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Re: Request a topic

Post by edwardlikeshaystacks »

Can we have a topic discussing what fans thought about the first kiss scene in the movie? I think its a big enough topic to stand as its own thread.
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Re: Request a topic

Post by roseaurora »

mandyb7 wrote:I'd like to suggest a topic for the Twilight DVD (I haven't see one yet) since the DVD's release date has finally been set, so we can talk about waiting for it and what will be on it and then our reactions after we get it to and about the special features and stuff.
That was exactly what I was going to suggest.. has a topic been made I missed it? If not... I second this request!
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Re: Request a topic

Post by Florabella »

<a href=><img border=0 src= ... rint-a.jpg alt=Twilight-Guide></a><br><a href=><font size=1>Twilight MySpace Layouts</font></a>
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Re: Request a topic

Post by EdwardandJacob »

How about a topic for the Twilight DVD that's coming out soon? :p That's pretty important
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Stephanie's input for casting for Twilight

Post by KyAn22 »

I am wondering if anyone knows if Stephanie had any input to the Twilight movie with casting for the characters. As Edward and Bella being her imaginary friends, I am wondering if the casting for Edward and Bella are close to what Stephanie saw in her dream when creating her excellent story about them?
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Re: Request a topic

Post by Edwardmylove95 »

Id like if we could have a topic that just decusses the new moon movie all what parts int he book they should add and new characters (Aero, Jane, Leah, Ect...). Also like who we think should get the new characters places.... That would be awesome :mrgreen:
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Re: Request a topic

Post by Lightwish »

I would like to request the following Topic:

"Which actor/actress in Twilight do you feel was out of place and should be replaced?"

I think that this topic will bring up a lot of different opinions on who could have done a better job, and who should be replaced for the upcoming sequels!
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Re: Request a topic

Post by Cali »

Can we have a topic to talk about the costumes? I know I've seen info in various places of the gloves Bella wore, or the jacket Edward wore, but it would be a great help to not only fans who want to purchase things they saw, but Cosplayers who are looking for particular items for their costumes. I for one can't seem to find any info on the Sweatsuit that Emmett wore in the baseball scene. :)
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Re: Request a topic

Post by flow_3 »

i don't know if somebody has requested this already.. but i think we should have a place where we can all post .. that would give us more freedom...

P.S. i'm srry if i post this in the wrong place.. :D
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Re: Request a topic

Post by pharmer4 »

I was wondering if there could be a section about the books to do with the movie, ie Catherine Hardwicke's one, and the official movie guide.

Just wondering if there is enough people interested enough to discuss these.

One thing I found interesting about the official guide is that the author thought that the opening quote in twilight ie dying for someone you love, is about becoming a vampire to be with edward, not dying in place of her mother.

Anyway, perhaps it's not a big enough topic to be discussed, but if it is, great.
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