If there is an Eclipse...

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Re: If there is an Eclipse...

Post by katyc »

Oh my goodness if they are officially making New Moon I can't see any reason that they wouldn't make the last two as well. All I have to say is----the freaking bedroom scene in Chapter 20 (I think?) better be in there and the tent scene!!!!!!!!!

If either of those aren't in there, I might die.

You know, there will probably be riots between the Team Jacob and Team Edward fans when this movie comes out. Just a thought.
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Re: If there is an Eclipse...

Post by Amethyst1 »

urcoolcarrie wrote:^haha! more Emmett is the reason for me!! Haha.

I really want Eclipse because it has so much action, plus, chapter 20 would be HOT to see!
exactly. and lets not forget Jasper. mm...

as far as eclipse goes. it's not my favourite and i'd proberly relive the whole exerience all over again. crying for edward, wanting to kill bella, and hating jacob.

and the tent scene will be extremely painful for me to watch. and when they do the ethics chapter. it will be painful and not because of B&J. not at all but poor Edward. oh my god. eclipse will be even more sad and painful than new moon *sigh.

can't wait. and only because i know the movie will be done more professianlly than twilight. because they'll haev a bigger budget. whoo
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Re: If there is an Eclipse...

Post by stellar87 »

Eclipse would be an awesome movie. The characters are all so defined by then and you get so much more story line. I really hope they leave my favorite scenes in. *crosses fingers* :)
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Re: If there is an Eclipse...

Post by spookybell »

I'd have to say.... if there is a New Moon, there will be an Eclipse.

All the actors signed on for 3 movies and my guess is #2 and #3 (and maybe #4) will be filmed at the same time because we can't have Rob & the other vampires aging too much!
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Re: If there is an Eclipse...

Post by debussygirl »

There has to be an Eclipse. The twihards will remain loyal, and there is no way they can pass up another 70.5 million first weekend. I can't wait for that fight scene!
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Re: If there is an Eclipse...

Post by Twilove »

They better make an Eclipse because wouldet it be kinda weird for them not to make one after Twilight and New Moon but I love that book the love triangle will be so cool to see and Chapter 20 is my fave chapter i its gonna be very steamy lol and also very funny to see how Bella reacts to Edward saying no her pouting face should be pricless and yes the tent scene because the look in Twilight that Edward and Jacob gave eachother at prom alreays showed some animosity so that part should be great oh and we finally get to see more of Jasper i adore Jasper lol and his story is so intresting cant wait to see that flashback
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Re: If there is an Eclipse...

Post by BiteMeEdward »

I agree. It would be REALLY strange if they made a New Moon but not an Eclipse.

If there is an Eclipse though, I am excited to see how much the characters develop. It will be really sad to see how much it hurts Jacob when he finds out about Bella and Edward's engagement though.

I was wondering, in which movie do you think they'll show Bella and Edward telling Charlie about their engagement? I mean, in the books, it was in Breaking Dawn but wouldn't it make more sense if they put it in the Eclipse movie so that in the Breaking Dawn movie there wouldn't be a flashback? ...Sorry, I was very curious about that though. I mean, flashbacks work in books but not always in movies...
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Re: If there is an Eclipse...

Post by Sabeth »

If they do make Eclipse, which I think they will, then I hope they include the chapter 7 Unhappy Ending where Rosalie tells Bella about her background. There is many other scenes that I would also like to see but this is probably the most important one to me.
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Re: If there is an Eclipse...

Post by mangobun »

i would LOVE IT IF THEY MADE AN ECLIPSE MOVIE!! LOl eclipse was tied with twilight in first place! LOL i honestly LOVE tha book!! it protrays SO much love between edward and bella... It's also my favourite because of edward proposing to bella... i hope they'll have that scene... or that entire chapter..EXACTLY shown in teh book! LOL haha if they do i would LOVEE THEM!! lol tha'ts my number one scene i want them to shoot exactly..>.< and it shows like some cuteness of jasper and alice! LOl they're so cute! it would be amazing if they can show teh past of Jasper when he meets alice the first time... cuase after watching the frist movie... they didn't show anything about eh cullens... the third books talks about the past of rosalie and jasper.. i hope they show it! LOL i hope somehow they can show alice and carlislie's past! those two pasts are important! i think everyone's pasts are important towards the storyline....>.<ohhh i hope they'll shoot it well and in order!
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Re: If there is an Eclipse...

Post by soozabooza54 »


Tent scene... holy crap... can't breathe... hahahaha... I just think of Kristen getting paid to come to work and just pretend she's sleeping for days. While snuggling with Taylor. Lucky girl. :)
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