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Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by Nena »

Give us your constructive review of the movie. This is not a discussion thread, it's a review thread. Please be respectful of other's opinions.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by amandaxcullen »

I havn't seen the movie yet, I know *shunn* anyway but it excites me seeing that nobody has posted in here yet.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by Apparition »

I know that when making a book into a movie things will be left out, and some things will change for cinematic reasons. That is to be expected. I took that into consideration when I went to see Twilight, and gave it the benefit of the doubt. Let me start of by saying that I really had no problem with any of the actors except maybe the guy playing Jasper, and the girl playing Jessica, but I can get past that. I just felt that the pacing was all off. If I hadn't read the book I feel like I may have been lost at times. The thing in the book that makes their love story real is how it develops over time, and the amount of love and sacrifice that Bella feels for Edward. The love story felt extremely rushed. When she wakes up to find Edward watching her in her sleep Edward tells her that he has been watching her for the past 2 months, when it felt like Bella had reall only been in twon a week, maybe two at best. I felt no concept of time at all.

Ant that was just one of my problems all be it a major one. It almost felt like the love happened over night. I also didn't like how they left out Carlisle's story which is not only important to explain him as a character but the whole Cullen family. His story would have really came in handy at the end when Alice has to call Carlisle over because Bella is bleeding and she is having trouble fighting her hunger.

Edward also tells Bella that he has killed people, though he never says why, just that he has down it. In the book he is more like the Dexter of the Vampire world, killing for the greater good.

The meadow scene needed to be longer, especially seeing as how to me that kind of sets up their relationship, and kind of builds the foundation on the love story.

I had a lot more issues with the movie that I won't go into, I am sure someone else will. And don't get me wrong, there were some things that were done well, like the skin sparkle I thought looked good among other things, but all in all not to fantastic.

I blame most of the films issues on the Director. I know that money was also an issue, but I think a good director would have made all the difference in the world. I felt as if she was relying on the fans of the book to know what was going on in some scenes so she wouldn't have to explain them fully, and then betraying those same people in the same breath.

They have already signed on to do New Moon. All I can say to that is good luck. They are going to need more money of course, which should be a problem. A new Director, and a new Screen Play Adapter. These are my opinions.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by iamangelcat »

I really do agree with Apparition on that. The movie wasn't as good as it could have been. I didn't like that they didn't even play out the characters. It was like anyone other than Bella and Edward were pointless characters without important roles or anything like that. I'm probably not making much sense. Sorry. Still, I went to the movie with low expectations because the clips that they released weren't that great to begin with, and I thought that maybe they just released the worst clips so everyone would be swept away with how much better it was, but it wasn't. So I went in keeping my expectations low so I wouldn't be disappointed, because the movie will obviously not be completely accurate with the book, but, again as Apparition said, it felt like if you didn't read the book, there would be parts where you were just completely lost in what was going on. I really hope they do a better job with the next movie or they might not make enough to even be able to do the third. I did like the way they did his skin sparkle though. Everyone I know said they were disappointed in it. True, it could have been more pronounced in the shine, which I think would have helped, but it wasn't all that bad considering that he was not supposed to look like he had a skin condition or something.
IN the movie, there was another thing that bugged me and that was the acting on Edwards part. He seemed really good at some, then, mostly at the beginning, he was too stiff and nervous. I know the character was supposed to be that way, but he twitched too much. He also should have explained the heroin part and he should have said it in a movie teasing tone. Again, like Apparition said, the meadow should have been a longer scene since it really did set up their entire relationship almost. All in all, the book was much much better. I almost hope they they redo the first movie and make it better.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by cullengirl »

I also agree with Apparition and Iamangelcat. My biggest criticism of the movie was the lack of development of the characters. I didn't think Edward and Bella's relationship was believable. Nor did I think the actors' chemistry reflected the chemistry of the pair. Edward and Bella's relationship isn't like Romeo and Juliet where the characters meet in one meeting and get married two days afterwards. They take time to get to know one another. I really wished they included the scene where Edward and Bella got turns in asking one another questions.

There were a lot parts that I was very crucial to the story, especially now that NM has been greenlighted. The absence of Carlisle's background not only skips the introduction to the Volutri, who are the major characters in NM, but also eliminates Edward's inner struggle of whether or not he has a soul and not to mention Carlisle's incredible ability to refrain from drinking human blood. I can understand why Alice's background was taken out, but again it was vital to her character development.

As far as the actors themselves, I think they were ok. The Cullens looked too stiff. They needed more lines and more body language. I felt so sorry for Jackson as Jaz. He looked as if he was frozen in place. Again because of the lack of development of these characters, they weren't believable and loveable. Rob did a pretty good job, but he overacted in alots of parts which made the serious parts (i.e. Biology scene) where I couldn't help but laugh.

I think the direction and screenplay are responsible for the mistakes. I will say, however, that the locations were absolutely beautiful.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by mangobun »

I watched the movie yesterday and i agree with EVERYONE on this page. Even though the movie was a not bad movie.. like it had its good scenes and parts but then overall... I found the movie rushing...They didn't focus on teh relationships between EVERYONE...>.< For example, They didn't show ant relationship between Alice and Bella. They didn't show any of it at all. I think that relationship is pretty importatnt because their relationship IS shown throughout all four books. You don't get to see much of bella's relationship with the cullen family actually. I knoe these are small details but during the car ride after meeting James, Emmett was suppose to try to comfort Bella in the car that everything will be ok. Those small things shows a lot of reltionship between Bella and the family. They didn't even show anything about Carlislie. His history reflects a lot in all four books. I thought it would be an important part that they'll have it in the movie. I think Jasper did play his role quite well though. He was able to kinda put himself in pain and alert when he's around Bella but then you don't even get to hear anybody saying anything about Jasper's abilitiy. Edward only talks about Alice seeing teh future and nothing about Jasper. I think Jasper needs more credit...LOL SO DOES ESME! hahah... She was suppose to explain how she died to bella during the baseball scene... but then there was like only two or three shots of Esme throughout the movie. They didn't explain anything about her as well. And Emmett... he actually fits into the role quite well but barely got to show and KNOW him. I can see that relationship between Bella and Rosalie but I don't think they SHOWED ENOUGH. I don't think they showed the cullens enough actually! hahahah It seemed like in the movie.. it was just trying to introduce EVERY CHARACTER from teh book but they didn't SHOW ANY RELATIONSHIPS between anyone cept Edward and Bella...IT seemed TOO RUSHED to just get all the characters out all at the same time.. like one after another. I think they should show the relationship between everyone so the actors and actresses develop MORE into their character.... That something i think they shoULD strongly WORK ON FOR THE NEXT MOVIE.... the relationships of EVERYONE ESPECIALLY EDWARD AND BELLA.

You couldn't really feel the love between edward and bella. Bella seemed too strong-willed in teh movie. Isn't she suppose to be more gentle.. i don't know what's the right word. But then throughout the movie.. i think Kristen didn't really protray bella's character that well. Bella is suppose be really clumsy and fall alot but she falls like two times in the movie. There were so many scenes where she was SUPPOSE to fall...(sorry.. i might have like memorized her tripping scenes in teh book.. LOL) But it LOOKED like bella WAS afraid of edward in the movie too. When you read the books it seem like Bella is MORE fragile right.. but it seemed that her strong-willed attitude took over Bella. Even though i think i saw some scenes where she was able to protray her kind welll but i think she gotta trip more! LOL haha it's like triggering the love spark between edward and her! LOL

But then, when you watch the movie.. it seems like edward and bella seems WAY too awkward with each other. I knoe they're kinda suppose to be awkward at the beginning but then it was shown throughout the entire movie.. I think she needs to show more love in edward though too because there were some scenes where it had these funny pauses and a lot of awkwardness. Somehow i just can't feel much love in the movie. It felt like they were FORCED to love each other and they don't knoe what to do. Even though this is like a first love thing and there SHOLD be awkwardness but then somehow you can FEEL that they REALLY love each other. They shold have like SMALL little details.. cause small details acutally makes a BIG difference...>.< When you read the book... the love with edward and bella EXPLODES love at you. I'm sorry i just couldn't really feel much in the movie. I think they might need to work on the love in every scene they did because the book was kinda mainly BASED on teh romance between them. It was based on teh first love, unrequited love, romeo and juliet love but I think the movie was too focussed on the action, the comedy they were trying to pull, and the introduction of every character.

The music was not bad fitting into the scenes but then somehow in some of the love scenes like the prom scenes where it's just edward and bella on teh gazeebo... i found that scene ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! i think that was my favourtie scene throught eh entire movie. It was very romantic and sweet but then somehow i think teh music toned downt eh romance between the two of them. I don't reember if it was playing bella's lullaby or another song but it seemed that it DID tone it down. Although i must say that bella's lullaby sounded very pretty! LOL i actually really like that tune... Althought I WOULD LOVE TO LISTEN TO ROBERT'S VERSION! LOL haha his random-playing-on-the-spot version. I like to see how that sounded actually..>.< if only they used it!

Even though i knoe the producers tried to make the movie seem close to the book but then having the scenes go out of order makes it harder to like the movie a lot! Yes, they DO have like major and popular scenes in teh movie but i think that fans would love it if it was SHOWN EXACTLY the way it was written in the book for example the meadow scene. I think it started off when bella walks past edward and he follows her into teh forest and they do that talk about... "ur pale white and strong speech.." and then he brings her to show how he looks in the sun and then does the breaking tree root and throwing it across the forest and like running all over the forest... ALL of that is suppose be in the meadow scene.. yess but then how they started it was kinda werid.. it didn't set the mood of their relationship. The meadow is suppose to be like an important scene to show the REAL love relationship between those two. Oh i must say this.. if this was a movie that's suppose to show the love between edward and bella.. hoe come they barely had kissing scenes?? they had only TWO... the intimate one in bella's room and the prom scene. Each kiss in the book shows how much love they give to each other like bella fainting in i think second one but i can't remember...>.< it's like saying... how he tooks her breath away or something..>.< but they share a lot of kissing moments in the book. And one or two shots of edward in bella's bed as she sleeps... it was like a flash in teh movie... and it doesn't even show her them communicating much. The movie only shows them being together... but no actions. It hard to prove the love if they don't show any actions. But i really think they should improve on showing the love for them. They're so important in the storyline. They are why there's a plot too...>.<

But i must say some of the actors and actresses DID capture their character such as Jasper, Alice, Emmett, rosalie, Carislie, Esme, Charlie (he really did well on protraying a protective father) haha basically the entire cullen family.. edward does capture the feelings and emotions but he's not showing the love in it.... and some scenes were done well..LOL i did enjoy teh cullens playing baseball even though they were missing some stuff in it like esme talking about her past.. and the prom scene... VERY SWEET.... i love the setting! LOL i actually really love the scenery that was taken in the movie! it was absolutely gorgeous!

I'm soo sorry that i wrote like an ESSAY critizing the movie...>.< I'm sorry if i said too much and you don't agree on some things that i wrote.. but this was just my opinion on the movie....>.< i still liked the movie it's just that i think they have some things they shold fix on if they continue with teh second movie. ESPECIALLY on relatinoships.. i can't emphasis how much they need to improve on that...>.< i hope they can put the movie IN ORDER....>.< BUT after watching the movie.. i couldn't get the movie out of my head.. LOL there were scenes that i would not mind watching over and over again... like that prom scene... sigh... GOOD ONE! :) i just hope they'll improve and do well.. really well in the upcoming ones! But you knoe what! even though i'm somewhat dissapointed in the twilight movie i have faith they might be better and improve.. and i still continue to support them!
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by Sharenei »

*prepares to duck flames...or flame ducks. Why do I suddenly want Peking Duck?*

While this certainly wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, it's pretty high up there. I personally didn't have too many complaints about the actors (just Charlie and Carlisle, believe it or not...and only because I thought Charlie was a little too stiff even for his stoic character, and I wasn't quite getting the Carlisle vibe from the actor in the role. Minor complaints, at best). Pacing needed work, camera work could've been better, and...yeah. I am absolutely positive that Ms. Hardwicke is a more than capable director, but this film was not her strong point. The screenwriter should probably have taken on a different project--this wasn't their strength, either. (Bonus points for introducing the Problem Three and weaving them into the background of the early story, though...that was a nice touch I wasn't expecting.)

Biggest thing that got on my nerves was the glitter. Of all the facepalm moments I had, the glitter was the biggest one. When it was just his face, I could write it off almost as sweat and dew from clouds--which was, to me, attractive and cool. When it lit up his entire body, and Sparkly.MP3 started playing, I wanted to peel my face off. It was exactly what I'd worried they'd do for the sparkling effect, and completely ruined me on the effect. When I saw Stephenie's cameo appearance in the diner later, I wanted to reach through the screen and shake her, screaming "What were you thinking?!"

I also had one of the cruddiest audiences a girl could ask for; instead of sitting there and watching the movie, it seemed people had to vent their opinions regarding cast choices and who was hot/not with wolf whistles, catcalls, and top-of-lungs cheers/boos at all the accorded moments. I wouldn't have been bothered if it was Rocky Horror, but as it wasn't...yeah. I wasn't expecting absolute silence, but when I can't hear dialogue for your screaming, it makes me want to get violent like James.

This film suffered from being too short, too middling a departure/dependency ratio on the book, and entirely too much misdirection/bad screenwriting. And if this is what we can expect, then I pray to everything holy and sacred there AREN'T any more movies, because this would be the time to get it right. In my opinion, they did not.

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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by HemingwayDown92 »

Overall, I enjoyed it, but I think my criticisms are pretty much the same as everybody else:

1) I felt that the whole movie was pretty rushed, particularly Bella and Edward's relationship. I'm seeing it again tonight, so I'm hoping that now that I know what to expect I will be able to get a better grasp on it.

2) The Meadow Scene was crucial, and could have been great both visually and for the development of their relationship, but I think that they really messed it up. They just sped through it like everything else and didn't capture the whole scene correctly. The Meadow also has a big significance in New Moon.

3) The lack of Carlisle's story. It would have been important for explaining not only the Cullens, but also the whole vampire world, and the introduction of the Volturi.

4) The hotel scene was completely blown over. The interaction between Bella and Alice, their forming friendship, and the discussion of how to become a vampire and Alice's vision of her becoming one should have received greater attention. It seemed like they overplayed Bella and Rosalie's relationship in the film, and underplayed the one with Alice.

Like I said, I'm hoping that I'll get a better grasp on critique 1 after seeing it again. As far as 3 and 4 go, considering how little the Cullens are in New Moon, perhaps adding these parts to the film version will give them more screen time and enhance the film.

However, I'm happy that they made it, and am thrilled to hear about New Moon, so I'm not really that disappointed.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by rapidheartbeat<3twi »

I was embarrassed watching this movie with my mom! I've been obsessing over these books and waiting for this movie, and then we go to see it . . . and I was sitting there thinking "She probably thinks I'm a total nerd and she is hating this movie, and she has no idea how good the book really is and now she'll never read it" My mom actually really liked it, which made me feel better, but I thought that the important points of the development of E and B's relationship were skipped over. Too rushed! I thought the movie was okay.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by _thewayhedazzledme_ »

My Full movie review after first watch(warning long!):
Because I read the book: B+ Comparing it to other films and if I hadn't read the book: C- or D..
I thought everybody they casted was amazing from Jessica, to Mike to Billy to Bella and Edward all the actors were amazing
Plot and Flow:
Because I read the book I was able to understand why Edward was staring weird and why Billy doesn't like Edward. If I hadn't read the book i would have been (like my mom) TOTALLY confused. The movie went way to fast and they did not explain anything so that the nonreaders could understand. Bella and Edward had like no dialogue( which would have explained their relationship soo much better, ESPECIALLY the weird staring throughout the whole film) between them at all other than when Edward was telling her that he couldn't be with her and when they fell in love(all of a sudden).
Things that I noticed that others might not have:
-They NEVER explained Jaspers power
-Edward never said that he didn’t like Billy or Jacob other than by the weird staring between them( even though I understood the point of the staring non readers did not)
-Bella and Edward never said I love you flat out
-The Vamps NEVER showed their teeth other than obviously when they were talking, but never to frighten any1 I mean I know they don’t have fangs but they DO have sharp shiny white venom coated teeth which are still frightening …speaking of fangs….did Bella ever ask if they had any?(The people who didn't read the book were most likely confused as to how a vampire movie doesn't have fangs in it)
- They barely kissed (even though the bedroom kissing scene was Ah-mazing)
-Bella never found out the meaning behind Edwards “hunting trips” other than they couldn’t come out in the sun, or maybe she did find out in the movie and I just don’t remember Edward telling her…
- Edward didn’t explain to Bella why his family was so mad at him
-They never explained how old they were, I mean Bella didn’t even ask?! c’mon they could have left that into the movie
-When Jake at the end came to the prom he said Billy paid him 20 bucks to go talk to Bella to tell her his warning, he said 20 bucks not a new car cylinder so that make me wonder If in the next movie their going to show how Jacob is really in to cars or how he makes his Rabbit, which is something I actually like about Jake
- Jasper had like no lines other than just standing there looking in pain( which was funny)
- Summit released every scene through interview and press stops, I had literally seen every scene either through pictures or video. I mean its real bad when I know certain scenes already, without having the dvd deleted scenes, that they cut.
-They never explained or even brought up the Cullen crest so it made it seem unnecessary to have it added to the movie at all
-In the first teaser trailer Emmet has this line like “Edward she’s not one us” I don’t remember him saying that in the movie at all which would have made since to keep in because it would have somewhat explained (at least more if they did) why the reason why the family was mad at Edward
-This is little but I didn’t think the waiter at the restaurant, when Bella and Edward went out on a date, was pretty
Big Disappointments:
-They made Edward seem like he was like a stocker and really creepy, esp. with the whole staring bit in the Biology room( I mean I thought that was supposed to be a more serious scene and a tad bit scary since he wants to kill her NOT comedy. The whole theater was laughing every time he started staring weird)
-Edward looked like the overlay obsessed not so much Bella. Also, the movie made him look twice as creepy when he watched her sleep rather than sweet and protective as the book did.
- Bella(since they did make Kristen do voice overs ) did not emphasize at all or talk about(or think) that he was like the perfect guy from the way he looks to the way he acts she just fell in love with him all of a sudden without any explanation of why she was in love with him
-Decode by Paramore(my favorite band) was barely in the movie and I can’t remember if “I caught myself” was even in the movie at all….
-There was no build up to their relationship
-The STARING—omg that was the most annoying thing, especially since I am a huge fan of the book it was really annoying have to explain to non readers why he was staring at her crazy since they didn’t fully explain how he was fighting the erg to drink her blood and be with her at the same time. My non reader friends and my mom were completely confused the whole time and instead of falling in love with Edward they thought he was a complete Creeper, I was very upset.
-The was no buildup to the climax(ballat scene) other than obviously the call from James…but really HOW IN THE WORLD was Bella able to escape from Jasper and PSYCHIC Alice by just quickly grabbing a cab from the hotel?!
-Edward could have been less serious( I mean I know I wasn’t the only one about to think that he was about to burst out in tears every scene) and I would like to see him act more like a smartass that I know he is when he’s not around Bella
-I wasn’t that thrilled with the glittering I expected more but im not completely upset do to lack of money
-It would have been have been nice to be at least surprised to see one scene in that movie or when they showed Stephenie’s cameo(Gee Thanks so much MTV)
-I pretty much blame the screen writer for why I would give this movie a C the dialogue was horrible and there wasn’t enough between Bella and Edward. The whole cast had NO character development. Also, it was too cheesy in some parts….
-O and I loooved the way they jumped from trees…..
What I like about the movie:
-Baseball scene heck yes! That was Ah-mazing so should have been longer
- All the bad vamps love Rachell,Edi, and Cam(sexy beast)
-LOVED Robert I thought he was phenomenal even though they screwed his character up. And where they placed his music in the movie is very good I thought his music was the best on the soundtrack other than Paramore
- The Humans were awesome loved Mike/Mike and Jessica omg she was hilarious
-Kristen was amazing, but I already knew she was going to be amazing to me simply because she was the person I pictured in my head for Bella b4 she was casted for the movie
-The Scenery: Forks itself is beautiful, the rain, the lake, Robert in the rain…., the cullens and bella’s house. O and in the Cullen’s house I thought it was funny when Edward showed Bella their artwork graduation hats, it was the only thing that brought up their age..
-BILLY, BILLY, BILLY BURKE OMG he made Charlie my favorite character
- Taylor did wayyyy better than I thought he would even though I still hate his hair, also Billy Black was good to he looked exactly the same way he looked in my head reading
-I loved all the Cullen they couldn’t have casted them better
-Peter as Carlisle is soo sexy
The scenes they added and took out:
Overall I like the scenes they added. I understand why they took out scenes from the book, because honestly if they would have made the movies word for word exactly like the book it would had been a snooze fest. I not that mad about the meadow scene being pretty much cut from the whole film since obviously they were limited on time. I do wish they would have kept at least some part of Carlisle back story in the movie especially the painting of the Volturi because, like the wolves and Victoria at the end of the movie, it would have transcended of foreshadowed what’s to come of them in new moon and it would have been nice to at least bring attention to them for the readers. I loved the extra scenes with the bad vamps that were cool. I would have like to see like a Midnight Sun type of scene just being able to see the Cullen’s interact with one another without any humans around, like maybe they could have done a scene with them hunting or something.
I thought the movie was really rushed but that’s probably due to the lack of money.
Bringing my review to a close:
I liked the movie overall since I am a fanatic reader and I understood it. If I was not a reader and I had just found out about this series I would not have liked this movie not because of the acting but because of the script. I will go see this movie again and encourage others to go see it—well at least ppl who read twilight . I especially hope that when they make New Moon they have enough money for all the action (and not just bad wire work) to make the werewolf’s almost look real and to make it longer than two hours exactly. I really love this series and I hope the other films will blow me away because Twilight didn’t do the job.
~I really hope they make The Host a movie, now that would dominate.....
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