell me. Anyway, I had a great time on the show, and I hope it comes across in my blog...
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Re: Request a topic

Post by Nightwalker »

Would be nice to have a Catherine Hardwick appreciation thread. Somewhere we can discuss the future of the twilight movies if possible.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by alchemist »

Dream cast for the future movies discussion would be nice.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by twi-nerd »

You should make a topic like:
What do you think about Catherine Hardwicke not directing NEW MOON?
I think it's important because Catherine was a great director.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by Lieziewiezie »

Maybe a topic about the DVD-release? I mean, I assume there will be one right?

Here can go news about the dvd release date. Discussion about which extra's could go on the dvd. Maybe extra ideas that could go with/on the dvd?
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Re: Request a topic

Post by loltanyasmynametoo »

could we have a wardrobe thread? To discuss the characters clothes or overall looks?
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Re: Request a topic

Post by RussetRose♥ »

Maybe a thread on this article??

"Twilight sequel: New details on New Moon" ... 27New+Moon

And if you get a chance, READ IT!

It has some surprising stuff in it! :D

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Re: Request a topic

Post by cullenclanfanman »

id love if there was a thread about the new moon.

i just read some all new news on etonline about who they might choose as the new directer.

check it out!

also i hear taylor lautner might not be in the new one!